Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post About My Doggie

This time the star of the post will be my doggie Labby. I seldom talk about him since the day he joined my family. Haha. I believe she is very happy to live here in our home because all she has to do is to eat and sleep only. That's why whoever that sees her will say that she is fat. She isn't fat is our eyes, probably because we see her everyday. Haha. Here is how she looks like.
This is my doggie Labby. Isn't she pretty? Isn't she thin? Not so fat right? Hehe.

She and her "Boyfriend" . Didn't get a nice shot cause they keep moving. They were so shy =P

Remember me saying that she only eats and sleeps? Well, she goes for evening walk everyday too actually. Hehe. But this is what she does during her free time(almost the whole day)
Haha. Who is that next to her? That's our guest for one night. My maid's friend's puppy. A boxer. Haha. Labby gets jealous whenever we play with that puppy and not her and she will start barking extremely loudly.
This is how dogs make friends I think. I sniff you, you sniff me later. Or is it how they identify their gender? =P

This is what makes my family special and Labby too. Everyone in our family are almost "Mata Sepet" and Labby is not excluded !!
Well, actually, that was a lucky shot. I guess she was blinking her eyes. Haha


reanaclaire said...

i have to laugh when i saw the last pic.. why so sepet one!!! hehehehe...

To Glorify Him said...

hahaha..yea, labby very cute..sepet..heheh...next time must get two dogs..make her jealous