Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Eve

Today is the last day for year 2008. Let's see, year 2008 has been a great year, actually not that great ler. l0l. Just like any other years, but this year is different that it is the last year of secondary school life. WooHoo. No more secondary school life. Moving on will be Uni life. I can feel that it is more fun in University than in School. Haha. Anyone celebrating New Year? Going for countdown and watch fireworks? Actually I can see fireworks from my house but it depends on where they light it up. Haha. Tomorrow will be a new day of year 2009 with a new resolution but I am still thinking bout my New Year's Resolution. How bout having more friends? Yeapz, that's definately gonna be in my list. Let's add more to it when time comes. Oh yea, and enjoy life to the max. ^^

I got to know that many of my friends are not working in Jusco. Hehe, that makes me feel like working too, but there is not much time left for me to enjoy as I've got lots more to do on my "To-DO List" after spm. There are still lots more to fulfill and I've got only 1 more month to do so. Hehe, not gonna work for my last one month of holiday. Gonna work hard and complete my list of "missions". Too all my friends who are working, all the best in earning and have fun when you are working. Don't take work seriously. l0l. Just enjoy while you work. Hehe

Lastly, to all my friends who just received their PMR 2008 results, congratz to all the ones who got great results and may you all achieve more in the future. For those who get unexpected results, may you all work harder in the future. Well, all the best to all form 3's, this is the last day to enjoy 15 years old life and next year, you will all be moving into ARTS and SCIENCE streams. All The Best In Your Future Undertakings. ^^

Signing Off...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Blog

Hi all, I've got myself a new blog with a new template and URL. Why did I do this? My old blog was good. Well, my mum wanted to use my blog to do advertisements cause that blog seems to fetch a lot of people to advertise there. So,I agve my mum that blog, and I havve to make myself a new one. I have to transfer all the posts from that blog to here. Initially, there is a way where I could just duplicate the whole blog, but I guess it was not my lucky day and it ended up with errors. lol. So, I had to copy EVERYTHING bit by bit to this blog and it took me bout an hour to settle everything. From now on, this will be my blog and the old blog will belong to my mum. So guys and girls, sorry to trouble you all, hope you would re-link me in to this address. Thanks all.

I will be going down to Penang AGAIN tomorrow. Yeapz, you can say I am going for second round of food fest but this time I am not gonna push myself into diarrhoea again this time. Hehe.

Lastyly, some updates on my future studies. I've finalized everything and I will be going to Cyberjaya on February 2009. I made up my mind and I will choose to go to MMU CYBERJAYA taking Foundation Of Engineering and then a degree for Electronics Engineering Majoring in Computer. This is my last and final decision. Still in the process to finish up my application forms and documents. Well, hope everthing does well. ^^

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rowan Atkinson

He is my favourite physical comedian =)

Back For Updates

Okie, lets update some stuffs after holiday mania. Ok firstly, I've got a new member to my family. He is a puppy, long puppy. Yeah, I know what's on your mind now and yeapz you are right, he is a daschund a.k.a hotdog. It's a pure breed and we named him jingle bell. Yeah, you know, a long name for a long dog. Haha. And since christmas is approaching, that's how he got name.

Meet Jingle Bell, he is only 10 months old. ^^

Next up, I've decided and have registered online for MMU(Multimedia University) in Melaka. It took me a lot of time to consider and finally I've decided to go there. I will be doing engineering, electronics engineering there and I will be starting school in february. February? Why so early? That's the 1st intake. The 2nd intake is way too late which is on June and I don't know what to do for such a long time. Now, since I am starting in February, I won'e be working part time in January. I will utilize all my time hanging out having fun. That's all I am gonna do. ^^

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Ends.. But...

Wolla, I am back from holidays 2008. Wakaka. Just came back from Penang yesterday. Let me tell you all what got into me. Ok firstly, it was a wonderful trip to Penang staying in G Hotel. That hotel is fantastic. 5 Star hotel. Very nice and grand. They had welcome drinks and I drink few cups yea. Kekeke. You whould go and try it out some day. Hehe. I told myself, me mission in Penang was to eat as much as I can and enjoy every single bite of food and taste every little bite. Lets see what I ate throughout the whole 3 days. If I could remember. Laksa, Chow Kuey Teow, Nasi Lemak, Apom( Many Flavours), Pancakes, Ikan Bakar, Sotong, Rojak, Tau Fu Fah. That was on the first two days. On the second day itself I ate 3 bowls of Laksa. And guess what, I had diarrhoea the next day. Saddening cause it stopped me from trying the Thai Food before we leave for Ipoh. The Thai Food was so nice. I could taste it with my eyes 0.0. But still, I took a few bites of everything. Wakaka. Since I am having diarrhoea already, no harm adding more to it. Haha. After eating, went home, and started to get sick. Haha. Everything that went it came out. It's a circle. Great, I don't have to exercise to lose them. Wakaka. Gabriel, some day you should go to Penang and experience the food. Me and My brother stuffed lots of rubbish into our stomaches

Next up, I will be finding for a part time job. Actually, I did not want to work, but now, since I am entering late for uni, I will have to work part time. I am stil considering where to go. Anyone interested to go to MMU with me??

Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Mania

I am back from Johor and Singapore BUT that's not the end of this year's holiday trip. I will be going to Penang again this saturday till monday. Haha. Holiday this time was realy fun. Most of the time we EAT and EAT and gain weight. Haha. In singapore we had great food thanks to Mr.Loo and Uncle Larry. Kaka. Thanks to their treat for the wonderful meals. Uncle Loo treated us seafood. GREAT seafood like real tasty shark fin soup and lobsters. Haha. Uncle Larry treated us crabs and gave us a great experience during his son's wedding. The best was the abalone. Not fake abalone. Real abalones. One each but it was a small one. Haha. Still, it tasted so good. Haha. Anyone who is intesrested to look at what I ate can visit my mum's blog at

I went to the Education Fair today in Syuen Hotel. There were not many booths but I got to know some colleges and universities with great offers each. However, I still can't make up my mind although I know what I want to do but I am still wondering where I to go and when I wanna start off. I have some choices and plans but I wanna look more into others before I make any choice as I would be there for the next 4 - 5 years. Since its still holidays, I should finish enjoying and plan later. Haha.

I fixed my old computer, the old pentium 4 today. I changed swap the ram slots. How did I got to know that? It was because yesterday when I got home from Johor, I found out that the new computer was down. So this morning I called up the DELL technician and he taught me some troubleshooting steps. So I did it and it worked. Then I tried it on my pentium 4 which always reboots by itself and it works~! Now I can use my old computer again without problems. I clean the interior a little. So filled with dust and I cleaned it with a brush, some tissues and a piece of wet cloth. Well, it works now and I am satisfied with it although it might not be able to support many games but somehow it still allows me to surf the net and maybe dota. Haha.

Today is the 11th and holiday is still on. I wish everyone Happy Holidays. I see my sister asking friends bout holiday homeworks and I thought back bout me for the past few years, I did holiday homeworks too. AND now, I am free~!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Farewell My Friends

The best thing in school are friends. Friends make u sad and happy. At times they might hurt you and do things that you do not expect. But at the end of the day, friends are still friends and my life in school has been great with all my friends there. Some I might not really know them, but getting to know one whom I do not know at first. Another good friend of mine will be leaving soon. Migrating to Australia. This guy had disturbed me a lot in class. Really a lot. He is the guy who keeps calling me starfish and made me have this nickname. Thanks to him for introducing me such a nickname. Anyway, I wish him all the best in his future undertakings and do come back to visit your friends in IPOH. Take care my friend :)

Friends in MP. Taken while having dinner in MP. Still have lots more not there on that day.

To all my friends, take care, and may we meet in the future :)