Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Finally, rain came to Penang. Not the korean singer but the weather. LoL. It hasn't been raining here for months and now it has started to rain. Since monday till today, every evening without a miss. Haha. So syok to sleep everynight after the rain. That's why I have been sleeping early these nights. Haha. But the bad thing is, I have to wake up every morning at 7am. "Potong Steam" betul. Tsk tsk~~ Wanna cover myself in blanket and enjoy sleeping during the best time to sleep of the day also tak boleh. But after next week maybe can already =D

Hmmm... According to my maths lecturer, he said next week will be the last week for classes but according to the semester time table next week will be the second last week. So, which one is true? O.O??? Haha, we'll see. Works well both ways but prefer it to end next week then I will have 2 weeks to revise before the final exams =D

This week and next week will be the most packed weeks of the semester. Phew~ Gotta start my revisions now for my friday test. Worried for saturday's assignment interview. :x

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yay!! Will be going back to Ipoh tomorrow noon again. Haven't been going back this month. Hehe. As usual, I will be going back tomorrow at 12.45pm (Direct Bus to Ipoh) YEAH!! Nothing is up this week, so, I'm free to go back. Initially we had to pass up our EEE Assignment 2 this Saturday and having a group by group interview. But because of the Final Year Project Presentation by the Final Year students, my lecturer postponed it to Sunday. Then, many said that they have church stuffs and some have Cheng Ming( I don't know how to spell it, paiseh) So postponed to one week later~ Syokness~~~.. Haha..

Few days back I went to Sunshine Mall to buy biscuits, mee and some snacks for myself to eat in hostel. When I was shopping for stuffs, I found Munchy's Lexus having a promotion with 25% extra, of course with an increment in its price too. But it looked so big and long so I decided to get it. Haha. It looks like this ::

This is the wrapper, it looks not much longer BUT
Have I not been eating this biscuit for months or has it really increased by 50% instead of 25?? Haha.. =D

Oh yea.. I'll be going for PGS Band Concert this coming Saturday. Anyone else going too? =) Time to meet up~~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy-ness Ahead

I can feel that the busy times will be coming again. But somehow I feel this semester is not as pack as the previous two semesters. Maybe because this semester the lecturers take things easier and time were longer, but no matter what, the studies are still as tough. U_U

Just got back my Engineering Drawing test paper today and I finally could conclude that I suck in drawing. I can never draw well, all the way since primary school. Haha. I do not have a Hand of Arts. But at least I passed and it as only a 10% paper of the overall. So yea, it's still fine. I am only angry why I couldn't draw as nice as others especially the girls =.=. I never did any nice drawings in my life. *sigh* Now I tell myself "Luckily I did not go for Civil Engineering" Haha. I never liked drawing. I know what I like. I like to think. I like to plan. I like to think and think bout stuffs, many many stuffs, relevant or not I'll still think. My mind is always thinking. According to Russell Peters, Men can stop thinking for minutes LOL but I can't. I like to think especially when solving problems. I love to solve problems but I get frustrated when I think too long. =D That's why I like working in front of the computer. Haha. I am not good in studies as well, cause I'm a lazy person.
(p/s my mum knows this very well) =P

I believe this is an old video. But I got to watch it again today and felt it was very very meaningful. Everyone should listen to this. =) My friends and family.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't Know What To Title Out

Just a random post to keep my blog updated. Haha. After this week, there will be 5 more study weeks to go + 1 week study break + 1 week final exams and there it goes my 3rd semester is done. Will be going to college after this post to revise for my upcoming EEE test this wednesday. EEE is always the hardest test among all subjects mainly because it is the core most subject among all subjects. Will be having EEE in every semester I think. Don't know how many parts are there. LOL. For this semester the subject I like most is CSC1180(C++ Programming) =D because the lecturer is interesting and fun. Haha. He made things easy for the class. I think everyone in the class likes him too. Easy going. That's the type of lecturer everyone is looking, maybe except for the nerds. Haha.

Oh yea, I renewed my driving license few days ago on Last Tuesday(9/3). No more P. I am now a CDL holder. Haha. Cost me RM90 for 3 years validity. =O

My previous P License
My new CDL License
Anyone has any recommendations of apartments here in Penang?? I am looking for an apartment for my friends and I. Hostel is expensive. =(

Something fun happened yesterday. Something I did for the first time in my life. Something that is worth everything. Special thanks to Zi Xian for his kind help to make all these possible. Thanks man~!! =D

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Night At IRC

I am currently at IRC online. Oops... No longer IRC, it is now known as the Gateway Cafe. IRC has bankrupt. It's multilevel marketing business has failed badly. BOOooo~~!!! This Gateway Cafe seemed to give me and my friends a good impression. We are allowed to online here as late as we want to even after the shop closes and there are many jacks for us to plug in our laptop chargers. WHOoo~~ The air here is so windy. So much better than being in the hostel. Hehe.

A new name for the cafe
New menu for the cafe( I didn't take the old one because I didn't know it would close down so fast) Haha..=)

It is going to be my anniversary with her tomorrow about 2hours 45minutes from now. Umm I like that feel. Can't wait for tomorrow to come. I gotta admit. I do love her very much =) Never loved someone so much before. Tomorrow will be a good day, although we can't meet each other, but well, technologies keep us in touch. Hehe.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Time Passes Fast,Doesn't It?? =)

Argh!!, my blog is getting more and more dull. Need to find more stuffs to update, not much happenings these days =( [Any Ideas What For Me To Blog About???]

It's MARCH already. 3rd month of the year. No more holidays till the end of this semester, 2 more months to go. I want to go back to Ipoh more because Ipoh is a wonderful town. Right? Keke, actually it's because there are nicer food for me to enjoy in Ipoh(My mum's cookings =P) and special people to hang out with me(HER). At least I don't get bored in Ipoh as I am here in Penang. not the weekdays, but the weekends. Hopefully I can go back to Ipoh once in 2 weeks from now on. I don't like staying in the hostel on weekends. It's way too boring sitting on my bed for the whole day surrounded by 4 cornered walls.It's like hard to breathe in here. Haha. I will be going back everytime my cousin goes back so that I can follow him back to Penang. Hehe.

Gotta brush up on studies as time is running fast!! Final exams will be here very soon. Out of 15 study weeks, I am now in week 9 already. I didn't notice that time passed so fast. During the beginning of this semester, everything seemed so slow =.=" Good good, it's a good thing that time passes fast too. Haha. But enjoying time should pass slower .. Hmmm ...

Next Monday will be my one year anniversary with Her. But I can't be back in Ipoh because it's a Monday *Sigh* Manyak Cepat time passes, so fast we've been together for a year already =D I've been listening to one song, I didn't know I had that song in my Lappy. I can't upload the song but I've uploaded the video here. Dedicated specially to Her. =) I love You