Sunday, September 27, 2009

Miss To Say Goodbye

Everyone has gone home. My cousin, relatives and brother. My brother will be off to Italy next week for 3 months until after christmas. So, the last time I saw him was few hours ago. Hopefully he would have a wonderful time enjoying himself in Italy for 3 months!!. I wanna go there too next time for my internship. Haha. If I can get into GE.

My cousin, my closest buddy has gone home back to JB to continue his 3 more weeks of holidays while I enjoy my next one month of studies!! and will be having a test during the coming week. Either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Very fun spending time with him everynight. Hey hey hey don't think the other way kay?? Haha. Thanks for helping me with my assignment. Gaming session was fun yea? But first few nights don't know why kept losing ni. Enjoy killing people in early game then wait to lose. LoL. Even Hsien Rhu joined us for a few games. It has been a long time since the last time I played with him. Still got teamwork. Masih Boleh Tahan lo. Haha.

Will be sending my phone for warranty these few days before the warranty voids. Wanna change my keypads and camera button, update software and clean up the whole phone. While waiting, my old old old Nokia 3610 would be coming in handy. Haha. Hopefully the workmanship is fast.

Now I feel lazy going back to college/hostel tomorrow after one week of holidays. I will be leaving home at 6.30am tomorrow. Come back Ipoh makan non-stop. It's like the first batch of food haven't reach the stomach, the second batch started to Q-up already. Haha. I miss all my loved ones. I miss her, my cousin, my family members and everyone whom I spent my holidays with!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Study Break Holidays

This whole week is my study break not sem break but still, I've enjoyed myself very much. Haha. I just went back to Penang AGAIN yesterday to pass my assignment to my friend and to hang out with my cousin for a while there. We went to Penang Road AGAIN for the laksa but the laksa stall was closed. So, we ate "Chow Kuay Teow" and "Hokkien Prawn Noodles" and a bowl of cendol each for him, me and my friend(King Foong). It rained and shined yesterday afternoon so weather wasn't that bad. IT was cooling yesterday when we went eating in an old coffee shop. After that, we went to Queensbay to Jalan-Jalan. We wanted to go to Gurney actually BUT when we were in college, so much time were wasted.
At first, I wanted to look for the principle, his secretary said he wasn't in. Then I called up the Head Of Student Affairs. The Dean of the college. He said he will be back by 1pm. So I waited for him. I wasited till 1.15pm. I called him again, he said he will be back by 2 after lunch. Suen ba, don't wanna wait d. Waste my time walking up and down in the college. So we went off to Penang Road. After Queensbay, my cousin did not find the shoe he wanted, we went back to the bus station. Don't know what was with the traffic yesterday, the jam was so long that the journey home took us 3 hours++!! At least we reached home safely =)

I enjoyed this study break very much. YES I know I am suppose to study during study break, but, =) is all I can say. Haha.
Hanging out with HER was FANTASTIC!!
Wanna go out with HER again.
Wanna meet HER soon.
Wanna watch movies with HER.
Wanna go jalan-jalan with HER.
Tomorrow perhaps? =)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Apa khabar everybody? It has been a long time since I didn't update my blog yea? Maybe bout a week. Not that long only =.="

I've been busy with my college stuffs especially my assignments. As I said earlier, I am undergoing a short sem now(8 Weeks), you might think it's fun. In fact, that was what I thought earlier too before my sem started. "Short sem only ma, relax a bit, study a while ni then holidays d". WRONG MAN! Short sem is much more stressful compared to long sem. Lecturers and teaching so fast. Ok, I 'm getting used to their "engine capacity" but now the assignments =.=

MY EEE lecturer has released our first assignment 3 days ago on monday. Project title is to build a power supply regulator. Let me explain what it is like( He explained two days after he released his assignment to us) "Smart". We are suppose to build a circuit/prototype that converts a 240vAC power source(The place you plug in your computers, chargers, electronic equipments) to a 5vDC. Ok, sounds easy? LOL. We have to build everything from scratch and hunting our own materials. Let's see how dangerous it is. A short in our circuit can cause blackout in the whole college =) We even have to build our own plug that directs the 240V into our circuit. According to the lecturer, this project hasn't been done for past few semester. The last time they did it, the whole college's power were short. Cool. Previous semester students used only a 9v battery(Safe to play with)
Why is ours so tough? That's only the first part. Apart from that, we have to use that own built power supply regulator to power up a circuit counter. Explanation : A two sided circuit which one side has a counter attached to it. the counter's value increases when something goes in between the two circuit. COOL? Here comes the hard part. We have only one week duration to do it.
Plus, the fast lectures make us blur bout the characteristics of those components. Everything has to be done by internet research. Even the lecturer ask us to research ourselves and he is not gonna teach about anything or give any advise on how to build the circuit/what is needed to build one SAFELY.

Conclusion, it's a dangerous project and no one has any idea on where to start. My bro's friend who is undergoing degree program gave me a good advice. "Build it and ask the lecturer to test it" Good Idea but, the lecturer wants us to snap pictures of our outcomes and measurements. =.= and the funny thing is this project only contributes 4 marks to the whole coursework marks.

God please bless me with all the knowledge I need...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Staying Up

I am still awake now at 2.22am. Actually, I was starting on my Engineering Maths assignment but I got stuck half way and I wasn't able to online justnow. BUT now since I got online, everyone who could help me are already offline. Haha. So, I planned to do my Lab Report. Tengok Tengok, it's so confusing I don't know where to start from and what the report requires. BUT, I've thought of a solution to it. Will be calling Hann again tomorrow for some guidance. Hopefully he is free. Haha, always disturb him only.

Tomorrow's class(Later during the day) will be at 3pm. So, I would be able to stay up a little later. Haha. not to play really. Wanna work on my revision. Short sem is really pack. Everything is going too fast. Furthermore, engineering is a tough course. *Sigh*

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy Day(6 = 1/2*12)

YES people!! It's a very happy day for me today. It's a day to remember. It's a date to remember, to recall the happiest incident that has ever happened to me. This is all done simply by devotion of one person in my life. That person IS!!!!! (Guess yourself k?) Haha. Good boy, Good girl. Well seriously, I am really happy today. I never thought I could go through with her for so long. It has really been a wonderful time for the past 6 months. Although throughout the past 3 months I've been in Penang and she was in Ipoh but things were unchanged. Yea, as usual we faced ups, downs and real downs but it was only part of the journey. Everything would be fine as long as we're together. (My mum is gonna be senseless when she reads this). There's still a long way to go. Prayerfully, distance wouldn't be a problem to us. I hope she could always be happy =) I wanna tell the world === I LOVE HER VERY MUCH!!! I can't wait to see her again...

It has been bad nights for the few previous nights without electricity. Yesterday was the worse, the whole hostel was blackout and nobody could see nothing. The fuse was burned and everyone was in darkness. It was hard to get to sleep without fan and not even natural wind then I started missing somebody badly again. *Sigh* but today was a happy day =)
It would be a nice 09/09/09 day tomorrow and the day after that I've gotta work for prom night already(To earn activity marks for my scholarship). Gotta take care of the booth and be in charged of registration. Still thinking to go or not to go. Most probably would be back in Ipoh for mooncake festival =P. Plus, the ticket is expensive!! and !!! Where shall I get a date??? LOL!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Semester 2 : The Beginning

Since I made it to second semester, I am doing my second semester now =.=. This semester will be a short semester as we only have 6 study weeks. The first thing that comes into your mind "Short semester, relax loooohhh" BUT it's not!!! During this short sem we still have to learn the same amount as long sem, the difference is, in short sem everything is cramped and rushed through. SO, that made me feeling lost in class. Today was only the second day of class and I am lost. LOL. Actually, only 14 people made it through the first sem for my batch of intake. From around 30+ to 14. Other people from my class are the seniors who are retaking the subjects. We were not the only ones who are lost in the class, the whole class is in total confusion, even the top scorers.

Good news is that I have people to help me out. Thanks to my bro's friend Hann and my cousin Wilson. Both seniors in this course but from other Uni's. Just came back from supper with Hann. Went to mamak store with him to seek for his help to teach me and my friends Gabriel what we've lost. By the way, my whole gang of friends, some changed course, changed college or doing repeats, leaving me and Gabriel in the class("Survivors"). Haha. The class is so quiet now as all the jokers are not here anymore.

Studying this course(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) is like playing a Surviror game to see who can survive through all the semesters and make it to graduation. What to do, wanna have better future gotta work harder. Nothing comes easy right? Hehe

This semester is tough. The lecturers are teaching so fast that when I enter the classroom, it makes me feel like I am in Sepang Circuit =.="