Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coming soon - 2010

3 more days and it will be a new year to everyone of us. I here wish everyone a happy coming year and may all of you enjoy your brand new year. Keep every history you had as memories, have no troubles, no regrets, no sadness, no grudge, no anger, no nothing. Let go of everything except for yourself and your heppiness. Bring your plans with you, keep up your smile =) and move on to a new year. 2010, it's gonna be a brand new start AGAIN, but one thing never changes is that, I'll still have to study =.=". On the other hand, one thing I hope not to change is me and Her. =)

I never had a new year resolution before, so I never had any changes in myself. Haha. For this coming year, I will have one list of resolutions for myself, ME.
(1) Be hardworking
Hmmm, I guess that's all I want to be. Haha, I'm always lazy and procrastinating. So, I wanna be hardworking. Haha. I have more on my list I think. So, let me think, Urm... uh... Later only think la... I'm being lazy and procrastinating again. But hey, it's still 2009. Wakakaka...

I'll be leaving Ipoh soon, in a few more days. I miss my holidays. My 2 months holidays are coming to an end. I miss the fun I had here in Ipoh. *Tsk Tsk*

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Wishing Everybody a Merry Christmas. May God bless everyone of You with joy and happiness throughout your days. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration remembering the birth of Jesus Christ.

May you all have a wonderful year 2010 ahead of You~!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jusco Turned Pasar Malam

I went Jusco this evening with my family after dinner. We first had dinner at Kok Thai Restaurant, Ipoh, (Tong Yuen Festival) before proceeding to the opposite Jusco. Upon arriving, I see that Jusco was very packed as it was Jusco JCard Day. Everything is in discount from till 80%. WoW!!! I think this is the first time I see such high discount. Hmmm... Maybe it's because I seldom go for sales and shopping. Haha.

The surprising thing during this sale is that the environtment in Jusco was like Pasar Malam. The staffs were shouting to promote, stocks of handbags came in boxes and was let off to be sold. Everything was just like Pasar Malam.

I got a few snapshots before the guard told me not to snap pics. PaiSeh... =P
Hopefully their staffs don't see this.. Haha

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Year End Holidays '09

This year's holidays have been a little different to me. Normally, every year end I will b travelling for trip in or overseas but this year I didn't travel at all. All I went was back to Penang for my college stuffs =.=

My mum and sis just came back from Japan couple days ago and my bro will be coming back from Italy 2 weeks later. Speaking about 2 weeks later, there will be the end of my 2 months holiday. Aihz, time passed so fast, too fast, I can't recall how I spent my holidays off but I know I did spend lots of time with HER. =) SHE made my holiday from uncommon to special =D

Another thing I did was I spent time hanging out with my old mates. Band mates as well as ex-school mates. It has been a great time meeting most of them again and having time of fellowship with them. Hope we can keep in touch always no matter how far are away from each of everyone of us =)

Tomorrow will be MMB's Farewell Party 2009 and I 'll be hopping along to have some fun with my fellow juniors and some ex-seniors as well as bandsmen from my batch. Hope everything goes on well and shall have a great time with them all. Start to miss band actually after going back the other night. Hmmmm.........

Gonna come up with some Christmas Wish and New Year Resolutions soon. I was very happy today to spend time shopping with HER and SHE got me a pretty nice shirt =D. Cherished every moment I had with HER today. Should I say this in front of everyone? My mum would read this too O.o??? Better keep those words from this blog and tell it to HER privately. HaHaHaHa...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jusco With Rhu

Went out today with Rhu after lunch for movie, Storm Warriors II. Reached Jusco around 1.30pm and got tickets. Saw some old friends and met Johnathan with his younger bro and they joined us for the same movie. Haha. I think they can understand the movie cause the movie is more like 80% of actions and 20% of dialogues. I don't know why that movie can last for 2 hours. After watching that movie, I felt like only 1 hour had past. The storyline was so short, I can't remember most of the parts even after watching it cause it seemed so simplified. I guess most parts of the movie is dragged long by the slow motion actions and the static "posts". All they do is to stand there with a background music till the screen turns black =.=

After movie, we went for tea at secret recipe. We had a cake each and they gave us free coffee. I wanted to drink tea but I didn't know what the waitress was introducing to me, so I simply chose coffee and did not really drink it cause I don't drink coffee. Haha. I usually keep myself awake on tea rather than coffee. After that, we went to food court and ate claypot noodles and claypot rice. I feel very very very full now. I don't know whether I should take dinner or not. Haha.

The funniest part today was that rhu lost his parking ticket. LoL. So what we did was, we started to by trying to get another ticket from the entrance but too bad the CCTV was there aiming at the machine. So we went all the way to the exit and call for help. The staffs came and Rhu told them a story. He told them that he put the ticket into the paying machine but nothing came out. I was thinking whether they would check at the machine whether the payment was made or not. but they didn't, all they did was to check if the machine upstairs(The one we mentioned) was working or not only. Haha and they let us off just like that because many cars were stucked behind already. Haha.

Friday, December 11, 2009

3 Weeks Left

Time flies again and I have 3 weeks left for holidays. My holidays end the same time as the current secondary school students, whereby my classes starts on 4th of Jan too. So, I have 3 weeks more to enjoy myself. Sometimes I feel lazy to go back for class, but sometimes I feel that I miss college life. Haha. Depends on mood.
My mum and sis flew to Japan yesterday night and my bro is still in Italy mainly enjoying than working. Haha. So I'm home alone. Not really alone, my maid's here and so is my grandpa.

Still haven't got any plans for these coming days, but as for today, I'll be going to the IC department to renew my IC. YES, I'm 18 going on 19 in a month's time. l0l. I seem old among most of my friends. Haha. Will be going there with Keng Joon. It has been a long time since the last time I met him. Good thing he stays nearby and he knows the way to go. So I'll be picking him up and 2pm later. Hopefully we have time to go for a drink after that.

My grandpa's car just came back after whole body paint over. I don't know how it looks like exactly yet cause when the car came back I just woke up. Haha, and the car is not here now, so , will catch a look of it later. The exterior is done and now it's time to pimp the interior. My grandpa said he wants to make the car as nice as possible for me and my brother to use =O.

Right, Going for lunch now...
BTW, Enjoy this video. Forwarded to me by Tihn Chern

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Videos For Everyone

I had a friend who came to me the other day asking whether I know any sites where he could upload and share his videos with others. He hopes that he could find a website where he can upload big video files. He also wants a video site that can hold large capacity videos like the Full High Definition Videos and also videos that can be uploaded without having a limit of playback time.

I went on surfing the internet and hunting for some video hosting sites. After some time I found this Video Hosting Service with very good plans and pricing as well. This Video Hosting Service provides fairly good price, all sorts of packages and requirements you need in uploading your video. Besides, you can have your video made the way you want them, either in small lower quality or even in FULL HD quality where you can display the best quality videos. The cost of sharing and publishing a video in this Video Hosting Service is not expensive at all. Moreover, you can have the choices of size and quality of videos you want to upload for various prices.

For those who are doubtful about this, please go to Yahoo Video and you could find some of the examples of videos there. the videos are also available for view for example at Online Video For Business website.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Penang One Day Trip

Two days ago on Friday, I went to Penang Again to settle some stuffs in my college. I did not go myself, I went with Kwok Sing this time cause he too wanted to go to Penang for the PC Fair at PISA. Good thing PISA was only 5 minutes away from my college. Haha. We reached there around 11am and my friend Erik came to fetch us, our transport for the day, Thanks Erik. Next we went to college and settled some stuffs before we go for lunch at IRC. Ordered so much food and we ended up with the receipt stating RM84.xx. O.O~!! Haha. Then we went straight for PC Fair to look out for Kwok Sing's lappy, he wanted to get a new laptop, we got there, found his model, put down the deposit, settled it and off we go by the time it was already 3.++Pm. Erik needed to go home already, so he dropped us both at Queensbay. At Queensbay, 2 guys, nothing to do, wanted to go for a movie but there wasn't any suitable time but we came across T-Bowl Restaurant. O.o?? Then he said, "Let's go in, lama lama satu kali jom..." LOL.
So we went in and chilled.
Look the the Menu itself is made "Special"
My "Bathtub" of banana boat
His "Bathtub" of ice cream
Wonderful Seats
Dining Tables

We shared this "Toilet-Bowl" of Cheese Baked Chicken Chop Rice. After eating, we both felt like vomiting. We ordered this because of it's little toilet bowl. Haha.
The serve shit here too. =O

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Burger For Lunch, Homecooked

Today's lunch was great. I had burgers for lunch, not 1 not 2 but 3. WAHAHAHA!!! I had 3 burgers for lunch and the nice thing bout it is that it was homecooked, by, HER. WA!! It tasted so nice. Better than eating in McD =P. Maybe it's the hands that cooked 'em that changes the taste yea?? Haha.
Some pictures of the BURGERS

THE INSIDE OF IT(Chicken Patty, Hotdog, Cheese, Cucumber and Tomato)




Videos For Fun and Leisure

That day I had a friend who came to me and asked me whether there is a way to share and watch videos with each other. He requires a hosting site where he can upload a whole big video file. He also wants a video site that can hold large capacity videos like the Full High Definition Videos and also videos that can be uploaded without having a limit of playback time.

I found this video hosting site and it's quite good for what my friend needs with very good plans and pricing as well. This Video Hosting Service provides fairly good price, all sorts of packages and requirements you need in uploading your video. Besides, you can have your video made the way you want them, either in small lower quality or even in FULL HD quality where you can display the best quality videos. The cost of sharing and publishing a video in this Video Hosting Service is not expensive at all. Moreover, you can have the choices of size and quality of videos you want to upload for various prices.

For those who are doubtful about this, please go to Yahoo Video and you could find some of the examples of videos there. the videos are also available for view for example at Online Video For Business website.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dog Show In Yuk Choy Ipoh

Hello everybody, anyone went for the dog show last Sunday(22/11/09) at Yuk Choy Primary School? If you didn't, you've missed it. Haha. Anyway, last Sunday was a rainy day but it was a fun rainy day. In the morning, I went jogging at Pologround with Her and Teen Wei. It was drizzling when we jogged. I haven't had enough of jogging done. I wanna jog more. I've been enjoying too much here in Ipoh for the past one month break ( One more month to go =D), I've been eating and sleeping most of the time here. Haha. Ok, let's go back to the Dog Show. I don't really get what the host said that day during the show cause he was speaking all chinese. Haha.

Let me show you some cute ones. Dogs I mean.
I think I only got 2 cute ones, others were "Mature" Haha

The Cutest One For That Day
I Think You All Know This Breed Very Well.
The host called it a Hush Puppy, but in real, it's breed is known as the Basset hound
Thought of getting this breed last time
This is one funny breed. Very big and long body but very small and sharp head

There were shows on that day. Trainers performing with their dogs. I was too amazed to remember bout snapping pics. Haha.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Abbot Medical Optic

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

It has been a long time since the last time I hear people talking about laser vision correction. Hence, throughout my free time here during my holidays I went browsing through the net about it and this was something that I found. Well, it seems pretty interesting and some of you might want to take this opportunity to win some prizes while you have your treatment done. =) Read on to see what is it about.

Abbot Medical Optic Inc., which is one of the leaders in laser vision correction and they are having a "You Gotta See This" video contest. The rules are very simple, all you got to do is to submit your video in one of the following categories.

1. “My contacts are getting in the way of my good time”
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For those who submits, you will have a chance to win some grand prize $5,000 selected from all submitted videos. There are three First and Second Prize winners as well that comes with an attractive package.

In fact, people have already submitted original music videos, videos on boxing and swimming, and videos about how their lives have improved laser vision correction. Once you have done submitting your video to the iLASIK Video Contest you can get your friends to vote on it.
The votes are important in determining the winners, so show your video to as many friends as you can, and make sure they vote your video.

For submitted videos, viewing and voting, you can go to this website www.GottaSeeThisNow.com

This is a great aopportunity! Do not miss out the grand prizes!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Satisfaction and Dissapointment

I just came back from Penang this evening. I went to take my results for Sem 2 yesterday. Not in the mood to talk bout the results already. Don't wanna mention it no more. Whatever that has happened has happened. I did not do well this sem(Disappointment) but at least I am going through to the next sem now(Satisfaction). SEM 3, HERE I COME!!! I'm GONNA OWN YOU!!!

Cut the bad stuffs. I feel myself lucky at times and unlucky at times. My friends went to change their digi plans to DIGI CAMPUS yesterday and found out that they can't do that anymore unless they change for a new number and as for me, I did not encounter such problems because I activated my DIGI CAMPUS one day before the due date. Actually, I didn't even know that there was a due date.(LUCKY). My google adsense kena blocked again(UNLUCKY) for the second time again. ZZZzzzz. Applied for a new one, getting it these two days or soon.

This is the first time I ever had break downs in my life continuously but I feel that I ain't giving up, instead I very much had the feel of fighting with what is against me. Again and Again, I believe God will always be by my back as long as I have Faith in Him.
Never blame Him for your failures, however, always Thank Him for your success

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Outing Today

I went out today AGAIN with some friends and a friend's girlfriend. Haha. That was the main factor of going out. =) It's his first time dating =) Went there to watch 2012. I was suppose to watch that with my girlfriend but since Chee Cheng keep insisting on watching it and there are no other movies available at the suitable time, so we went and watched that movie. That movie was a BLAST!!! It was a great movie, very good movie if you like movies like Armageddon and Independence Day. Today was the first day that movie is showing in Ipoh and the cinema was fully packed, well not fully but almost full. Thanks to Louis for getting us the tickets. Thanks to Chee Cheng for subsidizing my ticket money =P. So, we went there, got ourselves popcorn and drinks and we went for the movie.

This movie is one of the best movie that worth every single cent of it. Very nice, great effects, great storyline, touching story and quite exciting. Everyone should go watch it, no regrets watching it really. Here's a trailer of 2012.

[HD Quality]
Apart from that, I've been indulging myself with some oldies black and white comedies, ABBOTT and COSTELLO. It's very funny and enjoyable. I laugh myself when I watch them. I wanna download the full series of movies but it's too big and my lappy is running a little out of space. Gotta remove some files from my lappy but I don't know what to remove yet. =)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

First Week Of Hols

It has been one week since the starting of my semester break. I have been hanging out. I don't know why I can't stand staying at home doing nothing already. Last time during the holidays I can stay at home doing nothing but online and starring at my room's ceiling spining. But now, I'm very restless already. I need to go out. Haha. So I've been going out quite often. Whoever I'm going out with, whatever I do outside doesn't matter as long as I am outside. Haha. But whatever it is, I will never get involve with cigarette and alcohol that's for sure. =)

Today is my 8th month with her. Woo~ I'm happy for it cause our relationship has been rough at time when I was in Penang and now that I am back in Ipoh, we still face some problems meeting up but I guess it's alright now. 8 months might seem like a short time, but not for me. Every single day that I go through with her is wonderful. So many bad things happen to people everywhere every moment but yet I could still go through a happy day with her, isn't that good already? =)

Everybody enjoy this, this is KUMAR the DRAG QUEEN ( Singapore Comedian)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Anything To Enjoy???

I was back in Ipoh last friday AND I am still in Ipoh AND I will be in Ipoh until January for my semester break. Coming back to Ipoh should be fun right? But somehow, I can't find anything to do =.=

Just came back from school, SMI, after meeting up with some friends and chatting about in the MAMAK stall opposite our school. Our formal meeting place. Haha. But one thing bout that stall is that it has changed orner. It used to be a pure MAMAK stall and now it is changed in to a Malay owner. Sigh, the pices went up and the food tastes worse. =.= Won't be going there anymore.

Then we went over to SMI to check out the surroundings. SMI had a new toilet AGAIN and it is as usual, LOCKED, AGAIN. I wonder why SMI likes spending money on toilets and locking them up. Why not let the students use? Moreover it is the student's contribution to part of the toilet. If the students are not the ones who are suppose to use the toilets, who else should? Without the MICHAELIANS, there won't be St.Michael and hence there won't be a World Class Toilet. So, why not just open it up for the students to use? The worse part is, now they open the "old" "new toilet" for the students to use AND as expected, it would be dirty. Why is that so? Why did the school treat the students like this? They keep the new toilet for display and VIP's and leave the dirty one to the students. It's like the students contribute the new toilet to the VIPs. How unfair is this? *Sigh*. Didn't anyone stand up to the school and ask bout it? The students ARE the school and they SHOULD be allowed to USE what they DESERVE.
Please don't treat the students like prisoners. *Sigh*

Anyone has anything to do? Anyone wants to hang out? =) Call me if you do, I am bored at home. LoL

Friday, October 30, 2009

Semester 2 : The End

Tonight will be my last night here in INTI for this year. Wakaka. I will be proceeding for my 2 months holiday break. YEAH!! Exam ended this evening and my friends and I of course gotta go for some fun, so went went all the way cross the bridge to AUTOCITY just to eat SUBWAY burgers =.="

For 4 of US
ME and Gab's one foot long burger after being cut into half ^^
IN the INSIDE, all turkey meat
IT's called
I also forgot already =.=
The price wasn't that expensive as we had expected. It was around 10 bucks per person to fill our stomachs. But it's the burger alone without drinks whatsoever add-ons. Burger alone 10 bucks per person. Ok, worth the try. It's nice and filling actually. there are many more to try, there are 12 more choices of burgers to try with many ways for you to shape your burger the way you want it. Here is how it goes
Yeapz, you have instructions on how to order your burger at different ways to keep your stomach happy but OF COURSE, there is a price for everything. Every add-on is direectly proportional to your wallet size. The more you add, the more you have to substract from your wallet. ^^

Hours later, we went for burgers again but no more SUBWAY or MCD, we went for Ramli.
And only RM3.50 for a Burger Ayam Special...


Sunday, October 25, 2009

War With Time

Exams are coming in 3 days. I'm currently having a war with time. I gotta revise a lot more before the exams. Time is not enough. Thinking on the positive side, my mind tells me "The faster the time passes, the faster you get to enjoy your holidays", my negative mind tell me "Time is passing very fast, better study more". My situation now is WORK HARD OR DIE TRYING. Haha.

Sleeping late nights again. I think i can work better when the sun goes down because no matter what time I sleep, I will still wake up late, so why not sleep late and minimize my sleeping time since my waking time is the same. Sleep early wake up late, sleep late also wake up late. Sleep late ba. ^^

Not everyone can get an optimum sleep of 8 hours a day

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week Before Exams

I am exactly one week, not before the exams, but one week awake from holidays =)
My exams are less than a week away cause my exams will be starting on next wednesday. Time passes fast yea, second semester is gonna end soon already. Second semester wasn't as enjoyable as the first semester though.

So, exams coming, time to push. Just got all my coursework marks. Satisfying enough. It's now all up to my final exam day. Gotta push. Currently having a break off my EEE studies. Reading all through from the top of the syllabus to the end. =.=

I don't know what to say already!! It's time to study. Haha. Gonna blog more during the holidays. gotta gain back my readers attention before I leave the blog dying. My 3 years of blogging efforts. ^^

This is what I'm doing now. LOL

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Night At Queensbay

Yesterday was the day we all passed up our assignments, reports and finished all out tests. So, to release all our accumulated stress/pressure and to reward ourselves after so many sleepless nights, we decided to hang out in Queensbay. BUT at night =.= Went with Gabriel, King Foong and Wooi Kit. Navin wasn't able to make it because he went back to Ipoh for Deepavali. HAPPY DEEPAVALI NAVIN So, it's just us.

We went to watch Cloudy With The Chance Of Meatballs but the movie was at 11.30pm. We reached Queensbay around 10pm and we had nothing to do. We walked out of Queensbay at the south entrance and went back in at the north entrance. Nothing better to do. Then we got hungry but all the shops were closed except for some like Coffee Bean and Starbucks but these are not the kind of coffee shops we were expecting to go. Must Jaga Wallet also ma. LOL
So we continued walking and thought that we would end up with poopcorns later instead. Then we found J.CO Donuts & Coffee!! There were so many irresistable donuts "calling us". Our stomachs were drumming and ARGH we fell for it =)
So this was what we ate. (Took me so long to upload the pictures) Noob hostel line.
The tempting donuts calling to our stomachs

These are what we bought for 3 people. Foong doesn't like fancy donuts =.=

The Choices of Drinks ( Tempting)

After movies we went to Nasi Kandar Pelita for supper before going home =)

Next up after this will be study time for Final Exams next week. Pray hard and have faith in God Andy. You can do it!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Semester 2 is so suffering. It's good to know that I'm not the only one but all my coursemates. Every single coursemates of mine are suffering from the current lecturer. Today itself we passed up our second and last assignment together with a lab report and sat for a test in the afternoon. I feel so exhausted already. I slept 630 in the morning today just to finish up the assignment and so did everyone else. Everyone went home looking dead after the test today and no one was at the mood to smile at all. Assignment was a screw up and so was test. Why did the lecturer want to treat us like this? Assignment sounds easy. Only answering of questions but the thing is that the answers are hard to find. Even if it can be found it is only a rough idea of what we need to write in. It's like after a long time searching in books, walking through the internet and asking around, we can only find A and what is required is what comes after A. I just hope to pass this semester with 3.0 and maintain my scholarship. I do not want to see this lecturer anymore through my whole college life.

My only hope now is to leave everything to God. I surrender all to him purely. I've done my best having late night sleeps. Spending nights in McD for the internet connection. I want to have a good sleep but too bad there is still maths assignment, another 2 lab reports and a maths test coming ahead. I'm enough. It's all about Him to help me now. I feel so exhausted already. Totally stressed up in short semester.

Final exams are 2 weeks from now!!
Can't wait for semester break. I wanna relax and enjoy!!
Wanna eat homecook food!!

Monday, October 05, 2009

3 Weeks To Go

I think I used this same title before during my first semester. Same title means the same thing. I am 3 weeks behind before my final exams for this semester. Still have assignments and test to complete before the final exams.

Went to see the Head Of Program today to talk bout my current EEE lecturer. As the whole class can't catch up with what he teaches, so gotta talk to the Head bout it and the Head talked to my lecturer. Successfully, solutions were thought out and things were eventually solved FOR NOW. Assignments date due are brought forward because some of the things needed to complete the assignment haven't been taught yet. Lab works can be done in parallel now, 2 people in a group can do different parts one shot to avoid wastage of time. Cool. If we were to have known that earlier, we won't be so stress on catching up with the lab assessments. Previous topics will be revised again for better understanding. So far, everything is planned as this way. Hopefully it goes on well. According to the Head, Diploma can be hard, but when we go to degree, it would be more relaxing. Yea! Diploma is harder than foundation program, why didn't I do foundation at the first place? =.=

Money No Enough 2

I know it's outdated, but after watching it again I feel it's funny. Haha. I like the 3 of them acting(Jack Neo, Henry Thia, Mark Lee) My mum's favourite singaporean actor Mark Lee. Haha.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

October Sudah Mali!!!

Hello again my bloggy, how have you been these days? Have you been good to the readers? Good boy...
Hello EVERYONE, it's October already. October 1st today, 2nd tomorrow and the 3rd next. Nothing much actually. Haha. My prom night duties are over. Prom night will be tomorrow night but I won't be going. Haha. No one from my class is going. The most people attending are the business people. My maths lecturer today asked why is everyone not going for prom night. We replied, "All tables were fully booked on the first day itself" Haha. Then my lecturer said. "You don't have to go to prom night. Prom night is boring. The "After prom night" activities are more fun". Haha, you've got it right there Mr. Teo.

Assignments are out again. *Sigh* just passed up assignment 1, no time to rest the 2nd one is here again. Luckily test 2 is not so soon yet, but right after test 2, there comes final exam. Hoho. Short sem no break one. ZZzzz... This time we gotta build an amplifier.. =.=

I don't like my EEE lecturer. In fact the whole class doesn't like him and the way he teach. It's so simple and so "unexplained". It's like he just concentrates on those "Repeater" students. Wahlao, it's like INTI wants us to fail as well so that they get to earn more. Zzz. But good thing I've found myself a solution. Keke. Download lecture videos from youtube. not by INTI but by other Universities. Very helpful. After watching few of them, I understand more because they explain very thoroughly. Here, we finish one chapter in one week inlusive of the breaks in between, the tutorials and the jokes. In those videos, 1 hour of full lessons and explanations with examples. Really a good help.

My bro will be departing for Italy later at 1am. *sigh* won't be meeting him till after christmas. No family trip this year end. Gonna miss my bro. Every year end our family of 4 always gather back together from studies and work but this year tak ada lo. Nasib baik, still got her =P I miss everyone, my family and her too...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Miss To Say Goodbye

Everyone has gone home. My cousin, relatives and brother. My brother will be off to Italy next week for 3 months until after christmas. So, the last time I saw him was few hours ago. Hopefully he would have a wonderful time enjoying himself in Italy for 3 months!!. I wanna go there too next time for my internship. Haha. If I can get into GE.

My cousin, my closest buddy has gone home back to JB to continue his 3 more weeks of holidays while I enjoy my next one month of studies!! and will be having a test during the coming week. Either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Very fun spending time with him everynight. Hey hey hey don't think the other way kay?? Haha. Thanks for helping me with my assignment. Gaming session was fun yea? But first few nights don't know why kept losing ni. Enjoy killing people in early game then wait to lose. LoL. Even Hsien Rhu joined us for a few games. It has been a long time since the last time I played with him. Still got teamwork. Masih Boleh Tahan lo. Haha.

Will be sending my phone for warranty these few days before the warranty voids. Wanna change my keypads and camera button, update software and clean up the whole phone. While waiting, my old old old Nokia 3610 would be coming in handy. Haha. Hopefully the workmanship is fast.

Now I feel lazy going back to college/hostel tomorrow after one week of holidays. I will be leaving home at 6.30am tomorrow. Come back Ipoh makan non-stop. It's like the first batch of food haven't reach the stomach, the second batch started to Q-up already. Haha. I miss all my loved ones. I miss her, my cousin, my family members and everyone whom I spent my holidays with!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Study Break Holidays

This whole week is my study break not sem break but still, I've enjoyed myself very much. Haha. I just went back to Penang AGAIN yesterday to pass my assignment to my friend and to hang out with my cousin for a while there. We went to Penang Road AGAIN for the laksa but the laksa stall was closed. So, we ate "Chow Kuay Teow" and "Hokkien Prawn Noodles" and a bowl of cendol each for him, me and my friend(King Foong). It rained and shined yesterday afternoon so weather wasn't that bad. IT was cooling yesterday when we went eating in an old coffee shop. After that, we went to Queensbay to Jalan-Jalan. We wanted to go to Gurney actually BUT when we were in college, so much time were wasted.
At first, I wanted to look for the principle, his secretary said he wasn't in. Then I called up the Head Of Student Affairs. The Dean of the college. He said he will be back by 1pm. So I waited for him. I wasited till 1.15pm. I called him again, he said he will be back by 2 after lunch. Suen ba, don't wanna wait d. Waste my time walking up and down in the college. So we went off to Penang Road. After Queensbay, my cousin did not find the shoe he wanted, we went back to the bus station. Don't know what was with the traffic yesterday, the jam was so long that the journey home took us 3 hours++!! At least we reached home safely =)

I enjoyed this study break very much. YES I know I am suppose to study during study break, but, =) is all I can say. Haha.
Hanging out with HER was FANTASTIC!!
Wanna go out with HER again.
Wanna meet HER soon.
Wanna watch movies with HER.
Wanna go jalan-jalan with HER.
Tomorrow perhaps? =)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Apa khabar everybody? It has been a long time since I didn't update my blog yea? Maybe bout a week. Not that long only =.="

I've been busy with my college stuffs especially my assignments. As I said earlier, I am undergoing a short sem now(8 Weeks), you might think it's fun. In fact, that was what I thought earlier too before my sem started. "Short sem only ma, relax a bit, study a while ni then holidays d". WRONG MAN! Short sem is much more stressful compared to long sem. Lecturers and teaching so fast. Ok, I 'm getting used to their "engine capacity" but now the assignments =.=

MY EEE lecturer has released our first assignment 3 days ago on monday. Project title is to build a power supply regulator. Let me explain what it is like( He explained two days after he released his assignment to us) "Smart". We are suppose to build a circuit/prototype that converts a 240vAC power source(The place you plug in your computers, chargers, electronic equipments) to a 5vDC. Ok, sounds easy? LOL. We have to build everything from scratch and hunting our own materials. Let's see how dangerous it is. A short in our circuit can cause blackout in the whole college =) We even have to build our own plug that directs the 240V into our circuit. According to the lecturer, this project hasn't been done for past few semester. The last time they did it, the whole college's power were short. Cool. Previous semester students used only a 9v battery(Safe to play with)
Why is ours so tough? That's only the first part. Apart from that, we have to use that own built power supply regulator to power up a circuit counter. Explanation : A two sided circuit which one side has a counter attached to it. the counter's value increases when something goes in between the two circuit. COOL? Here comes the hard part. We have only one week duration to do it.
Plus, the fast lectures make us blur bout the characteristics of those components. Everything has to be done by internet research. Even the lecturer ask us to research ourselves and he is not gonna teach about anything or give any advise on how to build the circuit/what is needed to build one SAFELY.

Conclusion, it's a dangerous project and no one has any idea on where to start. My bro's friend who is undergoing degree program gave me a good advice. "Build it and ask the lecturer to test it" Good Idea but, the lecturer wants us to snap pictures of our outcomes and measurements. =.= and the funny thing is this project only contributes 4 marks to the whole coursework marks.

God please bless me with all the knowledge I need...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Staying Up

I am still awake now at 2.22am. Actually, I was starting on my Engineering Maths assignment but I got stuck half way and I wasn't able to online justnow. BUT now since I got online, everyone who could help me are already offline. Haha. So, I planned to do my Lab Report. Tengok Tengok, it's so confusing I don't know where to start from and what the report requires. BUT, I've thought of a solution to it. Will be calling Hann again tomorrow for some guidance. Hopefully he is free. Haha, always disturb him only.

Tomorrow's class(Later during the day) will be at 3pm. So, I would be able to stay up a little later. Haha. not to play really. Wanna work on my revision. Short sem is really pack. Everything is going too fast. Furthermore, engineering is a tough course. *Sigh*

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy Day(6 = 1/2*12)

YES people!! It's a very happy day for me today. It's a day to remember. It's a date to remember, to recall the happiest incident that has ever happened to me. This is all done simply by devotion of one person in my life. That person IS!!!!! (Guess yourself k?) Haha. Good boy, Good girl. Well seriously, I am really happy today. I never thought I could go through with her for so long. It has really been a wonderful time for the past 6 months. Although throughout the past 3 months I've been in Penang and she was in Ipoh but things were unchanged. Yea, as usual we faced ups, downs and real downs but it was only part of the journey. Everything would be fine as long as we're together. (My mum is gonna be senseless when she reads this). There's still a long way to go. Prayerfully, distance wouldn't be a problem to us. I hope she could always be happy =) I wanna tell the world === I LOVE HER VERY MUCH!!! I can't wait to see her again...

It has been bad nights for the few previous nights without electricity. Yesterday was the worse, the whole hostel was blackout and nobody could see nothing. The fuse was burned and everyone was in darkness. It was hard to get to sleep without fan and not even natural wind then I started missing somebody badly again. *Sigh* but today was a happy day =)
It would be a nice 09/09/09 day tomorrow and the day after that I've gotta work for prom night already(To earn activity marks for my scholarship). Gotta take care of the booth and be in charged of registration. Still thinking to go or not to go. Most probably would be back in Ipoh for mooncake festival =P. Plus, the ticket is expensive!! and !!! Where shall I get a date??? LOL!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Semester 2 : The Beginning

Since I made it to second semester, I am doing my second semester now =.=. This semester will be a short semester as we only have 6 study weeks. The first thing that comes into your mind "Short semester, relax loooohhh" BUT it's not!!! During this short sem we still have to learn the same amount as long sem, the difference is, in short sem everything is cramped and rushed through. SO, that made me feeling lost in class. Today was only the second day of class and I am lost. LOL. Actually, only 14 people made it through the first sem for my batch of intake. From around 30+ to 14. Other people from my class are the seniors who are retaking the subjects. We were not the only ones who are lost in the class, the whole class is in total confusion, even the top scorers.

Good news is that I have people to help me out. Thanks to my bro's friend Hann and my cousin Wilson. Both seniors in this course but from other Uni's. Just came back from supper with Hann. Went to mamak store with him to seek for his help to teach me and my friends Gabriel what we've lost. By the way, my whole gang of friends, some changed course, changed college or doing repeats, leaving me and Gabriel in the class("Survivors"). Haha. The class is so quiet now as all the jokers are not here anymore.

Studying this course(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) is like playing a Surviror game to see who can survive through all the semesters and make it to graduation. What to do, wanna have better future gotta work harder. Nothing comes easy right? Hehe

This semester is tough. The lecturers are teaching so fast that when I enter the classroom, it makes me feel like I am in Sepang Circuit =.="

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Results Day

Today was the results day for Semester 1 results but I didn't attend. Haha. I haven't enrol for 2nd Semester as well. What I did today was, I went out. Where? Somewhere la. Aiseh. Don't be so kae po. Keke. Ok let's get to the topic. Results day, I asked around bout my friends' results for what they get and it was kind of a good feedback but some surprising ones. Some people whom I thought they could get 4 flat did not get. So, there are no 4 flats for my course. Only a few people managed to get 3.0 and above for GPA. Guess it was a tough exam yea. Many could score high for the coursework but not the final exams. Okie, my friends, my gang of friends, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them are staying for second semester. YES!!! I have my gang here with me. But because of their results, some of them gotta repeat some subjects, so end up, we won't be in the same class, but who cares, as long as we are still together in the same college, same hostel, we can still hang out together and study together. =)

What happened bout my results? I called up INTI and it seems that they won't reveal results through phone calls. So, what I dd was I got my mum to call them up (Parents call more "power" ma). Haha, so what my mum did was she called up and they still did not wanna reveal, they can only reveal whether I passed or fail, but my mum told them that she just wanna know whether I got 3.0 above or not as I m a scholarship holder. So they said "YES" and that's a great YES!!! I made it!!! I maintained my scholarship!!! Thank God for his wonderful blessings upon me. God is Great.

Although I did not get 3.5 above but still, I am thankful for what I get.
Be thankful and grateful for what you have as there are many others who are in worse conditions. Remember this PEOPLE!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Semester - Best Studying Experience

Since I have nothing to do for the time now, I would start some stories on the fun things I said on the earlier post. Hehe. Staying in hostel could be really fun when you have your friends around with you. Especially the nights were you struggle through the whole night to sit for the paper the next day. This was the first time I studied till so late, of course now with company, it's easier to stay up feeling awake. Although staying up late is bad for health but still, we enjoyed it, moreover it was only 4 days of examination.
So what we did was during the whole week of finals, throughout the 4 nights, we burned midnight oil till the real midnight.
The first night(Sunday Night) was normal, just study till around 3 - 4 then we went to bed as the exam next day was at 2pm. Then the next night the same thing as the exam was also at 2pm. On the third night(Tuesday Night), we studied till around 10 slumber style(relax studying) till we found out that the exam next day was at 8 and not at 2pm!!! Then we rushed, got serious and started studying real time. That night we struggled till 4am for the Electrical exam on the next day. Sleeping time was not enough so concentration was bad.=(, on the last night, I slept at 2am and my friends to my surprise all struggled till 7am and exam was at 8am, pity my friends. After the exam on that day, everyone went back and SLEEP to gain some energy so that we could go for a great dinner at night and have a whole night gaming session. Haha. But throughout every single night we had that week was great. Studying was the main activity but we too had a great fellowship, snacking around and buying back supper to enjoy during the night. It was great really. Thanks Guys for making my studying environment so enjoyable =)

Let's have some pics to do the talking yea...

This was one week before our exams on a Thursday night. We stayed up studying till the next morning. The table was twice messier on the examination week =.=

On the same night after staying up for so many hours, we decided to go for breakfast, so we packed up and we went for breakfast at 6.30am, walking to Kayu mamak stall. 1 hour walking journey =.=. This was what we ate =).

After makan, we went back(by car, didn't wanna walk so far anymore), got ready and went for our last day of class for the semester =)

All these following pics are the stuffs we ate for that night after all the exams were done. Steamboat restaurant. Got so many types of food..!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Potong Saga - Updated

At first I thought this video was about proton saga THE CAR but turned out it was about something else which you will find out when you watch this. Quite nice. Haha. Quite hilarious...

There is a related joke I found to this video... Have Fun~~ =)
apek : itu potong zaka ada bagut ka ?

ali : manyak bagut..bila lu potong haa lu punya barang manyak bersih loo..

apek :?!! err..saya kawan ada cakap,potong zaka aaahh.. manyak ploblem..

ali : apa probrem ?

apek :manyak buang lui..lagi aahh..dia punya performance tatak bagut..
manyak cinang semputloh..

ali : cehh.. apek, lu apa celita.. saya suda lama potong..
tada apa problem.. bini saya manyak puas woo..

apek :lu mini puas sama itu potong zaka ka?

ali : ya la.. bila lu potong aahh.. lagi sedap maen woo..
lu lagi lambat pancut..

apek :???!!! err..lu punya 1.3 atau 1.5 ??

ali : ??!! woi apek cakap baik2 sikit ha.. saya punya 6 incila..

apek :??! *** nia ma.. lu jgn maen2 haa.. mana ada potong zaka 6 inci..

ali : cilaka apek ni..nah tengok ( bukak sluar tunjuk pale b***h..)

apek : chee sin punya olang..gua tanya baik2 lu tunjuk lu punya lan**u..

ali : abis.. lu tarak percaya..saya tunjuk la..

apek : saya tatak tanya sama lu punya lan**u..
saya tanya lu pasal itu nasional car.. potong zaka..
molo punya olang..

ali : aiya.. apek.. lain kali lu sebut betul2 la..kasi susa saja..
bukan potong zaka la.. proton saga.. aiyooo..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Doggy and Transporting

My family got a puppy home few months back in March and it has been about 5 months being together with this new family member. Hehe. After looking at her for 2 months I went of to study and I seldom meet her since then. Now that I am back, I had a good look at her and she is really growing big. BIG~! Actually not that big. =) Let's let the picture to the talking. By the way, I am a bad photographer but I dare say that she is more adorable than she looks. =D
She looks thin from this view..

She is a little camera shy. Well, only a little until I call her NAME.. Labby is her name

There she is... She is a Labrador Retriever. Very friendly dog, very cute and adorable espcially when she hungers for food. She can never stop eating and I mean NEVER

I am getting bored for this few days so I offered to become my relatives' driver. =.=
I drive my auntie around as her eyes is causing her inconvenience to drive, fetching my grandmother around, fetching my sister and my cousin to and from school and tuitions. So, I do a lot of driving these days. Good thing is. I get to drive for free. l0l. I love driving especially driving cars that I've never driven before. I have been driving my auntie's myvi for two days and I am enjoying it. I am only doing it this week, so I get to drive her car this week for FREE. No cost of petrol needed. I mean, I don't have to pay, not that the car doesn't require petrol. Haha. Driver aka Transporter. KAKAKA...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mid Night Blogging

I slept at around 10pm justnow and woke up around 12 then I can't get myself back to sleep only more. Therefore, I decided to online and surf around. While surfing, I thought bout changing my blog template. I've been thinking bout this since some time ago and since now I have nothing better to do, I browsed around the net and found this template. I quite like this template for it's colour. not too dark not too bright just the way I like it and so coincidence, the movie I was watching justnow(Evan Almighty) was talking bout Genesis 6:14 and the name of this template is Genesis. Haha.

Before this, I went dota-ing with my cousin for 2 rounds. Haha. I asked him to go out for supper and after chatting a while, he DCed and went missing. So, after this I would be either adding some extra stuffs to decorate my blog or I would jsut jump for movies. I just watched Evan Almighty before I went browsing for template. I watched it once before, but I've already forgotten most of it. Now watching it back again. I feel it's a very nice story. I don't know what went wrong with my emotions tonight but there was a part I felt very touching when the "god" in that show told Evan's wife what it's all about and how his family went back to him. I felt it was real great. I've never been touched by movies before and this is the first time. Very strong family relationship they have.

There's one thing that I've learnt from that movie which I feel it's very true...
Whatever you ask from God, He doesn't give you what you asked, instead He gives you an opportunity to do so.. Deep?
Example; When you ask for courage, does God give you the courage or does He give you the opportunity to be courageous? Wonderful...
When you ask for a warm and loving family, does God give you a warm and loving family the next day you woke up? Or does He give you the opportunity to form a warm and loving environment in your family?

My cousin is back online. Let's see if he would wanna go for supper??? Kekeke...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Semester - Accomplished

I just finished my Engineering Mathematics paper today. My final paper. After 4 days of examination and several late night sleeps, finally everything is over. Hehe. Now, all I have to do is enjoy time and hope for the best in my results. I have a 2 weeks semester break now till the 1st of September. Just came back from steamboat buffet with my friends. That steamboat buffet was marvelous. The price was reasonable and the food there were great. They not only have the normal wet food and dry food, they also have dim sum. Oh, this is the first time I went for steamboat buffet with dim sum. I FEEL SO FULL NOW!!! Haha. I want to upload some pics but I can't transfer them up now. There are too many to upload. Will upload and update more fun stuffs later on when I' m back in ipoh. I will be going back to Ipoh tomorrow, following my uncle. Will be reaching Ipoh in the evening and I shall enjoy my 2 weeks of holiday~~

Will update more soon... Very fun things. Things that I feel very fun doing....

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2 Weeks More To Ipoh

I do not want my bloggie to die and there is not internet line in hostel AS USUAL and I didn't have the time to come to college at night so this is the best time to update my bloggie. Hehe. I am having my english class now but I've got my work done(Letter Writing), so I borrowed my friend's lappy to update my bloggie. Did not bring my lappy cause lazy. Keke. My Finals Exams will be on next week for 4 days consecutively 1 Subject a day. Relaxly Preparing at this point of time. =). Just got my total coursework marks(Consists Of 60%) for every subject today. Haha, I got the results I expected but now it depends on my final exams(Consists Of 40%). If I score 40/40 for Engineering Maths and Computer Systems & Programming in my Final Exams, I might stand a big chance for 4.0 BUT it's almost impossible cause I am not perfect. Lol. So, preparing these days(Not Working Hard But Still Working For It) =)

After exams, I will go straight back to Ipoh on that weekend which is next Saturday. I don't know what to say but I MISS IPOH~! !wanna go back to Ipoh and meet my Loved Ones. My Family, My Girl =D Miss her soo soo soo much~!!

Gotta enjoy myself next Thursday and Friday once exams are over =D It's a MUST~!



Thursday, July 30, 2009

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Before I started this course, when I chose this course, many people including those graduated from Degree and some of my brother's friends who are undergraduates in this course told me that it is gonna be a very tough course. Top hardest courses in the Engineering Field. Now I find that what they said were very true. This course is indeed a very tough course. Especially studying in a private college, requirements and standards here are higher I feel. The projects they give are tough. Competition here is high. From the beginning of this semester till now, my class has lost 10 students making my class from 40 to 30 students now. Some of my course mates told me that they are planning to change course after this semester or some are even going out to work, due to the difficulty of this course. I don't hope to see my friends dropping out. *sigh*

I am starting to feel stressed in this course. During my first week here, I told myself to set a good foundation for myself by getting a GPA of 4.0. 2 weeks later I told myself again, 3.8 would do good for you. Now, 2 weeks away from the final exams, all I hope for is just 3.5 and above. All I wish now is to be in Dean's list. I never expected this course to be so tough, much tougher than I had expected. During the beginning when I made my mind to study in this course, many had told me to BE PREPARED but I took things easy. Finally, I experienced it. IT IS TOUGH!!

"I just wanna be in Dean's list(3.5 & above)"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Exam Time~!!!

Time passed so fast. Perak Marching Band Competition2009 is over. Congrats to The Saints for getting 2nd this year. It was a great achievement especially with a majority of juniors in the band marching for the first time. Good Job Guys~!!! I met lots of friends there on that night. All ex-smi people and even some from other schools but one thing that I am little disappointed at myself is that I didn't get to talk much with them. Just more of Hi & Bye conversations. But it's really nice meeting all of them again seeing that they are in good shape. Especially the CG people, Louis,Desmond and Wilson. Didn't get to chat with them too. All my ex-band brothers in MMB. *SIgh* Good to see Kwok Sing on that night being the same old him. Haha. Anyway, it's not the end of the world. Hope to see you guys soon again. I think it will be in August the next time we have the chance to meet up =) Take Care Guys...
Meet two Poi Lam members too on that night. They were friendly. Dominic and Joshua. Guess will be meeting them too on that Merdeka Day too. =)

Next up will be my final exams for Semester One. Again time passed to fast. lol. I have 2 weeks left to study for my final exams and on the theird week from now I will be taking my Final Exams. Wish me the best of luck =)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Done But Not The End

Hello everyone, my projects and assignments are all done, presented and handed up. Finally everything is over. What a tough week before this. Today we went to class and passed up our final and toughest project. I like this project a lot, but this project is sometimes frustrating. We were needed to make a capacitor and inductor. One group consists of 2 members but my friends and I combined together to produce 3 capacitors, 3 inductors and 3 reports. It all begin 3 weeks back when we went hunting for materials. We bought one aluminium plate, plastic, nails and copper. Then nothing can be produced. We went hunting again and again for few days in that 2 weeks. Finally we came back with all the materials and then we started doing experiments on the components. The whole class was using one same design and concept, so we decided to do something different, but end up nothing, value obtained was stable but too small. *Sigh*. WE did our experiments until yesterday, when we had no time, we decided to change to do what everyone is doing. The easiest way. So we started our work yesterday. Actually no point starting so early as the value will run everyday. So we did a last minute built yesterday and started working from 2++pm till we finished everything at 2++am. We worked for 12 hours straight. Everyone was so tired and mentally exhausted. Almost everyone was late for class today. I thought I was late when I reached at 8++ there were only 3 of us. Haha, I guess everyone was working round the clock yesterday night. This is not called last minute work. It's just that we had to modify the components every now and then to get the exact value. But somehow nobody gets the exact value.
Measured value yesterday night was nice, but today, it turned, because of movement of air, change in temperature and stiffness of the materials.

This was when we were starting out project, I forgot to take the mess of the table after work, was too tired already. =)

This is my inductor, we drew a cartoon on it this morning before passing it up for testing just for fun, other groups were just plain masking tapes. Haha
One of the smallest inductor in the class =P

This is my capacitor. Smallest capacitor in the class =P

The value for inductor needed was 100mH(value is not as small as you think it is. It takes approximately 1800 rounds of copper around the ferrite core) and capacitor was 5nF

Through this project, we failed many many times but at the end of the day we enjoyed very much. Lot's of jokes and laughters during the process, failure is not something bad too as Thomas Edison quote, "I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb."

This project has been fun. Looking forward to build more of other things in the future semesters. E&E Engineering is really a tough course. Tough in both practical and theory.
Next coming up after this is band comp on 24th, and final exams which is 3 weeks from now. TONIGHT??? Going out for movies with friends :) CHAOZZZ......

Monday, July 13, 2009

What A Meal

Let me tell you guys something very exciting today. My friends and I went to Penang Road for lunch today cause we plan after makan go somewhere there nearby to buy materials for our project. We ordered and enjoyed our meal. After eating and drinking, my friend went out to "Tah Pau" some fried food(Fried Cempedak, Fried Banana) and brought in to eat. After eating 2 pieces only, something dripped from the ceiling. Then there was a very strong smell of shit smell. Oh SHIT~!!. It's real shit. Two of my friends got a few drips on them. Wahlao, don't know where those shit came from also. We quickly ran out and followed them to get a new shirt. Very bad experience today. We don't dare to go to the same place again. Famous laksa and cendol, but too bad, it's not clean enough to be there. *Sigh*

(1) Building an Inductor and a Capacitor - DUE ON FRIDAY
(2) Programming assignment - DONE
(3) English Presentation - DONE
(4) Written Work for Basic Electrical Technology - DONE
(5) Upcoming Final Lab Test - DONE
(6) Second Test for Basic Electrical Technology - TOMORROW

Oh man.. Finally two weeks of busyness is gonna be over soon. Gonna go hang out with my friends this friday for movies and makan =)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

In The Mid Of Busyness

Hey all, I am ack to update my survival status on my assignments. Still surviving. still relaxing, still enjoying. Haha. My mum is gonna be so worried when she sees this. Haha. She will be thinking " What is Andy doing in college? Enjoying himself when his desk is full of assignments and pojects" Don't worry mum~! You are used to it for the past 5 years already. Hehe, my mum knows very well bout me since PMR and SPM. Haha. Her blood pressure goes up whenever she thinks bout my studies and she only gets a relief for a few days after my results come out and then her blood pressure will increase again. I have a funny yet wonderful mother :D

Will be back to Ipoh on the 24th for the Perak Band Finals. SMI made it to finals. Haha. Even my close friend who were lost from band couple years back is back to band to perform for the bass drum line this year. Nice one. I am gonna meet up with lots of people this coming finals. Can't wait for the day to come. Haha.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Drown In Busyness

Have been busy these days. Very busy for many things. This and That BUT


Have been busy with lots of assignments and projects. Let's list out what is to be done for the next 2 weeks
(1) Building an Inductor and a Capacitor [ ASSIGNMENT ]
(2) Programming assignment [ ASSIGNMENT ]
(3) English Presentation [ ASSIGNMENT ]
(4) Written Work for Basic Electrical Technology [ ASSIGNMENT ]
(5) Upcoming Final Lab Test [ TEST]
(6) Second Test for Basic Electrical Technology [ TEST]

So many things to be done in two weeks. But still, I still have time for some fun =P. Watching movies during the nights are still on. Haha.
Went mountain climbing too today with my friends because no matter how busy you are, you still need to exercise and keep your body system in a healthy mode

GET IT?!?!?!? HAHA

It is already the 1st of July today and it's also Perak Band Competition Preliminary rounds today. Heard some feedbacks from some members here and there. I have been missing my moments in the band throughout this year's season. *Sigh*

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Midnight In IICP

Haha, I am at my college now with some friends. Gonna stay here till midnight. Whole college only 4 of us here and the connection now is superb. Well, this is the reason why we are here now.
Downloading movies and videos here is great. My speed is reaching almost 600kbps. The fastest I've ever seen live with my eyes. Haha. I am enjoying this very much. Too bad I can't print screen it down. The speed changes every milisecond. =.=

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Past 5 Days

I try to update my blog as frequent as possible at an average of once every 5 days. And my past 5 days was very fun, so that drove me into updating my blog now. At first I was very lazy to update so I took a nap, then justnow when I woke up, I decided to update since I am lucky enough to use the internet connection now.

SOOO... Let's start of with past Saturday. My mum came to Penang and brought me out for lunch in Queensbay. We went to Wong Kok Restaurant for lunch. At first wanted to go for Dragon-i but it was too expensive. So we went to Wong Kok instead. After that, my mum and I spent quality time together in the mall walking around. If I am not mistaken, this is the first time I am hanging out with my mum^^. Then we stopped by at Mango. not the fruit, the boutique. My mum kept questioning whether she should get the outfits. SO, this was what I told her, "Both your sons are in uni/college, this is the time when you start enjoying yourself" Haha. So she bought 2 of 'em. Then she ask me, "Do you wanna get one?" I got what she was trying to say but then I replied " I don't wear this type of clothes". Haha

NEXT DAY, Sunday. This was the night where my friends and I went to BJ MALL and got ourselves a 4 in 1 Stephen Chow DVD. As Monday's class starts at 12pm. So we decided that on every Sunday night we should enjoy movies till midnight. So, we watched all 4 movies in a night while cracking peanuts and from now on that will be out Sunday Fellowship Time. LOL

Monday was the next day. It was my first time going to Gurney Drive after being here for 2 months. I've been there many times already during my school holidays with my family. Almost every year but then it was far from my place. On Monday our class starts at 12 and ends at 1. So after class we went for lunch, sent a reference book for photostating then we drove to Gurney. None of us knows exactly where is it and how to get there. So roughly roughly we bang in here and there and we ended up in Gurney Plaza. Haha. Another nice day to hang out with friends without any early plannings. All of a sudden went there. Weather was good that day, but we had no time to walk along the sidewalk.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Today, nothing much. SO, I am going for dinner now.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Funny Morning

Let me tell you all a funny incident happened this morning. Thinking of it makes me wanna laugh. ROFL~!!
Ok, it started this morning 6.50am, Navin went to the bathroom for shower. I woke up around 7.++am and went to the bathroom. Both our class starts at the same time on Fridays. SO, when I went to the bathroom Navin asked me " Got key or not?" My mind was thinking "What key?" Normally Navin takes the room key when he goes for shower. Then both of us is like shocked, "S*** NO KEY AFTER BATHING HOW TO GO BACK INTO THE ROOM???" Then I said, "Nevermind, later after bath we go down to the lobby to get the masterkey" Then okey la, go on and bath first, enjoy the COLD water.

20 Minutes Later

I came out first cause normally I bath faster than Navin. So I went downstairs to get the masterkey BUT see see, no one is in the office. MATI~!! It's 7.30am and both of us have a test this morning at 8am. Alternative, we borrowed one guy's handphone and we called the clerk at that moment itself. That clerk said she would be here only in 20 minutes. WHAT?!?!?! SO, both of us stood outside our room topless. My friend, Gabriel came out from his dorm and saw us there so he came over and gave us 2 paper clips. We even tried to pick-lock our own door. =.=
The key arrived 25 minutes later and at that time our bodies were dry already. =.= and the time was 7.55am. My friend was outside the door waiting for me. So I got dressed in 2 minutes and went to college. Gabriel and I were late for 15 minutes and Navin didn't have to go to college after all cause his test was postponed. But luckily my test hasn't started that time.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nothing To Title Out

Hello guys and girls. I am back again with NO more durians. I am starting to get sick, feeling heaty today. Don't know what caused this but I think it's my turn since all my friends have gotten it already. Haha, but I don't feel as serious YET as I do not have sorethroat and fever. So gotta take more intakes of Vitamins and fruits. Gonna peel some orange right after I finish this post. Haha.

My timetable has changed, I changed my English lecturer. The funnest lecturer is now gone, but there came a new lecturer who we can play with. Still relaxing in english class. Not as tensed as in programming class or electronics class. Some days I will be really free like 1 or 2 hours of class a day and some days I will be really packed up like Tuesdays I have 7 hours of lectures. 3 hours continuing to 1 more hour then 1 hour lunch break and finally last 3 hours of lecture *FAINT*

Wanna talk a little bout Perak Marching Band Competition 2009. It will be on 3rd of July, fortunately it's a friday so I can go back and watch. I feel different this year as I won't be participating. Although last year I didn't join the comp but at that time SMI wasn't in the competition and this year, SMI will be in and I wouldn't be marching in the band. Somehow I feel uneasy. I am not familiar with the situation of watching the band I was in performing in front of me in stadium. Every competition night of the year has been very some sort of a grand night for me when I was marching in the band last time. And now, I feel like I am attending something grand with a different personallity and character. I am NOT USED TO IT and I don't even know how to express it.
Anyways, all the best to all the bands that would be participating this year. And to my formal band, guys don't be so tensed up with competition. Relax and Enjoy, don't lose your confidence, don't get emotional over time and just be who YOU were FEW YEARS back when you first joined the band. That's the best of you.