Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back From FTC

FTC means Formation Training camp. Haha. Just came back yesterday afternoon. Was very tired yet did not sleep the whole day. Slept at night and today practice again but did not achieve good attendance enough to start a formation practice so practice was changed into a meeting instead. LOL!!. Camp finished up only one formation. Well, it is quite good already to finish a formation in 3 days. About 13 more days to finish the whole drill for the competition. Hmm. Whether we can do it or not it depends on ur ourself. No one can force us what we do not want to do. Hectic practices will be on untill the competition is over and I really hope we could continue our journey throught he national championship.

I am getting darker now. Haha. Skin also peeling off. Pimples coming out more and more. Haha. Anyway I hope it is worth it la. To all MMB readers here. I hope you guys could do something if you really want to achieve for nationals. Please.

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