Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I think I do posts like this very often when I am in Penang. I think its getting bored :D But I have no happenings around me in Penang. I have but not much. =.= My course takes most of my time here. Classes are almost taking up my days from morning till evening everyday. What more when assignments and tests come in? Haha. All I have left are Saturdas and Sundays and revisions are needed to be done =.="

From last will until the next 2 weeks, I will be all up for Assignments and Tests. But, one thing different for this semester compared to the previous semester is that,I don't have such tough assignments anymore. That doesn't mean my assignment is gonna be easy. It's still challenging. Haha. Every semester, our lecturers give us the chance to learn new components by making us build different circuits and projects. Well, actually. I kinda like it :D except for the times when I had to stay awake through the nights to figure out the problems and finalizing the reports.

Things get to bored these days with so much work. I go to youtube more often for, as usual, comedies. Haha. I shared quite a few of Rowan Atkinson's videos with you all in my previous post the other day. And now I have more of others. :D

If this is how you will perform in your interview next time, I believe you will get a higher pay :P

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Created Diamonds

I believe everyone has heard of diamonds, especially ladies being the dream gift for ladies. But have anyone heard of Green Diamonds? Green Diamonds are diamonds which are eco-friendly. Ever heard of that?

Well, if you've never heard of it, log on to Fancy Diamonds for a look. they sell all types of eco-friendly diamonds. One of the best are definitely the Green Diamonds. These diamonds are not only green, they are beautiful. These diamonds special environment friendly Green and Greenish-Yellow laboratory grown diamonds. They are really beautiful and I believe everyone will be attracted to it. Having doubts? Go to their website to check it out now.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rowan Atkinson's Sketches. Enjoy!!

Rowan Atkinson Live - Elementary Dating

Rowan Atkinson Live - The Invisible Man

Rowan Atkinson Live - The Conductor

Rowan Atkinson Live - Fatal Beatings

Rowan Atkinson Live - Welcome To Hell

And My Favourite
Rowan Atkinson Live - The Invisible Drumset

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Busy Week Ahead

As usual during every semester, there will be a time when everything gets stuffed up together and everyone gets busy with their own work. Well, the time has come, for the next 3 weeks, it will be the busiest weeks for this semester I think. All the Assignments and Tests land on the same weeks. I am ready for it after so many semesters of experiencing it =.=
Good thing this semester, there's no lecturer as strict as previous semesters, but there is just one lecturer that makes the whole class gets bored and sleepy. Nobody catches a thing he says but he is extremely efficient in giving out quizes. There will be at least one quiz in one week. AT LEAST! Meaning there could be more. How could a lecturer give out quizes if the students understand nothing from what he teaches. LoL. He talks to himself in the class. Pity him. Haha

By the way, I am back in Ipoh again now. I only have one week of holidays. How I wish I had 2 weeks. Haha, then it would be like having a sem break. LoL. I look at my holidays timeline, I feel it's so short =.= It doesn't seem like a holiday. I don't even get a holiday on "1 Malaysia" day. *sigh*

I got this video from facebook today. This is what happens when people don't study well and act smart. >.<>

Friday, September 03, 2010


Hello everybody, how's everyone doing? I've been lazy in updating my blog again for the past 2 weeks. I was on a 5 days holiday before this from Last Friday till this past Tuesday. I came back to Penang 2 days back on Wednesday, Today is Friday and I will be back in Ipoh again on the coming Tuesday night. Haha. Well, I know most of you are having your holidays already especially those from schools and local uni's. So sad INTI did not give us 2 weeks of holidays :@ Argh!! One thing good about local uni's is that, they have holidays whenever there are school holidays , INTI boh holiday!!!

I just finished my week 5 today, will be proceeding to week 6 next week and there are 17 weeks in this semester, meaning I am always half way there. Almost only. LoL. A lot of holidays these few weeks, but once I reach october, there wont be much holidays already. Sob sob.

It's time to start my assignments already. 2 Major assignments these semester. Firstly, the most interesting one, to built a rechargable lamp. Not really rechargable cause we will be simulating the charging part, but I like this assignment more than the other one. The other one is to convert a bicycle into a motorcycle =.=" Something to do with motors. Well, just got this assignment online today and no explanations from the lecturer yet. Hehe.

I was watching Moonlight Resonance at home the other day, cause my sister was watching it again. So I joined in and watched a bit here and there. I forgot most of it but I couldn't finish the last few episodes and I was curious to know the ending cause obviously this is a pretty nice drama. So I came back here to Penang to get the last few episodes from my friend. Finished them, deleted, satisfied :D