Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back From FTC

FTC means Formation Training camp. Haha. Just came back yesterday afternoon. Was very tired yet did not sleep the whole day. Slept at night and today practice again but did not achieve good attendance enough to start a formation practice so practice was changed into a meeting instead. LOL!!. Camp finished up only one formation. Well, it is quite good already to finish a formation in 3 days. About 13 more days to finish the whole drill for the competition. Hmm. Whether we can do it or not it depends on ur ourself. No one can force us what we do not want to do. Hectic practices will be on untill the competition is over and I really hope we could continue our journey throught he national championship.

I am getting darker now. Haha. Skin also peeling off. Pimples coming out more and more. Haha. Anyway I hope it is worth it la. To all MMB readers here. I hope you guys could do something if you really want to achieve for nationals. Please.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Band Camp

Right no updates till the 30th of May. Band camp will be starting tomorrow till the following wednesday. Band camp time is basically to practice the formation for the upcoming competition which is 3 weeks away from now. In fact maybe 2++ only. I am kinda afraid the formation can't be finished in time. Just got the drills today. Looked at it roughly it's quite easy for my section. But playing and marching with it is the problem. So, pray for me. Secret Agent Man. Here I Come!!!!!

Still haven't finish packing my stuffs. Need to get a list later to remind myself what to bring for tomorrow. Will be staying on the second floor of the school block. For the first time. It would be just so inconvenient to bath because the toilet is downstairs and the dorms are upstairs. Hehe. After bathing walk up also sweat already la. Haha.

That's all for now. See you all after my camp. AFter I get a serious sun-bath. LOL~!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Bitterness Of Exam

Haih. Got to know my history marks today and I FAILED. It's not my first time failing history though once when I was in form 2 I guess. I think I got all from A - E or maybe just B - E. This exam brings great experience and lesson to me. I learned that I should study harder now. Form 4 life ain't easy at all. I promise myself and my family that I will aim and try to get A and B for my next exam!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hectic Band Life - UPDATED

Band life is just starting to get hectic especially when we haven't even started to prepare for the competition which is 3 weeks away. Not even a single step of the formation. Well, what to do. SMI exams was so early this year untill we have to postpone everything and be busy. Stupid teachers complaining bout the noise we make. Headmaster wants us to practice but teacher scold us. How lah? One say this One say that. Have to skip classes to finish up learning the songs and the drum solo. How? Camp coming next week from Saturday till Wednesday morning. We will be staying beside the construction site. Dusty place to stay and noisy also. ZzZz.

Why? Why is there nothing which I do can be better than the others? I feel like everything I do just brings no effect to anything. Is there anything I can do where I can feel myself being useful? Every suggestion of mine and actions of mine just will always lose to the plans of others. Why? Am I just the type that should stay and wait for orders?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Exam gone, Band come

Exam is officially over today after the PJK paper which I know nothing bout it. Haha. Who cares anyway bout PJK. It won't be in the SPM syllabus. Well, everything is over now. I can now concentrate in band for a month and some sports. Hehe. What sports? I do sports? Weird =.=

Prelim's on the 13/6 which is on the Tuesday, first week of school after the holidays and the finalss on the 22/6. Not sure bout the finals cause they like to postpone. But prelims. Argh!! A month from now and MMB still haven't started anything. maybe 1/5 of the formation. 2 weeks to learn up 4 formations? That would be a miracle. Don't want to lose this year. I don't wish to lose at all. Will we be skipping classes? Or just wait for miracles to happen like one day suddenly all the members can walk the whole formation? LOL

Speaking bout band competitions. I wonder how I lost my band competition certs for 2004,2005 and 2006. I really don't know how I lose them all. I remember keeping it in my file and now it's all gone. Really sad when I think bout this. My band certs are all gone.. ARGH!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Exam Relieve

Exam can said to be over today but one more Physics Paper 2 next monday. Haha. It's a relieve that everything has ended. I learnt my lesson through this exam. Form 4 life ain't easy. This mid-term exam I am sure to be failing history and my other subjects would be C and D. I am not used to the change of format.This has been a great experience for me.So, I will try my best again in future exams. Anyway, I want to say thanks to KENG JOON and VIN FEI for helping me out with some subjects. Haha. Thanks a lot guys. If they are reading it here. Haha.

Tonight gonna play computer till late at night again. Since there is no band practice tomorrow but only if my grandfather allows. Haha. My mum not around he is the boss. He controls strictly but even if he ask to sleep I will still stay awake. Haha. My mum went to Toronto. Hope she enjoys there as much as I enjoy here. Haha. I enjoy my computer, she enjoy her holiday. Haha.

2 more weeks to band camp. Can't wait to fellowship with the members again. Life in band is left short for me. Time flies till now I am form 4. Can't believe that it's May now. Band comp coming soon also. Haha. Need to be physically and mentally ready for it. Haha. Gambateh MMB.


Saturday, May 05, 2007


LoL. New TV had arrived. Panasonic LCD 32". FuiYohh. Finally can watch something from upstairs. Much clearer channels. Haha. No need to run down and use astro decoder anymore to watch normal channels. Normally have to run all the way down to press ONE channerl then run back all the way up. L0L. Now just press on the spot. Haha. Only 480i? How to make the quality to 1080i? l0l. Any professional help?

Exams are still going on. Finish ICT, English, EST and a paper of BM. So far so good. Today's English paper 2 is kinda fun. Interesting choice to write a composition on THE FUTURE YEAR 2020. Haha. I banged everything that I could think of in there.

Well, That's it for now. Exam season not much things to do. Haha. Wait for band season. Haha

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Exam Season

Hello all. After a long break of streamyx problems. Finally settled today. 3 weeks of disconnection makes me sick and frustrated. Then past three days CAN'T EVEN CONNECT. Wah today only settled the problem. FInally I can blog, check my mails, do some foruming and surfing. Hehe.

Exam started today. ICT. Funny thing is I forgot the defination of ICT 0nce I got the paper. I was very angry that time after memorising it. Then it all came back to me piece by piece and I have to like fix the words and lines into position. So funny man. Haha. Ended up doing ICT is like playing with words puzzle.l0l. Then the next hard question was explain briefly the evolution of computers. Wahlao I can't write the whole history down man. That was just freaking hard. I can see people sweating doing that question. Objective questions are suppose to be easy and 2 questions came out on BINARY CODES. WHAT?!?! That IT teacher said it would never come out because it's something impossible to learn. memorising bytes? SIAO!!! Where got such thing. What is the binary code for 23? How are we suppose to know? It's digits 1 and 0 making up 8 digit number to form a byte. And how many patterns could you form using 1 and 0 alone. Crazy question man.

There will be a band function on this Sunday and MMB is "honoured" to be chosen to play for opening and closing ceremony. Well, maybe they thing we have exam during the whole week we are the special one and we should be given the "honour". Duhhh. Just accept it la. Anyway we get a cert and a T-shirt. Not that bad after all. Haha.

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