Saturday, January 27, 2007

So Far So Good

Okie. Life in school is back to normal as last year d. I know the teachers d. Know their personality and how they do things. Add-maths is tricky. I mean the subject not the teacher but i can cope with it. I think the problem now is Moral where i need to memorise. I think Pure Science is kinda fun. Add-maths and Mod-maths is always the best subjects cause I like it when the question is tough where I need to use my IQ. l0l.

Planning to get a Nokia 3250 . Had been wanting to get it since last year. Any comments on phones? Dont ask me get those 2k handphones. l0l. No money. Don't want to get Sony Ericsson phones because firstly it does not support symbian and secondly all phones function the same as in they have almost everything same only different name and prices.

Tomorrow got school. So bored.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

IT Class

Started IT class this week. This week's lesson was on Evolution Of Computers. l0l. Take notes only for 2 days lesson. used 4-5 pages. l0l. Only 36 computers but 44 students. So have to rush in a fight for one computer. Got assignment. Need to present next wednesday. For normal Computer Class have to built/design a website of your own. l0l. Altogether one year 10 assignments. All computer assignments. This would be fun!!!

Next, School is getting less hectic already. Less homework. Started Biology tuition. Very fun tuition.l0l. That tuition centre is like a haunted building. wooden walls and creepy door sounds. l0l. tuition for all science subjects Bm and Add-maths. Maths in form 4 quite hard but I am still surviving it. Haha.

Started training up the drumline today. I hope everything would run smoothly.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Penang trip

so, went to Penang yesterday and just came back. Arrived there bout noon and had lunch with my cousin. l0l. The food there is darn expensive. One plate of Chow Keuy Teow is Rm5.50. One plate of fried oyster is Rm10. Wah lunch is a normal coffee shop costs bout RM40++. If I am not mistaken it was Lorong Selamat or something like that. l0l. I am bad in recognising roads and routes. Next. Checked in Hotel. Sheraton hotel. 5 Star Hotel IF i am not mistaken again. Then went to a newly built shopping mall to shop for stuffs. Quintsbay Mall. Very big oo. But nothing to buy. Haha. 4 something went to eat Penang Laksa. Ngek Ngek. Mine was the last bowl and when i took one bite I saw and insect in there i quickly spitted it out. MAN!!! so gross ke? Bad Bad.

Next day which is today after lunch went to Prangin Mall and bought nothing only my sis bout a shirt. Wanted to buy Patrick the starfish but I don't know why I didn't buy. l0l.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My 16th Year On Earth

Haha. Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday Andy. Birthday is something fun cause I am now officially older by 1 year on earth. l0l. I wonder how will I be celebrating tonight or perhaps not gonna celebrate at all!!!!! Not a problem casue I've got everything I want and all my love ones and my special one. Don't ask me siapa tu.

Next, studying in form 4 is tough job. 10 subjects. Listening to the introductions lone make me sick d. What more studying? Moreover I am in Science 1 where teachers think it's the best class soi they will teach like bullet trains if you get what I mean. l0l. School teachers are great except for 3 of them whom I won;t mention here scared kena tangkap. l0l.

Band practice, Today practice 1 hour tomorrow for 2 functions. One funeral function and one is the induction for form 1's. My section cant even march and play. They either march or play. ZZzzZzz. What's the use man. Can't blame myself if they don't want to practice.

That's all for now... Goodbye

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The internet connection is so slow I need to take so long to get into my blog to update it as in now. Is this gonna go on for another 3 weeks? swt

School Re-opened and I am there in Science 1 where I will be studying 11 subjects for the next 2 years. Tough job isn't it? Guess I will have to start my effort now in order to achieve something in the near future.

There was a function yesterday. So called christmas celebration organized by the Perak government. Actually it was suppose to end at 9pm but turned out it ended at 11pm instead. Thanks to last minute changes saying we have to play another Perak Anthem before the dismissal. Waited for another 2 hours doing nothing there.

Today was a fun day. Went out with my friends to Ipoh Parade to makan in Marybrown then went for a short walk in the complex. Seriously this is my first time hanging out with my friends in the mall and my first time to meet girls outside. Unbelievable right? As a teenager this is my first time hanging out with friends. l0l. No Life. There are things I can't post up here. Haha. Fun things which will be kept silence.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Hey yo people... Happy New Year 007... All my love to my love ones and friends...

Wish you all a Happy and Peaceful life this year