Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy-ness Ahead

I can feel that the busy times will be coming again. But somehow I feel this semester is not as pack as the previous two semesters. Maybe because this semester the lecturers take things easier and time were longer, but no matter what, the studies are still as tough. U_U

Just got back my Engineering Drawing test paper today and I finally could conclude that I suck in drawing. I can never draw well, all the way since primary school. Haha. I do not have a Hand of Arts. But at least I passed and it as only a 10% paper of the overall. So yea, it's still fine. I am only angry why I couldn't draw as nice as others especially the girls =.=. I never did any nice drawings in my life. *sigh* Now I tell myself "Luckily I did not go for Civil Engineering" Haha. I never liked drawing. I know what I like. I like to think. I like to plan. I like to think and think bout stuffs, many many stuffs, relevant or not I'll still think. My mind is always thinking. According to Russell Peters, Men can stop thinking for minutes LOL but I can't. I like to think especially when solving problems. I love to solve problems but I get frustrated when I think too long. =D That's why I like working in front of the computer. Haha. I am not good in studies as well, cause I'm a lazy person.
(p/s my mum knows this very well) =P

I believe this is an old video. But I got to watch it again today and felt it was very very meaningful. Everyone should listen to this. =) My friends and family.

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reanaclaire said...

yes, i know u r a thinker.. u love to lie down on the bed, eyes looking up the ceiling and i know u r in your own world.. :)