Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post About My Doggie

This time the star of the post will be my doggie Labby. I seldom talk about him since the day he joined my family. Haha. I believe she is very happy to live here in our home because all she has to do is to eat and sleep only. That's why whoever that sees her will say that she is fat. She isn't fat is our eyes, probably because we see her everyday. Haha. Here is how she looks like.
This is my doggie Labby. Isn't she pretty? Isn't she thin? Not so fat right? Hehe.

She and her "Boyfriend" . Didn't get a nice shot cause they keep moving. They were so shy =P

Remember me saying that she only eats and sleeps? Well, she goes for evening walk everyday too actually. Hehe. But this is what she does during her free time(almost the whole day)
Haha. Who is that next to her? That's our guest for one night. My maid's friend's puppy. A boxer. Haha. Labby gets jealous whenever we play with that puppy and not her and she will start barking extremely loudly.
This is how dogs make friends I think. I sniff you, you sniff me later. Or is it how they identify their gender? =P

This is what makes my family special and Labby too. Everyone in our family are almost "Mata Sepet" and Labby is not excluded !!
Well, actually, that was a lucky shot. I guess she was blinking her eyes. Haha

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Genting Trip!!

It has been a long time since the last time I went to Genting Highlands. But I just came back from there last Sunday. It was a fun holiday trip with my family. We went there for 3 days 2 nights at the First World Hotel. It was a fun place to be after so long I've not been there, because I have almost forgotten everything I've seen before in Genting. Haha. First day when we reached there, on Friday, we did nothing much. Just walked around for the whole evening and went for 4D Motion Master ride. Not as thrilling as I remebered the last time I went there. That evening, I tried to walk into the casino with my mum, but I was stopped by the guard. I guess I still look young =P

Second day, we had our fullest time at the outdoor theme park. I think we spent our ticket worth enough. Took around 8 rides. From 10.++am till 4.++pm. Yeapz, it was enough, we were tired, our feet were tired walking around then we went back to relax in the room. But then my sister, my brother and not to forget, Gabriel was with us too, they 3 were not done yet, so they went for the Cyclone. I wanted to go too, so I went down to find them but when I was there they were already in the ride =.=

Some of the photos we took that day =) Those without me in it were the pictures I took using Gabriel's DSLR. Haha. Was playing with his camera snapping everything, including a rubbish bin and 2 girls, but he didn't send them to me. Guess he kept it for himself =P

First of all, allow me to introduce you my new friends, which I don't know what their names were >.<

My brother(left) and Gabriel (Right), don't they two look alike? Haha
I caught a picture of this kid playing with himself and went he saw me taking pictures of him, he closed his face. Haha
The Pirate Ship. I sat it the first thing we entered the theme park. But they went again for the last time before leaving the theme park and I did not follow because I was feeling dizzy =.=
This is the Cyclone I was talking about. My brother, my sister and Gabriel were on it that time and I was down there taking their pics, but after many shots, I can't seem to catch them. The car was faster an my finger reactions.

Digging digging...

When we first reached there, I went to the toilet. The toilet was very big and when I went to pee I saw this O.O
*closer look*
Haha. For those who can't pee properly =D
The whole of Genting Highlands, prototype photo. I did not take it from a helicopter. Haha

This guy, he has been standing up there since afternoon and in the evening he was still there dancing. I think he is paid to just stand and dance on the roof =.=
Whee~ A finale sweet family photo =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Operation Homefront

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ashworth College. All opinions are 100% mine.

My uncle is an ex-military man, he served in the marines for almost fifteen years before he was retired. Now he is in his fifties and he loves telling us stories and experiences during his service as a military man, how he has served the country during that duration. When he visited us some time back, we pestered him once again into telling us his war experiences and he would gladly obliged us. But there was one thing he was quite regretful towards my auntie. The time he was not around, my auntie was having a hard time taking care of their kids, my cousins.

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Well, what more can you ask? Isn't this wonderful news? For more details, please log on to AshWorth College website.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back In Ipoh

I am back in Ipoh. Well, I was back yesterday actually. Haha. I reached Ipoh yesterday in the evening. After 2 months, I am finally back again to relax and enjoy. Haha. Any friends here in Ipoh having sem break too? Wanna meet up? Hehe.

Will be going to Genting tomorrow with my family for a holiday. 3 days 2 nights. It has been a very very very very.... very... very... long time since the last time I went to Genting. Like almost 10 years back. Woo... Will be enjoying myself there. I want to play as many rides as I can. But, it seems that place is fully booked, even on weekdays, sounds like it will be hard to Q-up for rides. But anyhow, must take more photos and enjoy more =D

I will be leaving the hostel this coming semester already. Leaving for a more comfortable and cheaper place. Haha. Finally, I can have a comfortable place to stay and study. Hostel condition is so bad, the toilet looks like an insect zoo. Everyday and night there will be insects inside, butterflies, bees, flies, lizzards, bugs. =.= Moving to this new condo will make life better and more comfortable =D

Monday, July 05, 2010

Day Out With Friends

After 2 months of college and hostel life, my friends and I finally went out yesterday to hang out. As we said to ourselves not to hang out since one day before this semester started. So, after all out hard work for our tests and assignments, we went to hang out yesterday at Queensbay. Yeah, it was a nice day =D

We first went to Royal Sporting House and Al-Ikhsan to check out for the Jabulani(2010 South Africa Match Ball). We found both original and the replica ones in both the shops. We were really wanting to buy one for ourselves. to be smart consumers, we first checked out the prices from both stores =P And by doing that, we went from the highest floor all the way to the 1st floor few times to check out the price and designs. Of course, we weren't aiming for the official match ball as it was way too expensive. However, we aimed for the match ball replica. Actually, there weren't much difference between these two types except for its profile mainly. So, finally we got ourselves the match ball replica. It's not as expensive as the official match ball which costs Rm399.00 . Haha.

After getting the ball, we went for tea treat and that's when we landed in J.Co Donuts again. Had their donuts once, long time ago, not sure when but I think it was the previous semester. This time we had J Pops. J Pops are small sized donuts, you'll see further down the post =) Doesn't really make you full but you get to taste almost all the flavours. One box contains 24 of them but we didn't buy one box, it was too much, Nah... We got ourselves two boxes =P 2 boxes can make 4 of us feel full =D

The first pack of J Pops
The Second pack of J Pops
First Box of Donuts
Second box of Donuts
This is our new member to the group =D
After everything, we went back to hostel, changed into out sports attire and went for football behind our hostel at the USM field. At first it was only 4 of us, but after some time, the frisbee team from our college joined in for a 16 man match 8 each team full field. It was tiring, legs were tired. But at the end of the day, everyone had fun. That's the best part =)

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Super Long Update

Hello everybody-s. Hehe. It has been long since I last updated. Have been busy for the past two weeks. Tests, assignments and reports non-stop. Finally, everything ended today and now I have tot the time finally update my blog! Get prepared, it's gonna be a long one =D

Father's Day was to weeks back and I know it's a little too late to update about Father's Day now but I was busy before this >.<
Big "lala" =P
Black Pepper chicken (took it after eating halfway) =.=
This is curry sotong + fish + fish fingers
Our full table

You know, on that day 3 of us (Navin, Gabriel and I) altogether had 8 bowls of rice >.<>
Next update : Assignment outcome =D The latest one for today. For the past 3 weeks I have been spending my days and nights at college from 8am till 6pm everyday for the past 3 weeks just to do my assignment and after today, my group and I felt EVERYTHING we did, all the time we spent and all the money we poured in were all TOTALLY worth it =D

Summary :
Our lecturer, we known him as Chan, was a very strict lecturer. However today we were stunned by what he did to our group. Our group was the second last group to be assessed for our circuit design. We were all afraid cause many groups' circuits failed to work. So, when it was our turn, we went in as a group. Initially, every group has to go in together then one will stay and the others will come out to wait for their turn (10 minutes of interview per person). But for our group, we went in together and he asked us " Circuit working perfectly?" We said yea. so he tested our circuit and within 5 minutes, he marked us all together one shot!! WOO!! Our hearts were beating so fast and all of a sudden our hearts relaxed. WoW. then we thought. Initially we were expecting our group to be the one that will be interview the most because we are the biggest group with 4 members and others only had 2 or 3, instead we are the group and finishes the fastest with the best results!! The feeling was indescribable. If I score high marks for other subjects, it's different, but for this lecturer to score 20/20 in 5 minutes was like AMAZING. We then had a photography session together to keep this as a memory. Everyone worked hard and nothing was a waste. Everything was worth doing. Nice team we have. I think we are the only group where we always meet up together in the project lab. That's why the lecturer said so, he said he always see us working together and there is no need to test us so much. Haha.

Our group photo (Fantastic 4) Haha
Our circuit SEE!! LoL

I would like to thank everyone who helped me with my assignment from Day 1 until now including my brother's friends especially for helping me even during midnights. Wen Sher and Kana =)

It has been an awesome day today. Everything wouldn't be so special without our Lord. always pray and do your best as He will do the rest. God Bless All of You =) Have a great day =)