Thursday, July 30, 2009

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Before I started this course, when I chose this course, many people including those graduated from Degree and some of my brother's friends who are undergraduates in this course told me that it is gonna be a very tough course. Top hardest courses in the Engineering Field. Now I find that what they said were very true. This course is indeed a very tough course. Especially studying in a private college, requirements and standards here are higher I feel. The projects they give are tough. Competition here is high. From the beginning of this semester till now, my class has lost 10 students making my class from 40 to 30 students now. Some of my course mates told me that they are planning to change course after this semester or some are even going out to work, due to the difficulty of this course. I don't hope to see my friends dropping out. *sigh*

I am starting to feel stressed in this course. During my first week here, I told myself to set a good foundation for myself by getting a GPA of 4.0. 2 weeks later I told myself again, 3.8 would do good for you. Now, 2 weeks away from the final exams, all I hope for is just 3.5 and above. All I wish now is to be in Dean's list. I never expected this course to be so tough, much tougher than I had expected. During the beginning when I made my mind to study in this course, many had told me to BE PREPARED but I took things easy. Finally, I experienced it. IT IS TOUGH!!

"I just wanna be in Dean's list(3.5 & above)"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Exam Time~!!!

Time passed so fast. Perak Marching Band Competition2009 is over. Congrats to The Saints for getting 2nd this year. It was a great achievement especially with a majority of juniors in the band marching for the first time. Good Job Guys~!!! I met lots of friends there on that night. All ex-smi people and even some from other schools but one thing that I am little disappointed at myself is that I didn't get to talk much with them. Just more of Hi & Bye conversations. But it's really nice meeting all of them again seeing that they are in good shape. Especially the CG people, Louis,Desmond and Wilson. Didn't get to chat with them too. All my ex-band brothers in MMB. *SIgh* Good to see Kwok Sing on that night being the same old him. Haha. Anyway, it's not the end of the world. Hope to see you guys soon again. I think it will be in August the next time we have the chance to meet up =) Take Care Guys...
Meet two Poi Lam members too on that night. They were friendly. Dominic and Joshua. Guess will be meeting them too on that Merdeka Day too. =)

Next up will be my final exams for Semester One. Again time passed to fast. lol. I have 2 weeks left to study for my final exams and on the theird week from now I will be taking my Final Exams. Wish me the best of luck =)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Done But Not The End

Hello everyone, my projects and assignments are all done, presented and handed up. Finally everything is over. What a tough week before this. Today we went to class and passed up our final and toughest project. I like this project a lot, but this project is sometimes frustrating. We were needed to make a capacitor and inductor. One group consists of 2 members but my friends and I combined together to produce 3 capacitors, 3 inductors and 3 reports. It all begin 3 weeks back when we went hunting for materials. We bought one aluminium plate, plastic, nails and copper. Then nothing can be produced. We went hunting again and again for few days in that 2 weeks. Finally we came back with all the materials and then we started doing experiments on the components. The whole class was using one same design and concept, so we decided to do something different, but end up nothing, value obtained was stable but too small. *Sigh*. WE did our experiments until yesterday, when we had no time, we decided to change to do what everyone is doing. The easiest way. So we started our work yesterday. Actually no point starting so early as the value will run everyday. So we did a last minute built yesterday and started working from 2++pm till we finished everything at 2++am. We worked for 12 hours straight. Everyone was so tired and mentally exhausted. Almost everyone was late for class today. I thought I was late when I reached at 8++ there were only 3 of us. Haha, I guess everyone was working round the clock yesterday night. This is not called last minute work. It's just that we had to modify the components every now and then to get the exact value. But somehow nobody gets the exact value.
Measured value yesterday night was nice, but today, it turned, because of movement of air, change in temperature and stiffness of the materials.

This was when we were starting out project, I forgot to take the mess of the table after work, was too tired already. =)

This is my inductor, we drew a cartoon on it this morning before passing it up for testing just for fun, other groups were just plain masking tapes. Haha
One of the smallest inductor in the class =P

This is my capacitor. Smallest capacitor in the class =P

The value for inductor needed was 100mH(value is not as small as you think it is. It takes approximately 1800 rounds of copper around the ferrite core) and capacitor was 5nF

Through this project, we failed many many times but at the end of the day we enjoyed very much. Lot's of jokes and laughters during the process, failure is not something bad too as Thomas Edison quote, "I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb."

This project has been fun. Looking forward to build more of other things in the future semesters. E&E Engineering is really a tough course. Tough in both practical and theory.
Next coming up after this is band comp on 24th, and final exams which is 3 weeks from now. TONIGHT??? Going out for movies with friends :) CHAOZZZ......

Monday, July 13, 2009

What A Meal

Let me tell you guys something very exciting today. My friends and I went to Penang Road for lunch today cause we plan after makan go somewhere there nearby to buy materials for our project. We ordered and enjoyed our meal. After eating and drinking, my friend went out to "Tah Pau" some fried food(Fried Cempedak, Fried Banana) and brought in to eat. After eating 2 pieces only, something dripped from the ceiling. Then there was a very strong smell of shit smell. Oh SHIT~!!. It's real shit. Two of my friends got a few drips on them. Wahlao, don't know where those shit came from also. We quickly ran out and followed them to get a new shirt. Very bad experience today. We don't dare to go to the same place again. Famous laksa and cendol, but too bad, it's not clean enough to be there. *Sigh*

(1) Building an Inductor and a Capacitor - DUE ON FRIDAY
(2) Programming assignment - DONE
(3) English Presentation - DONE
(4) Written Work for Basic Electrical Technology - DONE
(5) Upcoming Final Lab Test - DONE
(6) Second Test for Basic Electrical Technology - TOMORROW

Oh man.. Finally two weeks of busyness is gonna be over soon. Gonna go hang out with my friends this friday for movies and makan =)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

In The Mid Of Busyness

Hey all, I am ack to update my survival status on my assignments. Still surviving. still relaxing, still enjoying. Haha. My mum is gonna be so worried when she sees this. Haha. She will be thinking " What is Andy doing in college? Enjoying himself when his desk is full of assignments and pojects" Don't worry mum~! You are used to it for the past 5 years already. Hehe, my mum knows very well bout me since PMR and SPM. Haha. Her blood pressure goes up whenever she thinks bout my studies and she only gets a relief for a few days after my results come out and then her blood pressure will increase again. I have a funny yet wonderful mother :D

Will be back to Ipoh on the 24th for the Perak Band Finals. SMI made it to finals. Haha. Even my close friend who were lost from band couple years back is back to band to perform for the bass drum line this year. Nice one. I am gonna meet up with lots of people this coming finals. Can't wait for the day to come. Haha.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Drown In Busyness

Have been busy these days. Very busy for many things. This and That BUT


Have been busy with lots of assignments and projects. Let's list out what is to be done for the next 2 weeks
(1) Building an Inductor and a Capacitor [ ASSIGNMENT ]
(2) Programming assignment [ ASSIGNMENT ]
(3) English Presentation [ ASSIGNMENT ]
(4) Written Work for Basic Electrical Technology [ ASSIGNMENT ]
(5) Upcoming Final Lab Test [ TEST]
(6) Second Test for Basic Electrical Technology [ TEST]

So many things to be done in two weeks. But still, I still have time for some fun =P. Watching movies during the nights are still on. Haha.
Went mountain climbing too today with my friends because no matter how busy you are, you still need to exercise and keep your body system in a healthy mode

GET IT?!?!?!? HAHA

It is already the 1st of July today and it's also Perak Band Competition Preliminary rounds today. Heard some feedbacks from some members here and there. I have been missing my moments in the band throughout this year's season. *Sigh*