Thursday, January 11, 2007

My 16th Year On Earth

Haha. Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday Andy. Birthday is something fun cause I am now officially older by 1 year on earth. l0l. I wonder how will I be celebrating tonight or perhaps not gonna celebrate at all!!!!! Not a problem casue I've got everything I want and all my love ones and my special one. Don't ask me siapa tu.

Next, studying in form 4 is tough job. 10 subjects. Listening to the introductions lone make me sick d. What more studying? Moreover I am in Science 1 where teachers think it's the best class soi they will teach like bullet trains if you get what I mean. l0l. School teachers are great except for 3 of them whom I won;t mention here scared kena tangkap. l0l.

Band practice, Today practice 1 hour tomorrow for 2 functions. One funeral function and one is the induction for form 1's. My section cant even march and play. They either march or play. ZZzzZzz. What's the use man. Can't blame myself if they don't want to practice.

That's all for now... Goodbye

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