Monday, December 31, 2007

Hong Kong Disneyland And Ocean Park

Last post bout hong kong trip. Hehe. Know you guys are getting broed already but the trip is still floating in my mind. Can't forget it so soon yet. Haha.

Ok Disneyland. One of the best place to visit. Many people say HOng Kong disneyland is not nice but for me it's nice. Just got to ride on one ride which was the space shuttle cause not much time actually to ride on many things for one ride takes bout 45 minutes and we wanted to go for 3 shows. Haha. Space shuttle is an indoor roller coaster which travels in the dark at a speed of 120km/h. It is like moving in a train where you can't see directions. It just turns and drop as it likes at a high speed. Wow. Eating in disneyland was crazy. $50 for a plate of chicken rice. Living cost in hong kong is high. Therefore shopping there isn't a good mindset after all. The difference between hong kong and malaysia is that hong kong things are not as cheap as malaysia yet not as expensive as malaysia. Und? Haha. Then we stayed in the evening to watch their christmas parade. First time watching parade live. Haha. Kampung Boy me. Then watch the fireworks show at night. The castle was so beautiful.

The Parade. Not my recording.

Let's go to ocean park the next day. Haha. The second last day of the trip. Sad. But I enjoyed. Food here was more reasonable compared to disneyland. In oceanpark I rid on a rollercoaster with 2 360 loops. you know the loops tat goes 360 degrees. Lolx. Actually I used to have height phobia where I never dare to ride on these rides. But after that experience I had less phobia. Then we went on this ride on this ship that swings you 20m up above land? Haha. This one was scary maybe because of my height I feel like I am gonna fall front therefore I had to hold on tight to the bar. Haha. Then we watch the dolphin show, underwater world, jellyfish aquarium, shark underwater aquarium. It's so fun in hong kong I just don't wanna come back because it's like once in a lifetime travelling with my family to overseas with those tour members and tour guide and tour leader.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Hong Kong Again

Let's write more bout me in hong kong before it fades off. Went to macau on the second day of the trip. In macau we didn't do much cause we only visited the casino which was the best place that. Had buffet there then the adults went to the casinos and the kids stayed outside. Haha. Then took a bus to the imigration center to cross the border to china and there we were in china. Spent one night there then the next day we went to the china zoo. So many animals in there. Many animals that cannot be found here in Malaysia was there because of the weather difference. That was the best place in China. The food in china is still in the acceptable level. Haha.

The best time during this holiday in hong kong was the time we spend in hong kong. But sadly there wasn't enough time for shopping so I can't get everyone everything.

Let's go to windows of the world in china. This is the place where the buils the great wonders of the world and scale it down. In scales of 1:3 - 1:8. This means they build the same buildings with the same materials of every country's great wonders but scaling in down. They have the taj mahal, the japan thai and insian buildings. ALL built so real. I see the egypt land, the ancient buildings. There was even eiffel tower there where they build it to a scale of 1:3. Then we went to ICEWORLD hwere we experience winter indoors. It was super cold in there where my hands are just too numb to take photos and cold air comes out from my mouth when I speak. It was a great experience.

Will be talking buot disneyland and ocean park hong kong some other time. That's the best of the trip. Overall the WHOLE trip was inddeed very memorable.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back From Hong Kong

Yeaps back from hong kong 2 days ago. Actually I don't know what to start with. It's just way too much to talk bout it and it's jsut so much fun there I don't wanna come back to Malaysia. Haha. Basically everything WAS GREAT only one things was bad which is the air environemtn there. EVerywhere you go you can smell smoke even inside the hotel lobby. Weather there wasn't cold. Just fine. I went to 3 countries which is hong kong, macau and china. These 3 countries are connected and it's easy to travel by just crossing the border. Altogether I stay in 5 hotels. 2 in hong kong and 3 in china. Sis not spend a night in Macau. Briefly just to say that it is just a superb trip. Wanna talk bout everyday what I do but it will be way too long of a story to share but I will. Not now. Hehe. Didn't have enough time for shopping there casue the whole day was packed with touring here and there. So i didn't get to buy souveniors for everyone. Sorry. Haha

Let's start with the first day. Arrived in hong kong airport bout 11 then we went to the tallest sitted buddha statue where we sat on the bus and to my surprise the roads up the hill was like a rollercoaster track and the bus driver is so pro. It's jsut scary to look outside. It's really like a rollercoaster. Our tour guide was a fun guy and so is the tour leader. Both jokers. Haha. Then at night I went to the wax museum the air there was cooling very very cooling. Took lots of photos with many actors and actrsees and some namely people. You can check them out in my friendster photos Compared to the china tour guide he was like teaching history of china throughout the time in the bus from destination to destination. China has the tallest telephone line tower and it is building the world's tallest rollercoaster at a height of 72 meters. wahlao. I will never ride on that coaster. 72 meters down. Think of it also sweat d.

I can't remember ALL the places I've visited casue it's way too much. But I visited DR.Sun Yer Sen's house. The founder of china.

It's just too much I don't know what to start with. Let me think. Haha. If u see me face to face I can tell you everything in a day. Haha.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Will be going down to Penang on Sunday and flying to HK on tuesday. Yeah. Can't wait to go HK. Can't wait to get on the plane for the first time. Aikz. Hehe. Gonna shop madly in Hk for many things. Haha.

My Current Favourite Videos From the TVB Series Heart Of Greed

everyone should watch this TVB series.. It's very nice

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Band Camp Is Over

Yo, band camp is over but hong kong trip is coming very soon. Band camp this time was very fun although is was actually bored but it actually came out fun. More than expected. This time the exco's bonded quite well in doing stuffs and planning even having meetings till 3am. The last night was the best. BBQ night. It's so fun to bond with the old seniors and the juniors. To see the smile on their faces was the best thing the exco's could achieve. Celebrated Sashi's birthday during camp since he can't celebrate it with his family on his birthday so I planned one section party for him. A small one but at least he enjoyed. I am glad that I can see all the smiling faces around me. ALL the effort poured in was worth while. None of thsoe efforts were wasted. Thnx to all excos and committees for making this camp and bbq farewell party a success. MMB rawkx

Next up will be going to HK. This weekend will be going to penang staying overnight for 2 nights before flying to HK. I am gonna miss my friends and my juniros but I will get each one something IF I can afford. Haha. Must get for the priority ones first :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Ok lets start off with this new compputer of mine. Dell Inspiron 530s. Well, this is what I've been waiting for, a brand new computer after 2 years of using pentium 4 now I am switching to Pentium E Dual-Core.

LTC was last week. Initially I thought it would be a boring camp but actually it turned out the way I did not expect it to. It was quite fun actually. I get to know more people and it's definately fun listening to one of the speakers Martin Jalleh where he shared his lifetime experiences with us which most of them were funny experiences he had. During games, my family actually get through TUG OF WAR. Haha. I didn't expect our family to have to much physical strenght to pull that rope all the way to the price hamper. l0lx. One night one group of use went into a room to share ghost stories. What terrified me was the stories and experiences they had in our own school SMI. Others was still ok to me. The Last night was the best. No sleep. Played football with friends at bout 4 something in the morning and then went to bath at bout 5 something. Then we went down to the beach during pitch dark but we enjoyed the sea breeze and sound of waves.LTC was indeed fun actually. I've looked down on it. My bad.

It has been a long time since I went for badminton and so I did yesterday with choon keat, kwok sing and my brother. On the way walking towards our court we saw yanhoe and his friends can be said my friends also cause I know them. SOme of them are my band's ex-seniors. Badminton was fun. Then this morning I went for swimming. The last time I swam was like 1 or 2 years ago. So I swam all I want and when I reached home my muscles started to ache. Ouch!. It aches till now every part of my body. It is also hard for me to sit down. Haha.

Thsi friday gonna go for band camp again till sunday. Sunday will be our FAREWELL night for all seniors. ALL seniors of MMB are invited to come. Hope to see back all my seniors.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is a very special day for this very one person in my life. To the best mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter, My MOM.

~Happy Birthday~

Happy Birthday

Today is a very special day for this very one person in my life. To the best mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter, My MOM.

~Happy Birthday~

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bullet And Brain

Went to the mall with friends again last monday. Watch BULLET AND BRAIN. At first we were all empty minded, don't know what shows to watch but finally just simply bought the ticket to bullet and brain. One chinese type of gangsterism show.But turned out it is more of a comedy type of show. It was seriously a nice show. No regrets going for that show. Wei Sheng bought nokia N73 on the spot with cash? l0l. That fella lots of cash. 1.3k worth of cash money just pour out like that to get the phone.

Internet is slow like mad again today and it will last till 26 of Novomber which is next monday the first day of my perfect camp. Wahlao, wanna enjoy before the camp also cannot. Can't play games nothing. 5 Days of camp. Please please please hopefully it WOULD be fun.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

War Is Not A Bad Thing After All

Well, arguing with ZoiD is not a bad thing after all. Right there was bad situations but after that there were also the good stuffs. If it wasn't because of the argument we won't achieve peace and be playing DotA together. Well although we missed that chance of getting rm100 but what is it compared to a priceless friendship?

Band practice resumes tomorrow. Yeah!!! But hopefully attendance will be good. Exco meeting at 9.30 am tomorrow? Aikz. That's too early for me to sleep late tonight. Thought of gaming till late midnight but guess i would have to blow it off. =.="

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Messed Up

Today was the last day for my team (Untitled) to be in MCG 07. After a big care of havoc of scolding and arguements which ended up in a long story, well the conclusion is we are letting ZoiD up to semi-finals. It has been a long story and a long conflict happenings between the two teams. Don't wanna talk bout it. Forget bout the competition. Now get back to personal life. ^.^

Next two weeks will be LTC. Prefects camp la. Seriously very lazy to go for that camp. 5 days 4 nights somemore. I don't want to go. I rather go to school for band rpactice. Why must there be this camp? Haizz. Don't wanna go~!!!

How's my new face for this blog? Isn't it "new"? Haha. Took me 2 nights to search for this template. None of the templates are nice and since streamyx was BADLY down on those 2 days. I utilized it by upgrading my blog since it is already 1+ years old. Haha.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Untitled vs The-Guyz

First match of Michaelian Cyber Games DotA competition began today and our first match we totally own the form 6's(The-guyz). Haha. Didn't thought it was so easy. Kills 29 vs 6. WOW. Haha. Joel, Hsien Rhu, Jeffery and me really had a great teamwork today. Best ever compared to previous games that we played in blueserver. I think we perform better in LAN than in Blueserver. Well this is only the preliminaries. Next round will be fighting with ZoiD. If we win we go to the semi-finals next tuesday. If not we will draw and will be fighting another group. Hope can go for at least 3rd place which is already a very great success. Can't wait for our second match. Gonna get a mic and skype with them while dota-ing. Better teamwork enforcement. ^.^

Next stop, ya I passed my prefect probation "FINALLY". End of the year only pass means only get to wear my blazer next year. Need to find a second hand one from my ex-senior.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Visit To my Father's Place

Went to the cemetery today. My grandfather brought me there to change the soil for planting candles. At first I was very lazy to go cause it was hot that time bout 2pm but upon reaching there I felt that I should be there. It's like I can't wait to change the soil and see my father again. 10 years we departed means the last time I saw my father's face was when I was still in kindergarden 6 years old. Sometimes I really wish he could still be here. I really want to know the feeling of having a father's love. Yes, I felt it for 6 years but that was when I am so young and I can't feel anything cause everything was no normal to me. But now, looking that everyone has a father who lecture's them, who scolds them who banns them from doing this and that and they are complaining bout their father, how I wish I get lectured, scolded and grounded by my father. It's really desperate that I can give anything just to feel a father's love. A perfect family tree. It's just too much to be missed when someone's not around.

To everyone who reads my blog. Appreciate your parents no matter who they are and how they treat you. Cherish the time you have for you can't predict when will they be leaving you.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Post No.80

Posted 80 posts in one year plus. Means bout 5 posts a month in average. Haha

Have been watching one chinese series DVD lately bout this family that runs an abalone business. The story was more into peace in a family and the climax is more into fighting for possessions. It has a great story line. The story is just great where you really can't predict what happens next. It is really a well planned TVB show. I really liked this show. It's the best show in my life and when I watch it I am so into it as if I am actually part of the family in that show. Haha. 4 dvd's bout 30 hours and 40 episodes I finished in a week I think. Can't stop watching it. It is just so nice the way they live.

Michaelian Cyber Games is starting this Thursday. I hope me and my team (Daniel, Chee Cheng, Hsien Rhu) can achieve something from it at least a great experiene throught this competition (DotA). It's my first time entering a gaming competition and the prices are very attractive. RM400, RM300 and RM200. WOW.

Plan to go Genting Highlands the week after Deepavali with friends. Chee Cheng aka Joel is organizing it. Gonna spend bout 200 for a 3 days 2 nights trip. Firs time going holiday with my friends. I hope my mother allows. It has been a very long time since the last time I stepped my feet on the highlands. I wanna conquer my height phobia. Haha. I don't dare to go on the rides when I was small. And now. I have to try it no matter what. Can't afford to miss a chance riding those trilling rides.

Band life is getting busy again. Lots of programmes and planning have to be done but most of it isn't my job. L0L. I only have to be in-charge of money,$$$$$$. Go around chasing the members for funds. It's not easy but it tests my tolerance!!!. Haha.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally @ A promise is a promise

I promised to update this blog today so here am I doing it. Haha. Last Saturday went to Shahrin’s house for open house in the afternoon. Took a taxi there together with Louis, Jeffery and Desmond. 12 bucks fare so each paid 3 bucks, considered very cheap compared to driving there from Ipoh garden to Manjoi. Went there ate malay food. Took a little too much so can’t take in anymore dessert(Pudding). L0L. Then went to jusco After that we went to Jusco. Damn funny. 9 people fitting into an UNSER all the way from Manjoi to Jusco. Imagine that? L0L.

Exams are finally over to day. FINALLY. Came back wanted to play some games but don’t know what’s wrong with my internet connection. It’s running so slow now till I have to type my blog into Microsoft Word while waiting for the page to load up so that I can just copy and paste in my text without wasting my time.

There is this link I added on my link column. GeeksWeekly. A blog created by my tech friend with his PODCAST in it. So I hope you all can give him some support by downloading or listening it straight from the web then give him some comments on what he should improve on. Thanks PEOPLE~!!!

I am putting up a new friends test in my friendster so I hope you can try it out anytime when you are free. It isn’t hard. Just click on the link at the side which leads you right away to my friendster profile to sit for the test. Thanks!!!

Actually what else should I put more in my blog? What you all wanna read or know bout me? (EXCEPT PERSONAL STUFFS) ^.^

Tell me so that I can update it the way you all want and that you can enjoy coming to my blog. Thanks Again~!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Teenage Life

Yesterday went out with friends to JUSCO. It's like I only go out once in a blue moon with friends. Haha. What a teenage life I am having. Since now holidays should spend some time more with friends. Hehe. Yesterday went to Jusco to watch Bourne Ultimatum then went bowling for 2 roundswhich lasted bout 2 hours cause 6 players. One bowling ball rolled down from the machine and dropped on my leg. L0L. IT was very pain at first. Then after that it was nothing. Quite nice to play bowling. 2nd time in my life playing bowling. Yesterday was at cheap rate cause Ramadhan Promotion. So after snooker we went snooker then go makan dinner. After dinner we walked a little then went back to the bowling alley to play another 3 rounds with 4 players so ended bout 10 night by the time I reached home. It was fun really yesterday although I spent bout 30++ in a single day. But it's worthwhile to spend such fun time with my friends. Hope to do it again some other time.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Exams End Today

RIGHT. Today was the last paper. Physics 1 & 3 together. Actually still got exams la after raya. PJ exam. LOL. Haha. Exams this time was the best throughout this year. For me, it's the one that I can actually do. Haha. I hope I can get better results from this exam. I want to score.

Few days ago I dreamt that I went to UTP for an interview and some stuffs and I actually started studying there. Haha. What a nice dream eh? But it's only a dream. According to my brother, it might be a calling from God asking me to study harder? Hehe. I want to aim for UTP. I want to go to UTP. I have to go to UTP and I must go to UTP. Hehe.

Just repaired my pc justnow in the evening, now's midnight. Suddenly hard disk kinda like crashed. Scared my heart out thinking that I will lose all my files. But luckily I did not. Then i quickly deleted all my movies and software installers and wanted back up as much as I can into a 20GB hard disk. See see there wasn't a need for me to do so because all I have to do is to format my C drive. Haha. Nvm. Maybe it's a calling from God again. To delete my movies and save bout 12GB of space in my computer. Haha.

Will be going for a movie on this coming Friday. gonna watch The Bourne Ultimatum. Hehe. It has been a long time since the last time I went for a movie. Suddenly feel like going to the theaters.Haha.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Today is 30th September and tomorrow will be 1st of October which is the first day of my final term examitaion. Exam will be on till the next thursday which is on 11th of October. I hope everyone of you can help me by praying for me. Thanks.

After exams I will be enjoying very much like last year when I finished PMR. HAHA. I will start playing badminton again. YEAH!!! I miss badminton. The only sport I can master but not professionally. Hehe. Still at least there is a sport which I can actually play.

Yesterday was OMA. It was the first time since my batch took over where we performed and we received applauses. It was quite a nice function though tiring. I had drum solo parts and that was the god news but the bad news was I broke the snare skin. Haha.

After OMA we went back to school to keep out stuffs and instruments. Then we actually wanted to go to kopitiam opposite our school but before that we went to Padang Ipoh and sat middle of the field and listen to a "ghost story" by shahrin. LOL. It was nice at first but the last part was LAME. HAHA. It's a joke from the starting. Then we went to kopitiam got a drink and enjoyed few pieces of toast bread and french toast. Then came home and rested.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

9 days left

Right 9 days left till End Year Exams. Preparing very hard already. Revise my biology. Can't afford to fail that subject again. And add maths. Pray hard. No use studying so hard without blessings from God. Emm. I am stuck in chapter 9 (Differentiation) but nevermind. With my brother's help online teaching me. Sure OK one. Haha.

Why is school life nowadays so bored? Is it because of the teachers? Just dropped my IT subject yesterday. From now on I am officially out from IT subject. One subject less makes my spm certificate maximum 10 subjects.

Why after so long I still got nothing to blog one? Oh right. I started to go to Harvest Time Sanctuary last sunday. A new church for me. Very fun there. The people are there are SO friendly and go good. Really feel like going there more often. Hehe. Stayed there that day from 8 - 3. So fun. I like the youth session. Finally a time where I could actually praise and worship with full feel. Hehe

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Exam Approaching

Time pass very quickly. It's the 2nd week after our 50th merdeka celebration. Hmmm. Let's see, I've been quite busy these pass two weeks till I don't even have the time to sign in my blog and update it. Haha. Well, School is as usual but I don't know what is making me so busy nowadays. Perhaps studying? Haha. Who knows whether I study or not. I love to hang out with my friends nowadays at the mamak stall opposite my school. Nice environment to chat and watch videos with a laptop only lacking of wireless internet connection. Haha. Nowadays really sms a lot. Haha. Something that can keep me awake most of the time. My last record was 27++ sms in 3 months if I am not mistaken. Have to check out my previous post. My current record is 24++ sms in 3 weeks. Haha. New record and I am gonna delete all the messages today because the amount of messages cause my phone not to have sms alert whenever a sms comes.

Oh yeah, 2 weeks ago my mum got a JVC camcorder during the merdeka sale at penang. Quite newly released one. Now I get to record videos of band competitions. Something I've been waiting to do. Haha.

Built a new website of my school band but not officially launched cause need to pass it up to teacher as IT project first then I can modify and update it and make it official.

Anyone heard bout budget 2008? I heard two stories. One saying that next year everything will be tax-free and each student will receive rm1000 as koko usage. Another is that no such thing as tax-free but free text books and school fees and the rm1000 is only for those whom parents' income is less than 1000. Haha most probably is the second one but I hope it's the first. LOL

Saturday, September 01, 2007

50th Merdeka Celebration

YEA!!!! MMB won 1st band and best drum major this year in parade. What a great achievement. I believe this achievement can bring glory to our school and something for our principal Mr.Phoon who has been supporting us all these while. Tis could also bring up the spirit of the members back again. I am so happy now to blog this. It's the first time ever MMB got first!!! MUACKS!!! MMB I LOVE YOU!!! I can feel that this achievement is really a good sign for MMB to start growing again and fight like before. Better than before. Term 07/08 will leave a great spot of history for the band. Now and Forever!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Camp ENDED

Today was the alst day of JTC and Merdeka camp. But let's get back to the first day. Well, we checked in and arrange dorms, take instruments, bla bla bla. Then it was marching time. For the first time ever looking at the juniors march. IT WAS A DISASTER. So we started to teach and polish some. It got better then it came to lunch. Enjoy a little cause there was no fan. Then it came to sectional. Taught drumming basics for bout 2 hours and fell asleep in the pavillion. Haha. Rule Broke. EXCO's somemore. Sorry sorry. After sectional was bath time then dinner. We are suppose to do theory class at first but ended up doing something I forgot what is was. Haha. NVM then lights off

Second day was the same in the morning. Marching then lunch. Afternoon was the best part where my section was on their own and the section leaders were taking rest. 0ops. Bad example and attitude. But to our surprise they actually practiced for the whole 4 hours non-stop cause it can be heard from my dorm. So I jump off the table and went to check them out. SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! They can play drum solo 1 - 4 and even wawasan. WOW!!! Not bad for self practice. Even the bell player can catch up by his own. Evening was a little stamina training andnight was theory class and some games.

Third day was the same also in the morning. Afternoon was sectional and evening was madness!! We had 6 games. The disgusting one was digging for worms! LIVELY ones and tie them with rubber band onto someone's head. Where the person who is standing there to be HAIRSTYLE-D was standing on ICE BLOCKS. l0l. Then there was this alst game where we were suppose to pass an egg without the shell blindfolded hand to hand sitting on mud and ice full of worms. HAHAHA. That's fun. I am scared of worms but somehow I enjoyed it very much. Haha. Cleaning up was the toughest part.

Today the last game where we are suppose to wrap an egg so that it does not break when thrown down from the 2nd floor. Ended up so much mess we had to clean up the whole place before anyone finds out. Haha. The worse thing in this camp is the smell of eggs!!!! URGH!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Night Of HERCULES

Tonight will be the last night of school drama Hercules. Don't know whether will miss it or not. Haha. Normally when attending its practice always complain saying that it is boring but after drama might feel missing it. Drama is fun when there are songs to play especially now when keng joon is not in drama cause of chicken pox. I get to play throughout the whole drama. Haha. Tonight is the last night I am gonna blast everything out. Enjoy all the songs. Yeah!!!

Navin coming to stay over tonight in my house till wednesday. Cool eh!!! Get to watch and enjoy all the drum videos together. The person I love to hang out with most. Haha. Now you all get the answer to one of my questions in my friend test. I placed it in friendster. Go and try it out le. Haha. Gonna watch all drumming and comedy videos for the next few days. Haha. We share the same interest mostly and same attitude and style. The SMART style.

I see that this blog of mine has an average of 50 views per post. Haha. That's a great success for me. Thanks for all your support in keeping me posting. Haha. The previous post I posted achieved 50 views. Thnx GUYS and GALS!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tired Function

Just back from looking at horses galloping or racing. Haha. Went to Ipoh Turf Club to perform for the big race they had today. My first time entering a turf club and looking at horse racing. I got to learn how people bet on the race and how much they actually win. Explained by the security manager there. Stayed there from 11++ in the morning till bout 5. we had 50 boxes of rice and 50 packets of butter cakes for 30+ members. LOL. This is the best meal supply in functions. Haha. But the worse function to go to. Tired and the field we marched on is so thick. For the horses to gallop but not for us to MARCH~!!!!!!!!!!. Haha.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Physics Test!!

Actually i did not take my physics test last Thursday. Thought I would never sit for it. See see today that teacher asked the monitor to call me. Haha. Good also. Not that hard only those questions. Because of 3 careless questions i lost 6/35 marks which could bring me to A2. Aikz. Got 69 only in the end. Hope this paper counts. I want to score in Maths, Add Maths and Physics. End of this year. Those subjects msut get A1. MUST!!!!!.

This Sunday got band function at a Turf CLub. Some horse racing thingy is on. So have to go and do a parade march. Don't have enough members for that march le. Can only go out 8 instead of 12. Aikz! Sunday function then next wednesday is School Merdeka Celebration. Need to play Tanah Pusaka and Setia. Luckily no need to wear band uniform. OR else cham le. Hot and uncomfortable. Haha.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Hey all. Today was the first day of my morning section life in school skipping school because of sickness. My head was so dizzy today until I can see objects with images. Haha. First time. So dizzy. Was on the way to school till I reached fairpark then turned back and went home. Sorry to trouble Joshua for driving me back. I am suppose to sit for physics today. One of my favourite subjects. Aihz!!! Studied for it but can't sit for it. I like subjects that has things to do with calculation. Maths and Physics. Haha

Went to the library justnow to study chemistry for tomorrow. So long didn't go to that library d. Went in like a dunggu asking the receptionist bout the geography of that place. Haha. Then studied. Not enough tables also. Have to share with other people. Haha. Then after that went going back time I exit from the wrong door. LoL. How malu-fying. Haha. Very cold place. I like that place to study. Just a little too cold. Haha.

Just watched Kiwi Leong slapping case. Just surprised that the school was so big yet there are no help for the victim? At least a boy? Don't tell me all the boys there are cowards. Too chicken-ed out to help out a girl being bullied by a girl? Oh man. What kind of a world is this? Girls are getting more wild than boys.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Busy Days

I think I use this title before. Haha. Life has been busy these days. Especially drama practices. The whole month of August I will be fully booked form drama to band camp to merdeka celebrations. 50th year somemore. Haha. 10 days++ to update the blog once. That shows how busy I was. Haha. Sorry guys. No updates for so long. Keep this blog so abandoned.

Finishing the practice plan for my section. so many members yet so little tutors. So hard to do the planning man. Like 1 fella teaching 10 fellas? Oh man. Can teach also cannot learn la. So many people to be taught at a time. Break them into groups but not enough time and tutors. LOL.

Bought a Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition 2007 T-shirt which costs me bout 17 bucks but quite comfortable shirt although the design is a little messy at the behind. Haha. Wanted to buy one more white colour one since the current one I bought is black but too bad no money to buy. Use too much money already. Over budget for this month. Haha.

My blogging skills are very bad. Haha. Pardon me for that. Haha.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Far long AWAY

Wah. It has been long since I last updated this blog. I must be very busy because of drama practice. I have to stay back everyday in school till 3 - 4. Monday, Tusday, Friday drama practice. Wednesday and Thursday IT class. Wah. Everyday also stay back. Need to take lunch in school. SO need more allowence. Hehe.

Just finished planning and writing out my percussion section practice schedule. It's better to write everything down since there are few groups of members depending on quality and experience. New members and old members. Very confuse when thinking bout the practice times so might as well make a time table for it. Easier for everyone.

Becoming the treasurer is not an easy job. It is fun collecting money but it is hard to record down and do a report during General Meetings. Haha. I've never learn any accountings. But one thing good is that I get to learn how to bank in money and deal money with the bank. Something very insteresting and fun to do i see. Haha.

Prefect AGM is next coming monday. The upper sixes and the form 5 will be leaving. It is good for us to learn to be independent but without the form 5, I am jsut worried bout handling the group of "samseng" fellas or some "ganster wannabes". Haha. Fell sick on last saturday so didn't get to go for comm outing. But this friday or saturday might be having a nother outing again. Full prefectorial board outing. Haha. FUNZZZ.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

AGM 07/08

AGM 2007. Well the new board of committees is up.. Here it is

Band Leader - Jeffery Chan
Asst. Band leader - Joshua Ng
Treasurer - Andy Lai
Secretary - Bryan Lee

1st Quartermaster - Shahrin
2nd Quatermaster - Wei Sheng
3rd Quatermaster - Louis Chong

Woodwind Section Leader - Bryan Lee
Bass Section Leader - Tan Tihn Chern
Trumpet Section Leader - Shahrin
Percussion Section Leader - Andy Lai
- Navindran

Drum Major - Joshua Ng

Board of 07/08. HOpe that this batch of exco's can do their job well for the future of the band

Tomorrow going to KL to watch national band competition. Have to reach school by 7am. After reaching there, will be going to 1 Utama then jalan-jalan cari makan. After that start our journey to Bukit Jalil to get a nice spot to sit and ready to watch National Band Competition 2007.

I am proudly deleting 2778 messages from my handphone inbox. LOL. That might be a small amount for some of u huh. Haha. Saving me70++mb and fastening up my sms process.Hehe. Hope one day I will reach that collection again. Bye bye.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy Days

Well.Perak Band Competition 2007 is over. Time to get serious with studies. It has been long since the last day I updated this blog. LOL. Anyway, Did not achieve anything in this year's band competition but still it was a good lesson for all MMB bandsmen that we can't hold on to something we had been holding on since few years ago. This is the circles of life. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Losing is the time where we learn our mistakes and improve ourselves. This has been a great experience after losing for the first time in my 4 years in band. I've got one more year left next year. One last season for me in the drumline. 07/08. AGM is coming soon. New board of commitees is coming up and hoping that this board could do a better job in future. Time flies. It has been four years. I can barely forget what happened because I can remember every moment I had in the band since the first day I joined the band.

There will be two outings next week. One IT class outing on wednesday and another on sunday. The band will be going to Bukit Jalil on sunday to watch the National Competition. Can't wait. It's the first time I am going there and yet with the whole band. This is gonna be SO FUN.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Perak Finals - 48 hours

Nowadays really very busy. Really no time to update my blog.

Yaya. Perak Finals is about 48 hours away. I am getting nervous bout it. Thinking bout it every night. Thinking whether I will be mistake-free or doing mistakes like today in practice. Gosh~! Today's show is like so bad. No improvements. All the mistakes came back again. No difference since prelims. Monday is the competition and SMI is the 7th band to perform. 2nd last band. More time for preparation but will be tired waiting for our turn. Hope the members wil have enough rest during the afternoon. I really don't want them to be too tired when it's our turn to perform.

Members of MMB. We have been going through these 3 weeks together. Crying, Arguement, Laughter, Tiredness, Hours under the sun. It's time to make all these efforts something we want to achieve. It's time to create a history my fellow bandsmen. Do your best. Nothing will stop us. Nothing is out disadvantage and most of all always be confident at yourself.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Prelims Over

CooL. Prelims over. Well today's performance wasn't as bad as predicted actually. I thought my backsticks wouldn't come out smoothly which caused me to be worried for a long time. Anyway, it came our smoothly. Percussion did well today. Better than normal. I would say that's the best they gave out so far but there are more yet to come. To all MMB Bandsmen. Congratz. u guys have shown your best of yourselves today. It might not be perfect but there are always rooms for improvements. 2 weeks of practice wasn't a waste and to be frank it is actually a very good show for a 2 weeks practice. Keep up the good work. We will make ourself through Perak Finals.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hello 123

Long time didn't update this blog. Band life was very hectic till got no time to rest also sometimes. From band practice to tuition. Then back home sleep. Next day same routine. Everyday almost the same for the past whole 2 weeks of holidays. Holidays are not holidays to me because I still have to go to school. Haha.

Band finished formation but in very bad condition. Attendance was bad. Performance was bad also. How could we ever aim for the gold when we can't even unite as one? Most of the bandsmen are giving up hope on this year's competition. Even is one person gives up hope on this year's competition the other 47 will not be able to achieve because one of the teammates have a different mindset.

School is gonna start very soon; I hope I can have great memories kept with me after this band competition season.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back From FTC

FTC means Formation Training camp. Haha. Just came back yesterday afternoon. Was very tired yet did not sleep the whole day. Slept at night and today practice again but did not achieve good attendance enough to start a formation practice so practice was changed into a meeting instead. LOL!!. Camp finished up only one formation. Well, it is quite good already to finish a formation in 3 days. About 13 more days to finish the whole drill for the competition. Hmm. Whether we can do it or not it depends on ur ourself. No one can force us what we do not want to do. Hectic practices will be on untill the competition is over and I really hope we could continue our journey throught he national championship.

I am getting darker now. Haha. Skin also peeling off. Pimples coming out more and more. Haha. Anyway I hope it is worth it la. To all MMB readers here. I hope you guys could do something if you really want to achieve for nationals. Please.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Band Camp

Right no updates till the 30th of May. Band camp will be starting tomorrow till the following wednesday. Band camp time is basically to practice the formation for the upcoming competition which is 3 weeks away from now. In fact maybe 2++ only. I am kinda afraid the formation can't be finished in time. Just got the drills today. Looked at it roughly it's quite easy for my section. But playing and marching with it is the problem. So, pray for me. Secret Agent Man. Here I Come!!!!!

Still haven't finish packing my stuffs. Need to get a list later to remind myself what to bring for tomorrow. Will be staying on the second floor of the school block. For the first time. It would be just so inconvenient to bath because the toilet is downstairs and the dorms are upstairs. Hehe. After bathing walk up also sweat already la. Haha.

That's all for now. See you all after my camp. AFter I get a serious sun-bath. LOL~!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Bitterness Of Exam

Haih. Got to know my history marks today and I FAILED. It's not my first time failing history though once when I was in form 2 I guess. I think I got all from A - E or maybe just B - E. This exam brings great experience and lesson to me. I learned that I should study harder now. Form 4 life ain't easy at all. I promise myself and my family that I will aim and try to get A and B for my next exam!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hectic Band Life - UPDATED

Band life is just starting to get hectic especially when we haven't even started to prepare for the competition which is 3 weeks away. Not even a single step of the formation. Well, what to do. SMI exams was so early this year untill we have to postpone everything and be busy. Stupid teachers complaining bout the noise we make. Headmaster wants us to practice but teacher scold us. How lah? One say this One say that. Have to skip classes to finish up learning the songs and the drum solo. How? Camp coming next week from Saturday till Wednesday morning. We will be staying beside the construction site. Dusty place to stay and noisy also. ZzZz.

Why? Why is there nothing which I do can be better than the others? I feel like everything I do just brings no effect to anything. Is there anything I can do where I can feel myself being useful? Every suggestion of mine and actions of mine just will always lose to the plans of others. Why? Am I just the type that should stay and wait for orders?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Exam gone, Band come

Exam is officially over today after the PJK paper which I know nothing bout it. Haha. Who cares anyway bout PJK. It won't be in the SPM syllabus. Well, everything is over now. I can now concentrate in band for a month and some sports. Hehe. What sports? I do sports? Weird =.=

Prelim's on the 13/6 which is on the Tuesday, first week of school after the holidays and the finalss on the 22/6. Not sure bout the finals cause they like to postpone. But prelims. Argh!! A month from now and MMB still haven't started anything. maybe 1/5 of the formation. 2 weeks to learn up 4 formations? That would be a miracle. Don't want to lose this year. I don't wish to lose at all. Will we be skipping classes? Or just wait for miracles to happen like one day suddenly all the members can walk the whole formation? LOL

Speaking bout band competitions. I wonder how I lost my band competition certs for 2004,2005 and 2006. I really don't know how I lose them all. I remember keeping it in my file and now it's all gone. Really sad when I think bout this. My band certs are all gone.. ARGH!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Exam Relieve

Exam can said to be over today but one more Physics Paper 2 next monday. Haha. It's a relieve that everything has ended. I learnt my lesson through this exam. Form 4 life ain't easy. This mid-term exam I am sure to be failing history and my other subjects would be C and D. I am not used to the change of format.This has been a great experience for me.So, I will try my best again in future exams. Anyway, I want to say thanks to KENG JOON and VIN FEI for helping me out with some subjects. Haha. Thanks a lot guys. If they are reading it here. Haha.

Tonight gonna play computer till late at night again. Since there is no band practice tomorrow but only if my grandfather allows. Haha. My mum not around he is the boss. He controls strictly but even if he ask to sleep I will still stay awake. Haha. My mum went to Toronto. Hope she enjoys there as much as I enjoy here. Haha. I enjoy my computer, she enjoy her holiday. Haha.

2 more weeks to band camp. Can't wait to fellowship with the members again. Life in band is left short for me. Time flies till now I am form 4. Can't believe that it's May now. Band comp coming soon also. Haha. Need to be physically and mentally ready for it. Haha. Gambateh MMB.


Saturday, May 05, 2007


LoL. New TV had arrived. Panasonic LCD 32". FuiYohh. Finally can watch something from upstairs. Much clearer channels. Haha. No need to run down and use astro decoder anymore to watch normal channels. Normally have to run all the way down to press ONE channerl then run back all the way up. L0L. Now just press on the spot. Haha. Only 480i? How to make the quality to 1080i? l0l. Any professional help?

Exams are still going on. Finish ICT, English, EST and a paper of BM. So far so good. Today's English paper 2 is kinda fun. Interesting choice to write a composition on THE FUTURE YEAR 2020. Haha. I banged everything that I could think of in there.

Well, That's it for now. Exam season not much things to do. Haha. Wait for band season. Haha

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Exam Season

Hello all. After a long break of streamyx problems. Finally settled today. 3 weeks of disconnection makes me sick and frustrated. Then past three days CAN'T EVEN CONNECT. Wah today only settled the problem. FInally I can blog, check my mails, do some foruming and surfing. Hehe.

Exam started today. ICT. Funny thing is I forgot the defination of ICT 0nce I got the paper. I was very angry that time after memorising it. Then it all came back to me piece by piece and I have to like fix the words and lines into position. So funny man. Haha. Ended up doing ICT is like playing with words puzzle.l0l. Then the next hard question was explain briefly the evolution of computers. Wahlao I can't write the whole history down man. That was just freaking hard. I can see people sweating doing that question. Objective questions are suppose to be easy and 2 questions came out on BINARY CODES. WHAT?!?! That IT teacher said it would never come out because it's something impossible to learn. memorising bytes? SIAO!!! Where got such thing. What is the binary code for 23? How are we suppose to know? It's digits 1 and 0 making up 8 digit number to form a byte. And how many patterns could you form using 1 and 0 alone. Crazy question man.

There will be a band function on this Sunday and MMB is "honoured" to be chosen to play for opening and closing ceremony. Well, maybe they thing we have exam during the whole week we are the special one and we should be given the "honour". Duhhh. Just accept it la. Anyway we get a cert and a T-shirt. Not that bad after all. Haha.

Added Videos At The Bottom

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Post No.50

Hi all. Time flies and post also fly. This is now my 50th post in my blog. Wow first time I'm surviving a blog up to 50 posts. Haha. Llet's begin with life in school again. School is still as normal as I always say. Boredness. l0l. My class teachers no one can crack jokes to make us stay awake except for physics. Best subject. Haha. So I have to learn mostly form tuitions. Nowadays prefect life I got no names to book(Write down) No offenders for me to write geh. Aih Aih.

Self-improvement. Physically and Mentally

Well. As written on the title. I am now in a period of self improvement in physically and mentally. Physically as in my looks and my appearance. I want to have a better appearance in facing people. Haha. Mentally as in my studies and my band life. I want to be more hardworking towards my studies and having more time for my bandsmen.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Ok, what is happening around here? Band parade on 6/5 then exams till bout 11/5. After that only we might start out band competition formation practices. Time is running out la. STBB started practices already and they are even using Sundays to practice. MMB this year is in such critical situations are taking things easy? what's next? Is band camp enough? I don't think so. MMB members out there. I really have passion to win. So are the seniors. Please give us some chance we are leaving the band very soon.

Ram prices just went back up. Great I missed my chance in getting one. from 100 to 150 now. Time to regret again. Got a new DVDburner yesterday. My first time fixing some hardwares into the cpu. Anyway, it has nothing to do with motherboard that's why it was so easy. Well, it's a good start anyway. Haha. Even if it is something to do with the motherboard I would still do it because better to try, fail and experience than to be curious bout what will happen this and that.

I want to do something with my music and IT. I felt that it's more worth doing something which I will give full attention, commitment and passion rather than wasting my time doing something I dislike with full unwillingness. I pray that God would answer my prayers

3 colours for 3 stories

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good Or Bad ? ? ?

Haha. Blogging twice in two days is unpredictable. l0l. My first time blogging two times in 2 days. So all I gotta say is about prefect. Doing duty is quite fun after all. l0l. Job is easy to be done. Just follow the seniors around the duty places and learn from them. New tie. Can wear a different from the other students. Prefect tie. Haha. Now have to be "good" boy d in school, cannot play a fool. l0l
Using different colours for my blog. One for my Personal Life, other colours for other stuff.

Good Or Bad?

If you were given a choice to love someone who is pretty/handsome but you love him because of his looks or his fortune or compared to a nice person who is not that good looking? Which one will you choose? Teenagers nowadays often made the mistake of choosing the good looking ones no matter how bad their attitude are. If you like someone for their looks. Will is last? How long could his/her looks last for you compared to a person's real love towards you? Well, for me personally I choose both and preferably a less outgoing type if you understand what I mean. Haha.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life Is Back To Normal

Yeap. Life is back to normal now. No more band formations for now. Sad. Need to wait for few more weeks to start back formation practice but Cadence '07 is on the move. Hope to start it fast and finish it as soon as possible. Hehe. This saturday Band General Meeting. Have to prepare section report. l0l. Don't know when I will prepare it. Most probably on Friday.

Starting tomorrow I will be doing prefect duty already lu. Haha. Need to wear prefect tie d and have to act good boy like form 1. Hehe. Life is getting INTERESTING now. Kaka.

Got a new Digi number yesterday. Waited till today before it was activated but it will due tomorrow. l0l. So ahve to topup very soon. haha. Mum might get new camera during PC FAIR so I will have a personal camera for my own. 3MP only. Haha.

Next on I want to dream of a new Rig for myself. Haha. IT student. l0l.

AMD x2 4200+ = RM320
Corsair 512mb x 4 = RM420
Western D 80Gb = RM145
Asus M2VTVM = RM245
Colourful 7600GS = RM305

Total = RM1400+

But if I change the ram to KIngston and Graphic card to 7300GT, the price can still go down. Ge new PC now good le. Now processor and ram prices are dropping la. Haih

Friday, April 06, 2007

sports Day '07

Okie sports day is over now. Felt sick yesterday and a bit today. Maybe too much exposure to the 'eye of heaven' haha the SUN la. Very tired now. First time having sports day in stadium cause smi is under "roof renovation" .

MMB did great today. Brasses were ok. Percussion were ok. The full band were ok. Maybe due to the motivations and crying yesterday. I hope all members will change their attitude and discipline so that we can climb to higher ground although we are mostly consists of juniors. I know we can do it. It's a matter whether we want it or not.

Coming up next is building up MMB Cadence '07. Gonna start writing it down tomorrow and gonna start practicing it before a function next month. MMB can do it this year. Without problems.

Thanks. Bye.

By the way, I updated the song on the left side down. Takes only a little while to load. Be patient. Haha.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Google Site Hacked!!!

Google engineer matt cutt blog hacked by black hat seos. His blog is replaced by 'Dark SEO Team' welcome message. Is this his play for april fool?

Have a look!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back To Updates

This week wasn't as busy as last week's camp. Just came back from PGS band concert. Ok la. They were much better than the current SMI standard. SMI band now very bad condition already. Cacated liao. No sound. Need to practice harder. Few days ago went under the sun now body very dark liao. How leh?

Now too late d la. I can't think back of what I did for the past few days. Oh yea. Class marching. Not to say bad but haven't complete yet. No time to finish it. Sports say is coming following thursday. So pandai pandai la 4SC1.

Just watched Mr Bean on holiday that day. It was funny and the story is quite short. MAybe because Rowan Atkinson don't speak much in his movies/shows. Worth watching and have a great laugh from it.

Night time really can't think la. ZzZzZz.

One more thing. Happy April Fools Day!!! Haha

Monday, March 26, 2007

Back From Convention Camp

The camp was fun. Everyone was so friendly. Four schools participated. St. Anthony, St. George, St. Xavier and St. Michaels(host). So we checked in bout 4pm on friday and got to know bout 1 or 2 Xavieriens. Then we had a little briefing, singing session, ice-breakers and it was games already. Great teamwork games we played for both evenings. These games can be good for the band members as it requires teamwork. Haha. Next was the first session where we learnt bout the founder of La Salla. St. John Baptist de La Salle. Other sessions were about friendship basically and every session has a game of it own. Fr the first time in a such camps I can mix around with people. I remember last time I use to be shy or something like that. Haha.

Night time was even fun where the schedule says lights off at 1130pm but we slept at bout 2am and no one cares. Haha. All the Xavieriens like to gamble and one small dorm we went in a bout 12 people. Wow. Imagine the amount of heat we can generate in there. Haha.

The last night we went to dormsi and find those who slept and applied DARLIE on their faces. Imagine that. Haha. This afternoon we grabbed one Xavierien and "DARLIED" his whole head till he can even wash it off his hair and he is asking for a photo taken when being GANGED-UP!!

This camp is fun and is memorable. More than I'ver expected it would be.

Life is like a road I wanna keep going, Love is like a river I wanna keep it flowing

Friday, March 23, 2007

Happening Week

This week has been so busy and lots of things happened. Firstly was my prefect interview. I don't know how it went but I hope I pass the interview. The head prefect was the strict one. The teachers are the cool ones. Haha.

Secondly was that a real big bomb just hit my life. Nothing seems to last forever I guess. What a great surprise and impact. Please do not ask me what was it cause I am not gonna tell.

Thirdly, tomorrow camp again in LA SALLE centre again.l0l. just finished band camp there, tomorrow going back there for camp again. Leadership Convention Camp. Only 10 are selected from out school and I guess I was the lucky one. Haha. Joshua and I. At least someone to accompany me. Hehe. Camp till Sunday. Hope that it's fun and I will get to know more people there. :P

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Klebang Hill

ok. So that's how klebang hill is like. Climbed it today. Very nice experience to climb a mountain and really sweated a lot. Really a lot. On the way up some were tired cause first time climbing it. Well, can't blame them cause they are girls. It's my first time also but I am a guy la so sure got stamina la. Band member some more no stamina die lor. Reached up there took a rest and continued the journey walking down the tar road. Going down requires more energy on my legs cause the road is quite steep and I spend lots of energy trying to brake myself. l0l. After a while we went up somewhere in a shelter and had our breakfast. l0l.

After that continued our journey on tar roads down till one place where we need to climb the stairs down. Quite a number of stairs. l0l. Then there was one place where we even have to walk in the drain. l0l.

Finally, reached back to the place we started after bout 2 hours. Haha. Great journey though tiring.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back From Camp

Ok ok. Blogs update. Just back from camp. 2 camps actually. Saturday till Monday was junior training camp and Monday to Wednesday was formation training camp. Well, it was darn fun although there are problems everyday.l0l. Everynight supper with junk foods although the rules was no food in dorms. l0l. ALL Organizing commitees are rule breakers. We did a lot of things juniors can't do. l0l. That was why it was so fun. GAmes time was even fun especially during night stalk from 12++am till 2++am. l0l. Next morning all dead fish under hot sun from 1 something till 5 something. BURN. But eventually I did not turn any darker. I thought i would be thinner back form camp but instead I grown fatter. Ate too much. More than exercising. l0l

It was good that my section got to finish learning the formation fortunately. Haha. But I can conclude that my section members are blur and has lots of questions. Anything as long as they can understand. So now have to wait for one more bass drummer to come for practice and it is all done. I hope I can build this year's percussion line without any problem. Good thing Keng Joon is coming back for form 6 SMI so that he can guide me n my section since I am taking snare this year.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Updates Off Till 14 March

Oh no. No more updates till 14 march. Simply because my computer's graphic card got problem now. Sometime can work sometime cannot and band camp will start this saturday till followwing wednesiday. So do come back on the thursday ya? 15. Help me keep my blog alive. Haha. Thnx. Bye. Take care everyone!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


hey all. No topic just blog. exam just finished today. IT wasn't as hard as expected. l0l. but the science 2 students suffered their accounts exam. kakaka. Science 1 students finish everything and still got so much time to sleep. What? l0l. This exam I think can get good results cause first test. Next exam sure K.O.

Band Band Band Camp next holidays for 5days?!?! Juniors 2days seniors 3 days. Commitees 5 days. T.T . I am the secretary so need to type letters. Something that I don't really enjoy but I enjoy copying letters from my brother's band letters since 2004. l0l. Just change the dates and it's done. l0l. camp need to skip tuitions. Chamzzz. Jeffery good luck as the chairman and Navin also ya. kaka. BRyan good luck in collecting fees.

I love to settle problems. I hate problems.

God says that everyone must be helpful. Especially the rich. Bless and care for the poor. Do not keep all to yourself. God did not grant you with so much wealth for nothing. He can take it from you anytime He wishes too for the is the King Of KIngs.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bye Bye!!!

One week of CNY brings me great and memorable memories. Staying up till 6am with my cousin aka best buddy Wilson. Eating Maggi Mee in the morning only go to sleep. Play computer till morning. Haizz. Everything is over now. Everything just happened too fast. They went home already in JB. Watch all the episodes of Nobody's Watching. Laughing all out. The only person I could really enjoy with and share feelings and stuffs. Staying up eating keropok. No one on earth could just. Parting is just too hard to accept. I don't see cousins or relatives at this age having such close bonds. But Me n Him. We are just united. Someday we shall be doing more fun stuffs. No mood to do anything now. Felt like crying when I was in church also. SIgh!

Thinking of going back to school for exams and tuition makes me start off my stress again. Sigh! But going for band practices are fun now.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How Could This Happen To Me???

I wish that I could bring you back
I wish that I could turn back time

Without you I just can’t find my way

I don’t know what I should do now
I’m still here waiting for you

I just want to make you proud
I'm never gonna be good enough for you

I can't believe it's hard
Just to talk to you

Since the day I met you

I'm addicted to you
I'd run a thousand miles to get you
Do you think I deserve this?

I'm sorry
I can't be perfect

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

This is the time I've been always looking forward to. CHinese New Year. The best time you can have with your relatives. Haha. Tonight gonna DotA like mad. Maybe till 4am? l0l.
Wilson coming back. So gonna have two computers dotaing tonight. Full team tonight. Later don't know can DotA with brother's friends or not. Never played with them before.

School was so boring today. Nothing to do also and thanks to one classmate I've got 3 essays to write from English teacher. !!!!!. Today dentist came to our school to teach us about our teeth. How to keep it clean and stuffs. l0l. I've been brushing my teeth for 16 years!!! But I only brush once a day. The dentist said must brush twice. I know but lazy. Haha. NVM. She say must go to the dentist for checkup once in two years. Isn't it suppose to be twice in a year? l0l.

Band is always running in my mind with troubles. Chee Ken. Mana you? He is getting sacking? Go la. I don't care d. Since I gave you so many chances you think you are so great. Go and leave. Should we go for cadence 05 or jammin jelly. It's hard now coz my section is left with juniors. Sienzz man.

Nokia 3250 is still working great for me. I love it. Enjoying it day and night. Unlimited sms storage. Syoknya.

Hey people. If you read my blog please chat also le. Very bored =.=" Post some messages up in the chatbox le. Talk crap also can.Haha

Happy Chinese New Year

This is the time I've been always looking forward to. CHinese New Year. The best time you can have with your relatives. Haha. Tonight gonna DotA like mad. Maybe till 4am? l0l.
Wilson coming back. So gonna have two computers dotaing tonight. Full team tonight. Later don't know can DotA with brother's friends or not. Never played with them before.

School was so boring today. Nothing to do also and thanks to one classmate I've got 3 essays to write from English teacher. !!!!!. Today dentist came to our school to teach us about our teeth. How to keep it clean and stuffs. l0l. I've been brushing my teeth for 16 years!!! But I only brush once a day. The dentist said must brush twice. I know but lazy. Haha. NVM. She say must go to the dentist for checkup once in two years. Isn't it suppose to be twice in a year? l0l.

Band is always running in my mind with troubles. Chee Ken. Mana you? He is getting sacking? Go la. I don't care d. Since I gave you so many chances you think you are so great. Go and leave. Should we go for cadence 05 or jammin jelly. It's hard now coz my section is left with juniors. Sienzz man.

Nokia 3250 is still working great for me. I love it. Enjoying it day and night. Unlimited sms storage. Syoknya.

Hey people. If you read my blog please chat also le. Very bored =.=" Post some messages up in the chatbox le. Talk crap also can.Haha

Happy Chinese New Year

This is the time I've been always looking forward to. CHinese New Year. The best time you can have with your relatives. Haha. Tonight gonna DotA like mad. Maybe till 4am? l0l.
Wilson coming back. So gonna have two computers dotaing tonight. Full team tonight. Later don't know can DotA with brother's friends or not. Never played with them before.

School was so boring today. Nothing to do also and thanks to one classmate I've got 3 essays to write from English teacher. !!!!!. Today dentist came to our school to teach us about our teeth. How to keep it clean and stuffs. l0l. I've been brushing my teeth for 16 years!!! But I only brush once a day. The dentist said must brush twice. I know but lazy. Haha. NVM. She say must go to the dentist for checkup once in two years. Isn't it suppose to be twice in a year? l0l.

Band is always running in my mind with troubles. Chee Ken. Mana you? He is getting sacking? Go la. I don't care d. Since I gave you so many chances you think you are so great. Go and leave. Should we go for cadence 05 or jammin jelly. It's hard now coz my section is left with juniors. Sienzz man.

Nokia 3250 is still working great for me. I love it. Enjoying it day and night. Unlimited sms storage. Syoknya.

Hey people. If you read my blog please chat also le. Very bored =.=" Post some messages up in the chatbox le. Talk crap also can.Haha

Saturday, February 10, 2007

School's Busyness

So Nokia 3250 is great. Nice speakers with audio settings, a 4 side camera ( front,back,left,right)
Enjoying it. Really very nice. Now I have to wait till Chinese New Year and wait for my cousin to come back and teach me how to install Firmware and other games into it. Haha.

School nowadays got lots of homework. I wonder why suddenly there are so much homeworks. Teachers in Form 4 like the students to copy stuffs. My pen die easily. So now have to change to Ball-point pen for copying notes, questions and essays. IT class is just so boring. Again we do nothing but to copy notes. SO BORING!!!!! Exam coming right after Chinese New Year. Those school Administrators brainless? Homeworks on holidays and after Chinese New year exam. How are we suppose to have fun?

Band time. Started training and practicing the percussion solo for this year's competition. So, I am carrying out the snare this year. Quite challenging also huh.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


YEAH... YOU READ IT!!! My new Nokia 3250. NOkia 3610 started working for me on 6 December 2003 and now retiring officially on 2 February 2007. New working mobile Nokia 3250 Officially on 2 February 2007. Nokia 3250 my lovely fon. Had been going though years with me and now I leave her. So sad. T.T. But I will take good care of her although she is retired.

I would like to say a special THANKS to my BELOVED MOM for getting the handphone for me and my BELOVED brother for supporting me to get a new handphone. For the first time my brother did not have any objections on my choice.



Saturday, January 27, 2007

So Far So Good

Okie. Life in school is back to normal as last year d. I know the teachers d. Know their personality and how they do things. Add-maths is tricky. I mean the subject not the teacher but i can cope with it. I think the problem now is Moral where i need to memorise. I think Pure Science is kinda fun. Add-maths and Mod-maths is always the best subjects cause I like it when the question is tough where I need to use my IQ. l0l.

Planning to get a Nokia 3250 . Had been wanting to get it since last year. Any comments on phones? Dont ask me get those 2k handphones. l0l. No money. Don't want to get Sony Ericsson phones because firstly it does not support symbian and secondly all phones function the same as in they have almost everything same only different name and prices.

Tomorrow got school. So bored.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

IT Class

Started IT class this week. This week's lesson was on Evolution Of Computers. l0l. Take notes only for 2 days lesson. used 4-5 pages. l0l. Only 36 computers but 44 students. So have to rush in a fight for one computer. Got assignment. Need to present next wednesday. For normal Computer Class have to built/design a website of your own. l0l. Altogether one year 10 assignments. All computer assignments. This would be fun!!!

Next, School is getting less hectic already. Less homework. Started Biology tuition. Very fun tuition.l0l. That tuition centre is like a haunted building. wooden walls and creepy door sounds. l0l. tuition for all science subjects Bm and Add-maths. Maths in form 4 quite hard but I am still surviving it. Haha.

Started training up the drumline today. I hope everything would run smoothly.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Penang trip

so, went to Penang yesterday and just came back. Arrived there bout noon and had lunch with my cousin. l0l. The food there is darn expensive. One plate of Chow Keuy Teow is Rm5.50. One plate of fried oyster is Rm10. Wah lunch is a normal coffee shop costs bout RM40++. If I am not mistaken it was Lorong Selamat or something like that. l0l. I am bad in recognising roads and routes. Next. Checked in Hotel. Sheraton hotel. 5 Star Hotel IF i am not mistaken again. Then went to a newly built shopping mall to shop for stuffs. Quintsbay Mall. Very big oo. But nothing to buy. Haha. 4 something went to eat Penang Laksa. Ngek Ngek. Mine was the last bowl and when i took one bite I saw and insect in there i quickly spitted it out. MAN!!! so gross ke? Bad Bad.

Next day which is today after lunch went to Prangin Mall and bought nothing only my sis bout a shirt. Wanted to buy Patrick the starfish but I don't know why I didn't buy. l0l.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My 16th Year On Earth

Haha. Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday Andy. Birthday is something fun cause I am now officially older by 1 year on earth. l0l. I wonder how will I be celebrating tonight or perhaps not gonna celebrate at all!!!!! Not a problem casue I've got everything I want and all my love ones and my special one. Don't ask me siapa tu.

Next, studying in form 4 is tough job. 10 subjects. Listening to the introductions lone make me sick d. What more studying? Moreover I am in Science 1 where teachers think it's the best class soi they will teach like bullet trains if you get what I mean. l0l. School teachers are great except for 3 of them whom I won;t mention here scared kena tangkap. l0l.

Band practice, Today practice 1 hour tomorrow for 2 functions. One funeral function and one is the induction for form 1's. My section cant even march and play. They either march or play. ZZzzZzz. What's the use man. Can't blame myself if they don't want to practice.

That's all for now... Goodbye

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The internet connection is so slow I need to take so long to get into my blog to update it as in now. Is this gonna go on for another 3 weeks? swt

School Re-opened and I am there in Science 1 where I will be studying 11 subjects for the next 2 years. Tough job isn't it? Guess I will have to start my effort now in order to achieve something in the near future.

There was a function yesterday. So called christmas celebration organized by the Perak government. Actually it was suppose to end at 9pm but turned out it ended at 11pm instead. Thanks to last minute changes saying we have to play another Perak Anthem before the dismissal. Waited for another 2 hours doing nothing there.

Today was a fun day. Went out with my friends to Ipoh Parade to makan in Marybrown then went for a short walk in the complex. Seriously this is my first time hanging out with my friends in the mall and my first time to meet girls outside. Unbelievable right? As a teenager this is my first time hanging out with friends. l0l. No Life. There are things I can't post up here. Haha. Fun things which will be kept silence.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Hey yo people... Happy New Year 007... All my love to my love ones and friends...

Wish you all a Happy and Peaceful life this year