Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I was out for dinner today this evening at Tower Regency Hotel. A gracious international buffet. Thanks to Uncle Tony for his treat. When I came back, my stomach was blotted and full, and upon reaching home, there were a few police outside my house. Out of curiosity my brother and Uncle Tony went to ask about what happened. According to the police, someone saw a man climbing on the roofs on my neighbours house. Nobody knows who is was. Maybe it was Santa trying to find for our Chimney. Haha. Too bad not much houses in Malaysia has a chimney. It must have been a rough night for him. Well, gotta lock my doors and windows properly tonight. In case Santa really comes, he can greet my dog Labby and pass him the presents :D

Merry Christmas everybody!!! Andy here, wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed Christmas this year and also a wonderful new year up ahead. =) Take care everyone and may God bless each one of you in all you do.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I went to the Perak/Singapore Band Exchange Program concert yesterday. It was something new to see so many bands combine together to hold a charity concert. It's nice. Something new especially when they made the concert like as though we were boarding a plane =.=" The emcee aka the "pilot" and his assistant tried to crack some jokes but I felt it did not work out cause I don't listen the audience laughing. It must be hard to be him. LoL.

Went there with my girlfriend. Haha, almost every concert I attend together with her and it never fails for any concert to make us happy. As it was a band concert that got us to meet each other, that's why any band concerts bring us back in time to memories. Hehe. It's a great time together and a time to be cherished with each other :) <3

After the concert, was time to meet up with some friends. Somehow, I felt old during the concert cause I no longer find much familiar faces among the band members and also from the crowd like how it used to be during my concert experiences in 2005 and 2008 when I was in the band. Except for some juniors from the section. Haha.
What's nice is that I got to meet up with lots of old school mates and a little band mates I think I can name them all out. I met Wei Hao first then Jeffery, Desmond, Ian, Ken Hoong, Chee Cheng and Hsien rhu came last for yamcha session. Then my bandmates too, long lost BD-mer Eemir, Nakiee, Tihn Chern, Wai Keong and the usual percussion gang members.

Should be arranging for a meet up with the juniors after christmas before classes start again in January. Back to Penang again on the 8th of January, right before my birthday. Aiseh.... :(

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back From Korea, About Korea :)

I'm back from Korea, the South, Haha, 2 days ago. This is a delayed post, cause I was dead tired. Korea was a fun place, the weather especially. Finally, I get to experience winter in negative degrees celcius temperature. I think the winter clothings that I packed was not thick enough. Haha. It's so nice to experience my nose, ears and lips freezing. I merely talk with my lips not moving. Haha. When we walk outside with heavy wind, it's like struggling to find for a shelter. Whenever I get into an indoor area, it feels good, even the toilet feels good. LoL.

The food? Hmmm, food was OK for the first few meals, but when it gets longer, we're like eating the same thing over and over again and it gets bored. Probably because that's the only thing they eat there, unlike in Malaysia, we have a multiracial choices of food. Haha. When I was there, I start to appreciate Malaysian food. :D They serve a few types of common food all the time like kimchi, taufu, beansprout and stuffs like that. Every meal, they have it. =.= . But one thing good about their food is that, you barely find oil in it. That makes their food feel super healthy :D

The environment? Much much better than Malaysia. It's cleaner there, even the public toilet is so comfortable that we can sleep inside, but nobody does it of course. It's just nice. Feels so comfortable everytime nature calls. LoL. Not to forget, the weather is nice. Probably cause it's winter now =.=" It feels so hot now in Malaysia.

The people? Hmmm, the people there are more or less like chinese. Cause long long ago, they were chinese and the history was that they adapted the chinese culture and traditions before they had their own. So their words were some similar to chinese wordings. However, you can't identify them as chinese when you look at them. Koreans are better looking. Haha. I think because of their weather and the food they eat, their skin are more smooth and fair. I think they have smaller eyes compared to chinese like us, but my eyes are small too >.< so can't talk much on that. Haha.

The things? Although their money(WON) is smaller than RM but their value is higher. Everything you buy there, you have to divide by 1000 and multiply it by 3 to see approximated value in RM. Say, I buy a bun there that costs 1000 WON so it's like RM3 here. Things there are expensive. Shopping there is almost like shopping in US. Have to multiply everything by 3. Haha.

The cars? Oh yea. 50% of the population there owns a car, which means you find a person with a car in every 2 people. 90% of them drive Hyundai and Kia, cause it's their national car. How I which our national cars are that nice. I did not see even a Toyota car, saw a few Honda, more Audi than BMW and Honda. Woo~ Imagine that? Haha. High income country, you can't find any old cars there, every car is new, even their Taxi's all look like Camry. >.< but they use Hyundai Sonata.

That's all about Korea, drop me a message in my chatbox if you have more questions :P

Monday, December 06, 2010

3 Idiots - Full Movie

Hello guys and girls, you can now buffer 3 Idiots here through my blog. With subtitles. Trust me, it's clear enough :) It's the best movie I've watched this year. I urge everyone to watch it too. It's funny yet meaningful.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Long Holidays 2010

It's time of the year again where I have my long holidays. But this will be the shortest holidays I ever have throughout my 19 years of life, because even last year my college I had 2 months break but this year I only have 1 month. Haha. But I think it's enough.

I have one more year to go for Diploma = 3 semesters = 10 more subjects to go. Woo~ Can't wait to finish diploma and specialize in something that I really love in Degree. Hehe.

Will be going to Korea on the 8th of December. Yes, Korea is having war now and I'm going there to lead the warfare. I don't know why but they need me there. I guess they need a capable commander like me :P I will try to make peace there. LoL. No la, I wanna go there for a holiday and hopefully to shop for some stuffs. Samsung is from Korea, so hopefully I can grab some cheaper Samsung products there.
Have anyone watched 3Idiots? If you haven't, go to Youtube and search for 3Idiots. If you feel lazy to do so, just click on this link >>>>3 Idiots : Part 1
There are 16 parts altogether. It's a mixture of tamil and english movie. Don't worry subtitles are there and I'm sure everyone will understand it. It's not an old movie, for those who haven't watched it before, go ahead and watch it. It's worth watching.

My grandmother just passed away past Saturday. Rest In Peace Grandma, and have fun meeting up with Grandpa and be with God for eternity.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I sleep a lot these days. I notice that I am not trained to wake up early in the morning. I guess it's because since primary school, I've been going to a SK school which makes me a lazier person compared to people from SJK schools. SK school students sleep early everytime compared to SJK students. Homework factor. Haha. So, until now, as I'm already in college, my sleeping time is still very long. I can never get enough of sleep, even after 8 hours, unless I get a headache from sleeping too much. Haha. My average sleeping time is at least 10 hours on non-college days. On college days, I usually have a very healthy sleeping time, 7 - 8 hours. Haha. Well, it's study break now, I study late nights and I wake up late mornings. Someone called me an owl for working at night and sleeping in the morning. I agree, my mind functions best and my study mood turns on to its peak only at nights. Haha. I don't know why. But if that's the case, I'll just move along with it, since it's the only time I can study. :D

These coming holidays will be fun I HOPE. My holidays will be in December. I have 2 things in mind now to do. One is my "Secret" project and another, I wanna get or build a new amplifier for my car. My audio player is going crazy again. I wanna build one myself which can play with an input from 3.5mm jack like something from the Ipod. That will be in January. When I come back to college and get my "gang" together. Haha,

That's all for now. Stay tuned for my upcoming "works". Haha. Gotta go back to my lecture notes. *yawn*

Monday, November 15, 2010

Study Week

It's time for study week. Study week has started. Time to brush up on my studies before my exams next week.

Went to the Immigration Office today. I wanted to renew my passport cause I'll be off to Korea in December for a holiday. But when I reach, they were out of numbers. I have to go all the way back to town tomorrow again tomorrow and tomorrow, I will be going at 7am :@

Nothing much happened these days except for some "Awesome" Project coming up. Will reveal it soon. So stay tune to my blog for updates and surprises :)

Take care everyone, and for those who will be having their exams soon, All The Best !! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Over!!

It's over. Everything has come to an end. I can't believe this would happen. Sigh~ I'm sorry buy MY SEMESTER IS GOING TO END SOON!! Woohoo~ All my assignments, tests, reports, presentations are all over! What's left now is my final exams 2 weeks away. 0ops, did I just say 2 weeks? >.<

What's gonna happen for the next 2 weeks is that, I will start to be a nerd again @.@ It happens to me. This transformation only happens during the last 2 weeks of the semester. Haha. As usual, I just hope I could do well to maintain my scholarship. I don't put much hope on myself as I know the final outcomes are all from God. All I have to do is just work hard, and yea, God will do the rest for me :)

Let's not talk about studies. Let's move on. I haven't been doing anything much lately for the past few weeks. Only rushing for reports and assignments as usual. I went for MMB Farewell that day. Seems like as year passes by, the amount of seniors going back to band are getting lesser. I wonder why. Is it because they weren't told about it?

I was really looking forward to meeting most of the seniors back again the other night, but seems like the eldest alumni there were only my batch. Even my batch only 3 of us turned up. But can't blame, I believe everyone are in college/universities. Haha. Anyway, it was still fun to meet up some of the juniors again. Especially the playful ones, can never resist the things they do that makes me laugh. Haha. But I am getting lost among the juniors, the younger generations. I am too old already, although I only graduated from secondary school 2 years ago. Haha. Well, as long as the old ones remain :D

Okeyz! That's all for now. I'm signing off (but I'm still on msn and facebook) ;)

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Updates :D

Wow, I didn't know that blogger had a new settings for posting blog posts until I went into the settings. Haha. I am outdated. No wonder I had some problems updating my blog few posts back. Anywayz, I am back here again. I am suppose to be busy but, hey, it's my blog, I gotta feed it  :P [I have 1 Test, 2 Reports and 2 Assignments due this coming week] 0ops..!

I've been hanging out a lot lately. Nah, I've been hanging in Youtube a lot lately. Thanks to Erik for his Broadband, I can now surf Youtube. :) Before this, everytime I want to buffer a video, I have to take a nap before it finish buffering. Haha. I think the broadband is reaching its limit very soon. Well, let's see how it performs as I have 0.6GB to go before DIGI throttles my speed :S Not bad actually, torrents went well, but I'm still waiting to see what happens after this. Haha

Digi, Speed is all about consistency. We'll see about that soon !!
I will be going back to Ipoh for Deepavali. And NO!! Not that I celebrate Deepavali, it's just that, it will be kind of a long weekend for me and this is definitely a good reason for me to go back to Ipoh to meet my loved ones. :)

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates about Andy :D

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hello People, My blog is dying. Gradually. Haha. I don't know when I'll stop blogging and change to another form of blogging. Will update bout it soon right after my semester ends in roughly about 1 months time. Stay updated for some new stuffs :)

I've been indulging myself into some videos, some might feel it's boring but I like 'em so much now. But of course at the same time, I'm still attached to my study priority :D

Remember the last time I said I'll be fixing my car audio player? Well, I did, but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Haha. Although it's not really well fixed, but I guess it's now 80% functioning. Special thanks to King Foong and Gabriel for their help. My car can now sing to me when I drive. Haha.
isassembling the player. It was hard some parts cause the screw was very tight or it started to rust
From the bottom of the PCB. Can't trace anything. Haha. So we opened the top and trace it from the top
Yes. this is from the top. From here we can see the components inside. But too bad, we could hardly touch anyone of them. :(

So, finally, what we did as we connected everything back, made it more solid and less shaky. Connected it to my car and fix my car speakers. It seems one connection in my back speakers was spoiled causing distortion sounds. So, we replaced new wirings and connected them more solidly. Now I have 4 working speakers in my car, but one cracking a little though.

I am removing the song playlist from my blog. I think it's getting annoying everytime when someone enters they liten "The Closer I get To You". LoL. so, I'm removing it and instead I'll be sharing new fun videos each time I blog. :)

Here's one nice video, a nice MV I'm currently listening to.
David Choi - That Girl

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Updates For Time Being

Hi all, I am back for more updates. I finally feel free for this week and only this week, before I get back to my test and assignments next week till the end of my semester, which means I will be busy for the next 4 weeks again before my study break and final exams. Woo~ I have 7 lab reports to go. I hope to finish doing them before I get busy with my tests and stuffs. Hehe

There's a new hang out place here in Penang nearby my college. Bowling!! by Premium Lanes Well, I don't really bowl, but since I have a friend who is very interested in bowling. Wooi Kit so, we go there together. I've only been there once during the Opening Ceremony last week on 10/10/10. Game rate for whole day was at RM2 so everyone of us went. It took almost 2 hours before it was our turn. Here are some pictures of the bowling centre.
So many people during the opening ceremony
Everyone has to book for their turn to play
What a pity. The 1st lane broke on the day of Opening. LoL

The playing rates of this bowling centre is super high. RM6 per game. The cheapest is only available in the morning RM3.50 from 10am - 12pm. Why is it so expensive? Tsk tsk..

I will be back In Ipoh tomorrow again. Hehe. I am trying to go back at least twice a month. I think I've made it so far. Haha.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Finally, all my tests, assignments and all are all over!! I can finally take a break for this weekend. Everything ended yesterday and today's class was cancelled. So, I guess I can now take a break from everything and just sit down to relax. Hehe. And to update my blog.

My car's Air-Cond~ went crazy the other day. The air coming out wasn't cold at all and it felt very stuffy in the car. So I went to the mechanic to give it a check up, the mechanic said my air-cond gas are all gone, so he suspected a leak. I had to leave my car there last Friday afternoon for a check up. After an hour of checking and dismantling my car, he showed us that my cooling coil leaked and gas were flowing out through there. So, I had to change a whole new cooling coil for my car. My car ate my RM360 that day!! -.- Including of few other things like filling back my air cond gas and fixing my air cond starter. Everytime it takes like 30 seconds before the air cond starts flowing. So everything was done, my air cond is new now, I can feel the syokness in my car now. My mind on getting a new car has vanished suddenly. Haha. Feels so nice in my old junk car now :P
My car's Old Cooling Coil
The new one is in the car can't really take a picture of it. Haha

Since my car audio system had a problem. I brought it to a nearby shop to check but for free this time. He told me that my players is giving problems and according to him the best and cheapest player he had was RM180. For me I thought, well, it's not necessary lah~ So I came back, took out my player and now my car audio player is in my hostel room. Hehe. Will try opening it to see if there's any disconnected parts in the player. Since it's a plug and play audio player, it will be easy to plug it back into my car anytime. TeeHee~
My car's radio player. Gonna fix it soon.

Today is 10-10-10. What's the significance of it? Haha. I don't know but I guess it won't happen again for the next 1000 Years and this October there are 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. Such events only happen every 823 years. So, enjoy your OCTOBER this year and have a memorable special October. I guess October should be a happy month for everyone since its so special :D

Friday, October 01, 2010

Short Break For Myself

O.0 Today's date is kinda nice, 01/10/10. Wait till it go 10/10/10. Hehe. It's October already so fast!!

Last 2 weeks I was busy finishing up my assignments and revising for tests. Finally, today, everything is done and I am back in Ipoh again for my self relaxation. Haha. But this coming week, I have 2 more tests to go and one assignment to due. Good thing it's minor ones, not the major projects building. I hadn't have enough sleep last night because I had to finish up my assignment report and stayed in college until 4am before I can go back and kiss my pillow and hug my bed. Haha. Well, I hope everything is worth the hardwork =) Well, at least I learnt a lot from this project. Especially my knowledge on transistors, SCRs, Schimitt Triggers. Haha. These knowledge are gonna come in handy when I do "things" next time. Haha

OSK Investment Challenge ended today. If you've not heard of it, it's a online stock investment game. Everything is based on real moving Malaysian shares but the only difference is the money, whereby we are given 100k virtual money. I hope I can get the participation certificate. LoL. Initially I thought I would hit the merit level, but last minute some stocks turned their backs on me. Haha. Luckily it was only a game. If not, Zzzzz.. Haha.

I notice something. Most blogs that I read, 50% are emo. LoL. But I wonder, people do like to read emo blogs =.=". Maybe someday I gotta try to type something emo. LoL

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I think I do posts like this very often when I am in Penang. I think its getting bored :D But I have no happenings around me in Penang. I have but not much. =.= My course takes most of my time here. Classes are almost taking up my days from morning till evening everyday. What more when assignments and tests come in? Haha. All I have left are Saturdas and Sundays and revisions are needed to be done =.="

From last will until the next 2 weeks, I will be all up for Assignments and Tests. But, one thing different for this semester compared to the previous semester is that,I don't have such tough assignments anymore. That doesn't mean my assignment is gonna be easy. It's still challenging. Haha. Every semester, our lecturers give us the chance to learn new components by making us build different circuits and projects. Well, actually. I kinda like it :D except for the times when I had to stay awake through the nights to figure out the problems and finalizing the reports.

Things get to bored these days with so much work. I go to youtube more often for, as usual, comedies. Haha. I shared quite a few of Rowan Atkinson's videos with you all in my previous post the other day. And now I have more of others. :D

If this is how you will perform in your interview next time, I believe you will get a higher pay :P

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Created Diamonds

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Rowan Atkinson's Sketches. Enjoy!!

Rowan Atkinson Live - Elementary Dating

Rowan Atkinson Live - The Invisible Man

Rowan Atkinson Live - The Conductor

Rowan Atkinson Live - Fatal Beatings

Rowan Atkinson Live - Welcome To Hell

And My Favourite
Rowan Atkinson Live - The Invisible Drumset

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Busy Week Ahead

As usual during every semester, there will be a time when everything gets stuffed up together and everyone gets busy with their own work. Well, the time has come, for the next 3 weeks, it will be the busiest weeks for this semester I think. All the Assignments and Tests land on the same weeks. I am ready for it after so many semesters of experiencing it =.=
Good thing this semester, there's no lecturer as strict as previous semesters, but there is just one lecturer that makes the whole class gets bored and sleepy. Nobody catches a thing he says but he is extremely efficient in giving out quizes. There will be at least one quiz in one week. AT LEAST! Meaning there could be more. How could a lecturer give out quizes if the students understand nothing from what he teaches. LoL. He talks to himself in the class. Pity him. Haha

By the way, I am back in Ipoh again now. I only have one week of holidays. How I wish I had 2 weeks. Haha, then it would be like having a sem break. LoL. I look at my holidays timeline, I feel it's so short =.= It doesn't seem like a holiday. I don't even get a holiday on "1 Malaysia" day. *sigh*

I got this video from facebook today. This is what happens when people don't study well and act smart. >.<>

Friday, September 03, 2010


Hello everybody, how's everyone doing? I've been lazy in updating my blog again for the past 2 weeks. I was on a 5 days holiday before this from Last Friday till this past Tuesday. I came back to Penang 2 days back on Wednesday, Today is Friday and I will be back in Ipoh again on the coming Tuesday night. Haha. Well, I know most of you are having your holidays already especially those from schools and local uni's. So sad INTI did not give us 2 weeks of holidays :@ Argh!! One thing good about local uni's is that, they have holidays whenever there are school holidays , INTI boh holiday!!!

I just finished my week 5 today, will be proceeding to week 6 next week and there are 17 weeks in this semester, meaning I am always half way there. Almost only. LoL. A lot of holidays these few weeks, but once I reach october, there wont be much holidays already. Sob sob.

It's time to start my assignments already. 2 Major assignments these semester. Firstly, the most interesting one, to built a rechargable lamp. Not really rechargable cause we will be simulating the charging part, but I like this assignment more than the other one. The other one is to convert a bicycle into a motorcycle =.=" Something to do with motors. Well, just got this assignment online today and no explanations from the lecturer yet. Hehe.

I was watching Moonlight Resonance at home the other day, cause my sister was watching it again. So I joined in and watched a bit here and there. I forgot most of it but I couldn't finish the last few episodes and I was curious to know the ending cause obviously this is a pretty nice drama. So I came back here to Penang to get the last few episodes from my friend. Finished them, deleted, satisfied :D

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Alternative To Natural Diamonds

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ipoh I'm Coming Back To YOU!!

Yes, after 4 weeks here in this new semester, I'm finally going back to my hometown again this coming Thursday evening. I can't wait for Thursday to come. I will be in Ipoh until the following Wednesday morning. Haha. This is gonna be so fun. YES!!! I wanna drink home boiled soup and homecook dishes. MMMmmmm.....

So what did I achieve so far in my semester 5? So far, nothing much yet. Haha. Since this is a long semester, everything is not as tensed as before. And after this semester I will be having my long break again. 6 weeks break from studies. Time actually passes really fast, it's going to be September really soon, in a week to come. 2011 is coming soon. Haha. don't think bout 2012 lah! It won't happen, it's just a movie. =.=

This evening I was taking my Oreos as a light snack and I started eating the Double Stuf'ed one and it was so SWEEeeeeTtttt~ 2 Layers of the vanilla in the middle, it feels much nicer to lick :P
Haha, I wanna go to Tesco and hope there are still promotions and I want to get somemore!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oreo Madness

It has been a long time since the last time I ate Oreo. Hehe. Not because I don't like them, it's just that they seldom come to my mind when I think about food. I've been back here in Penang for the 3rd week now and it has been ok. Two weeks back I went to Tesco Extra to get myself some food supplies and snacks to survive in hostel, and what really caught my attention were OREO!! There were so many of 'em in the promotion section and they really caught my attention. So I went and got myself 1 Packet of oreo and another pack of Tiger biscuit. A week later, which was last week, I went to Tesco Extra again and the promotion was still on :D I went and grabbed myself Oreo again and this time I did not get 1 pack, I got myself, 5 PACKS!! Haha.
Haha. My Oreos. 5 packs. 3 Original, 2 Double Stuf :P
No!! They are not for SALE!! They are all mine!! :@

Yea, I love oreos now. It's just so nice especially when you "Twist, Lick,Dunk" it but so far I haven't try Dunking it yet. simple because I forgot to bring my cup from Ipoh. =.= I haven't been drinking milo for weeks already. I miss milo. So many things that I forgot to bring back to Penang. Not only my cup. Haha.

Anyone likes Pasar Ramadhan? The best thing during Raya Seasons. Haha. Will be going there later to get dinner then to college to do my lab report. *Sigh*

---Signing Off--- stay tuned :P


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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Week 1 Semester 5

My week 1 was over and will be coming to week 2 soon. So far, nothing much as lab sessions have not started yet. However, lectures started. Sigh. This semester seems funny >.< The lecturers are all funny themselves, all have weird personalities but so far, all of them are still ok and acceptable. LoL. My timetable is wicked. =.= I have 10 hours of class straight for Tuesdays. 10 hours straight!!! 2 hours each class and 5 class together side by side without a single break, not even for lunch time. Si liao lo~ this time, gotta eat cup noodles for lunch on every Tuesdays already. Tsk tsk tsk...

I start to love sports. Haha. The pleasure of sweating. I went for 4 sessions of football with friends this week alone and I sweat a lot each time. Remember the football I bought together with my friend's last semester during my Day Out With Friends? Yeap, we are utilizing it very well, the Jabulani Replica. Haha. Although not many of us play, but still, running alone is enough to make me sweat like a cow =.=

Yea, I am starting to love sports because each time after I sweat, I feel nice when I have a heavy meal. LoL. The guilt is less. Haha. Just for the sense of less guilt when eating a heavy meal.

Anyone interested to sell their blogs? Come and find me. I might be interested in your blogs where I will pick them up and utilize them. Haha. Find me =D

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Venetian Masks

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hello August

August is here. My class will be starting tomorrow again. Sigh. I feel so lazy to wake up in the mornings again :D I'll be taking 5 Subjects including history -.- this semester and my timetable is going to be so so so pack. But good thing is that, I think there is no more 8am classes this semester. Haha. I don't like waking up at 8am and taking a shower because it makes me feel "Brrrr... So Cold"

I miss my holidays as I always do. Let's see what I did this holidays. I went to Genting, went out with HER, went out yamcha with friends, went out with the DotA group from KL getting to know 2 new friends, got a Fifa 2010 T-Shirt. Woo~
South Africa 2010. Is it original?
Hope this badge makes it original. LoL

I had the Best Indian Rice in Ipoh
and the burger!!!
MCD's GCB!!!
Okey, I gotta go take a shower and get ready. Gonna go for PC Fair later. Today is the last day for PC Fair in Penang. So, let's see if I can get some cheap stuffs. Haha.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post About My Doggie

This time the star of the post will be my doggie Labby. I seldom talk about him since the day he joined my family. Haha. I believe she is very happy to live here in our home because all she has to do is to eat and sleep only. That's why whoever that sees her will say that she is fat. She isn't fat is our eyes, probably because we see her everyday. Haha. Here is how she looks like.
This is my doggie Labby. Isn't she pretty? Isn't she thin? Not so fat right? Hehe.

She and her "Boyfriend" . Didn't get a nice shot cause they keep moving. They were so shy =P

Remember me saying that she only eats and sleeps? Well, she goes for evening walk everyday too actually. Hehe. But this is what she does during her free time(almost the whole day)
Haha. Who is that next to her? That's our guest for one night. My maid's friend's puppy. A boxer. Haha. Labby gets jealous whenever we play with that puppy and not her and she will start barking extremely loudly.
This is how dogs make friends I think. I sniff you, you sniff me later. Or is it how they identify their gender? =P

This is what makes my family special and Labby too. Everyone in our family are almost "Mata Sepet" and Labby is not excluded !!
Well, actually, that was a lucky shot. I guess she was blinking her eyes. Haha

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Genting Trip!!

It has been a long time since the last time I went to Genting Highlands. But I just came back from there last Sunday. It was a fun holiday trip with my family. We went there for 3 days 2 nights at the First World Hotel. It was a fun place to be after so long I've not been there, because I have almost forgotten everything I've seen before in Genting. Haha. First day when we reached there, on Friday, we did nothing much. Just walked around for the whole evening and went for 4D Motion Master ride. Not as thrilling as I remebered the last time I went there. That evening, I tried to walk into the casino with my mum, but I was stopped by the guard. I guess I still look young =P

Second day, we had our fullest time at the outdoor theme park. I think we spent our ticket worth enough. Took around 8 rides. From 10.++am till 4.++pm. Yeapz, it was enough, we were tired, our feet were tired walking around then we went back to relax in the room. But then my sister, my brother and not to forget, Gabriel was with us too, they 3 were not done yet, so they went for the Cyclone. I wanted to go too, so I went down to find them but when I was there they were already in the ride =.=

Some of the photos we took that day =) Those without me in it were the pictures I took using Gabriel's DSLR. Haha. Was playing with his camera snapping everything, including a rubbish bin and 2 girls, but he didn't send them to me. Guess he kept it for himself =P

First of all, allow me to introduce you my new friends, which I don't know what their names were >.<

My brother(left) and Gabriel (Right), don't they two look alike? Haha
I caught a picture of this kid playing with himself and went he saw me taking pictures of him, he closed his face. Haha
The Pirate Ship. I sat it the first thing we entered the theme park. But they went again for the last time before leaving the theme park and I did not follow because I was feeling dizzy =.=
This is the Cyclone I was talking about. My brother, my sister and Gabriel were on it that time and I was down there taking their pics, but after many shots, I can't seem to catch them. The car was faster an my finger reactions.

Digging digging...

When we first reached there, I went to the toilet. The toilet was very big and when I went to pee I saw this O.O
*closer look*
Haha. For those who can't pee properly =D
The whole of Genting Highlands, prototype photo. I did not take it from a helicopter. Haha

This guy, he has been standing up there since afternoon and in the evening he was still there dancing. I think he is paid to just stand and dance on the roof =.=
Whee~ A finale sweet family photo =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Operation Homefront

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My uncle is an ex-military man, he served in the marines for almost fifteen years before he was retired. Now he is in his fifties and he loves telling us stories and experiences during his service as a military man, how he has served the country during that duration. When he visited us some time back, we pestered him once again into telling us his war experiences and he would gladly obliged us. But there was one thing he was quite regretful towards my auntie. The time he was not around, my auntie was having a hard time taking care of their kids, my cousins.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back In Ipoh

I am back in Ipoh. Well, I was back yesterday actually. Haha. I reached Ipoh yesterday in the evening. After 2 months, I am finally back again to relax and enjoy. Haha. Any friends here in Ipoh having sem break too? Wanna meet up? Hehe.

Will be going to Genting tomorrow with my family for a holiday. 3 days 2 nights. It has been a very very very very.... very... very... long time since the last time I went to Genting. Like almost 10 years back. Woo... Will be enjoying myself there. I want to play as many rides as I can. But, it seems that place is fully booked, even on weekdays, sounds like it will be hard to Q-up for rides. But anyhow, must take more photos and enjoy more =D

I will be leaving the hostel this coming semester already. Leaving for a more comfortable and cheaper place. Haha. Finally, I can have a comfortable place to stay and study. Hostel condition is so bad, the toilet looks like an insect zoo. Everyday and night there will be insects inside, butterflies, bees, flies, lizzards, bugs. =.= Moving to this new condo will make life better and more comfortable =D

Monday, July 05, 2010

Day Out With Friends

After 2 months of college and hostel life, my friends and I finally went out yesterday to hang out. As we said to ourselves not to hang out since one day before this semester started. So, after all out hard work for our tests and assignments, we went to hang out yesterday at Queensbay. Yeah, it was a nice day =D

We first went to Royal Sporting House and Al-Ikhsan to check out for the Jabulani(2010 South Africa Match Ball). We found both original and the replica ones in both the shops. We were really wanting to buy one for ourselves. to be smart consumers, we first checked out the prices from both stores =P And by doing that, we went from the highest floor all the way to the 1st floor few times to check out the price and designs. Of course, we weren't aiming for the official match ball as it was way too expensive. However, we aimed for the match ball replica. Actually, there weren't much difference between these two types except for its profile mainly. So, finally we got ourselves the match ball replica. It's not as expensive as the official match ball which costs Rm399.00 . Haha.

After getting the ball, we went for tea treat and that's when we landed in J.Co Donuts again. Had their donuts once, long time ago, not sure when but I think it was the previous semester. This time we had J Pops. J Pops are small sized donuts, you'll see further down the post =) Doesn't really make you full but you get to taste almost all the flavours. One box contains 24 of them but we didn't buy one box, it was too much, Nah... We got ourselves two boxes =P 2 boxes can make 4 of us feel full =D

The first pack of J Pops
The Second pack of J Pops
First Box of Donuts
Second box of Donuts
This is our new member to the group =D
After everything, we went back to hostel, changed into out sports attire and went for football behind our hostel at the USM field. At first it was only 4 of us, but after some time, the frisbee team from our college joined in for a 16 man match 8 each team full field. It was tiring, legs were tired. But at the end of the day, everyone had fun. That's the best part =)

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Super Long Update

Hello everybody-s. Hehe. It has been long since I last updated. Have been busy for the past two weeks. Tests, assignments and reports non-stop. Finally, everything ended today and now I have tot the time finally update my blog! Get prepared, it's gonna be a long one =D

Father's Day was to weeks back and I know it's a little too late to update about Father's Day now but I was busy before this >.<
Big "lala" =P
Black Pepper chicken (took it after eating halfway) =.=
This is curry sotong + fish + fish fingers
Our full table

You know, on that day 3 of us (Navin, Gabriel and I) altogether had 8 bowls of rice >.<>
Next update : Assignment outcome =D The latest one for today. For the past 3 weeks I have been spending my days and nights at college from 8am till 6pm everyday for the past 3 weeks just to do my assignment and after today, my group and I felt EVERYTHING we did, all the time we spent and all the money we poured in were all TOTALLY worth it =D

Summary :
Our lecturer, we known him as Chan, was a very strict lecturer. However today we were stunned by what he did to our group. Our group was the second last group to be assessed for our circuit design. We were all afraid cause many groups' circuits failed to work. So, when it was our turn, we went in as a group. Initially, every group has to go in together then one will stay and the others will come out to wait for their turn (10 minutes of interview per person). But for our group, we went in together and he asked us " Circuit working perfectly?" We said yea. so he tested our circuit and within 5 minutes, he marked us all together one shot!! WOO!! Our hearts were beating so fast and all of a sudden our hearts relaxed. WoW. then we thought. Initially we were expecting our group to be the one that will be interview the most because we are the biggest group with 4 members and others only had 2 or 3, instead we are the group and finishes the fastest with the best results!! The feeling was indescribable. If I score high marks for other subjects, it's different, but for this lecturer to score 20/20 in 5 minutes was like AMAZING. We then had a photography session together to keep this as a memory. Everyone worked hard and nothing was a waste. Everything was worth doing. Nice team we have. I think we are the only group where we always meet up together in the project lab. That's why the lecturer said so, he said he always see us working together and there is no need to test us so much. Haha.

Our group photo (Fantastic 4) Haha
Our circuit SEE!! LoL

I would like to thank everyone who helped me with my assignment from Day 1 until now including my brother's friends especially for helping me even during midnights. Wen Sher and Kana =)

It has been an awesome day today. Everything wouldn't be so special without our Lord. always pray and do your best as He will do the rest. God Bless All of You =) Have a great day =)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Amazing Weather

The weather today is so amazing. It's the first time ever since I started studying here until now, that it rained from morning till evening non-stop. This morning was so cooling, it was reaching my level of Ideal Sleep. Haha. The whole day today, the weather was so cooling, everything was so nice. Gives me the drive to work and sleep more >.<

I will be having two tests this Wednesday and Thursday. Gotta start studying soon. Just finished taking dinner. So gonna rest for a while and get my brains working again. Too rusty already inside there I don't know how much cobwebs are there inside. Hahaha.

I feel like buying the World Cup 2010 football. The ball looks nice to me. Hehe. It's white and it looks nice. I don't play football, but I just like that ball. LoL

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Woo~ I feel tired these days. I have enough sleep but I still feel tired. I have lots of work waiting for me to settle. This Friday(18/6) I have to pass up an assignment, Saturday(19/6) another assignment interview. Tsk tsk. Then Monday(21/6) lab report to be handed up, Wednesday(23/6) and Thursday(24/6) Test!!!. Wahlao... Continuing, the following Monday(28/6) another assignment to be handed up and a lab report and finally the last day, Saturday(3/7) the last interview for my assignment. Tsk tsk. So many things to do. But after that, I will have one week study break before my 2 days exams :D yea, I only have 2 papers this semester because it's a short semester (7 weeks) O.o Very short hor??? Muahaha`!!

In few weeks time, a friend of mine from Ipoh will be coming to Penang to study in USM, his name is Choon Keat. Used to be in the same class with him from Form 1 - 3 but streamed to different classes in Form 4 and 5. Good to see another Ipoh-ian here in Penang. It's so hard to find Ipoh fellas here. Haha. Another one will be Wai Keong, I think he is coming, is that right?? Haha
Well, will be waiting for their arrival. May Penang be field with more cantonese speaking people :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Study and Online

Is that what we always do as students? I feel that's what I always do. Study and Online =.= I either go to class or I sit on my bed online. Moreover, the line is like so slow, every page you load you can take a nap. So, Imagine this, if you lie down and nap every 1 minute for 5 minutes, in every 1 hour, you nap for 3 hours. Turn On time is smaller than Turn Off time. Duty cycle for this will be 75%,meaning the higher the frequency, the longer you sleep. LoL. Forget bout it. Just kidding. =D

Besides studying and online, I sleep a lot too and when I sleep, I do it on the bed of course. So, overall, I either be in class or on the bed(online or sleeping). Not only this, I also eat on the bed because I don't know why I don't like my chair except when I am doing my assignments will full seriousness., So, again the duty cycle here is 75% since I sit on the bed more than I sit on the chair. Keke. Ok stop it lar.

I like to eat Lays. Anyone here likes to eat Lays? I eat lots of Lays lately. Thanks to my supplier Wooi Kit. See kit, I help you promote your blog for giving me Lays =D

For those who don't know what Lays is, here it is, a snack !!