Saturday, July 03, 2010

Super Long Update

Hello everybody-s. Hehe. It has been long since I last updated. Have been busy for the past two weeks. Tests, assignments and reports non-stop. Finally, everything ended today and now I have tot the time finally update my blog! Get prepared, it's gonna be a long one =D

Father's Day was to weeks back and I know it's a little too late to update about Father's Day now but I was busy before this >.<
Big "lala" =P
Black Pepper chicken (took it after eating halfway) =.=
This is curry sotong + fish + fish fingers
Our full table

You know, on that day 3 of us (Navin, Gabriel and I) altogether had 8 bowls of rice >.<>
Next update : Assignment outcome =D The latest one for today. For the past 3 weeks I have been spending my days and nights at college from 8am till 6pm everyday for the past 3 weeks just to do my assignment and after today, my group and I felt EVERYTHING we did, all the time we spent and all the money we poured in were all TOTALLY worth it =D

Summary :
Our lecturer, we known him as Chan, was a very strict lecturer. However today we were stunned by what he did to our group. Our group was the second last group to be assessed for our circuit design. We were all afraid cause many groups' circuits failed to work. So, when it was our turn, we went in as a group. Initially, every group has to go in together then one will stay and the others will come out to wait for their turn (10 minutes of interview per person). But for our group, we went in together and he asked us " Circuit working perfectly?" We said yea. so he tested our circuit and within 5 minutes, he marked us all together one shot!! WOO!! Our hearts were beating so fast and all of a sudden our hearts relaxed. WoW. then we thought. Initially we were expecting our group to be the one that will be interview the most because we are the biggest group with 4 members and others only had 2 or 3, instead we are the group and finishes the fastest with the best results!! The feeling was indescribable. If I score high marks for other subjects, it's different, but for this lecturer to score 20/20 in 5 minutes was like AMAZING. We then had a photography session together to keep this as a memory. Everyone worked hard and nothing was a waste. Everything was worth doing. Nice team we have. I think we are the only group where we always meet up together in the project lab. That's why the lecturer said so, he said he always see us working together and there is no need to test us so much. Haha.

Our group photo (Fantastic 4) Haha
Our circuit SEE!! LoL

I would like to thank everyone who helped me with my assignment from Day 1 until now including my brother's friends especially for helping me even during midnights. Wen Sher and Kana =)

It has been an awesome day today. Everything wouldn't be so special without our Lord. always pray and do your best as He will do the rest. God Bless All of You =) Have a great day =)


To Glorify Him said...

hey bro! Great job..thank God man, u all made it thru..glad 4 u all!keep it up 4 future, n know tht hard work pays off...of cos, God too!

reanaclaire said...

Son.. proud of you and your group.. nothing is impossible when you have God by your side..
God Bless!