Saturday, May 31, 2008

Russel Peters

Russel Peters: Be a Man

Russel Peters: Terrorists

Russel Peters: Asians

More in Youtube. Hehe.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Swing The Funk

Playing Funk and Swing is real hard. That's what I need to do in the jazz band in concert. The score seems easy to play but it was actually very hard to play with all sorts of feel. Just back from one ensemble today and I was stuck around the score like no where. Listening to all the songs that are gonna be played. 3 songs. That's it. I am off for Funk and Swing.

My brother is back to IPOH. YES, companion at last. Since my brother left for UTP I am the only male left in the house and everything seems girlish around. So I would have to wait for him to come back during the holidays and at the same time teaching me. Haha. My family all went to KL for holidays and I have to stay home because I have tuitions and band practices to attend. So I will be home alone again till coming tuesday. Drove to school with my mother's car justnow. It sounds fun to drive an auto car to school but it isn't so fun for me cause I am too used to my grandfather's car.

Looking at other band members from other schools going for band camps is really a sad thing when we can't go for camps anymore. I want to go for band camps. I haven't had enough. Why? WHY? WHY? I miss marching every morning afternoon and night. I miss bathing with my friends(in different bathrooms of course), Climbing up toilet walls( The excos would know bout this), taking night walks along the corridor and outside during midnight having KFC. I miss those times. I miss playing marching songs. I miss carrying my drum. I wanna march. Aikz. I so wanna march and go under the sun getting tanned and sunburns. I miss those times. Form 1 and 2 and 3... and 4 and 5. WHY?!?! I want those moments. Those are the most memorable moments in my life. I want to wear my band uniform and go for prelims in other schools. I want to go for finals rehearsal in the morning reaching school at 6.40am. I want to march on the field on finals night. I want to fall-in and wait for results and sing crap songs in the bus.

I just love blogging. It's a like a diary to me. Someday I would read back all my previous posts and laugh bout it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Current Highly Rated Funny Clips

The Italian Man Who Went To Marta

Bila Di Sekolah Dulu

Ah Long Bukit Beruntung!!

I Just Love Them All

I love comedies. I love sit-coms. I love funny movies. And I had just watched one today. Actually we planned to watch Prince Caspian(NARNIA) but that show was too long so ended up we watched What Happen In Vegas. Quite a funny movie. It's a bout this guy and girl who met in vegas and spent a "night" together after getting drunk and then somehow they accidently got "married" and then the story goes. Went with chee cheng and chee fei. After watching we drove straight to tuition and WoaHH we weren't late. Haha. Go watch that movie. Worth watching. Won't be going out anymore maybe until after SPM? Yeap, I went out too much. Twice this year is too much. Not for me but my mum. So, catch you guys after spm.

Anyone saw the advertisements on the left hand side of my blog? I added those advertisement a week ago and the advertisements seem very attractive to me. Personality test? Hehe. I want to click on them but if I click too much I will be charged for abusing. So guys and girls, click on those advertisements and have fun.

Band concert is exactly 16 days away and many things are not done yet. Tickets are not sold out. Advertisements are little and sponsorship is worse. OMGness, concert is coming and everything seem to be so slumber and slow. Never experienced such slow movements in MMB and only a few practices for the concert? Oh Man.

Monday, May 19, 2008

MMB Concert 2008

The Michaelian Military Band would be having a concert with the SK Wind Band ( Smk Seri Kembangan, Selangor )this year as followed

Venue - Yuk Choy Primary Hall
Date - 6th June 2008
Time - 8.00pm
Tickets - Rm 10 ( Student ). Rm 20 ( Adults )

Any donations/sponsors are greatly appreaciated
For any other information, kindly contact
Jeffery chan - 016 5308699
Andy Lai - 017 5267076
Bryan Lee - 016 5302260

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Exams Are Over

Exams are over but how will the results be? Hard work before exam, stress during exam and fear after exam. Wahlao it's a chain during exam seasons. There are results I can't wait to receive but it becomes a nightmare when they turn out the opposite you expected it to be.

I will be trying out on some google adsense. They are those boxes of advertisements you can find at the sides and corners of my blog. Tell me what you are interested in searching and reading then I will put advertisements regarding to that so that it is convenient enough for you call to click into it. How bout marching band? lolx

SMI band concert will be on 3 weeks from now(6th June 2008). My friends, join us for that concert. Come and support me people. Haha. Tickets will be RM10 each for students and RM20 for adults. Time will be 7:30pm in Yuk Choy Primary School Hall Ipoh. Thank you.
1 more month from now I will be retiring from Michaelian Military Band. 5 years had just gone by the wind so quickly. Will I be back next year to help? Will I? I hope I do because there are much more for me to do before I could leave for further studies.

I will be starting another blog with my classmate SOON. Basically on jokes and comedies. For those who are interested. Stay tuned to my blog for further updates as it will be up in a few days time I HOPE.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time Passes By

2nd week of mid-term examinations are done going. Next week will be going through the last few days. Time passes by without noticing. If you don't count time, it passes by without you knowing. I thought this week would be a tough week for me as the hardest exams are all in this week and it just went by and I did not even feel it passing by. Great~!

My auntie from Australia will be back tomorrow from Australia to her hometown here in Malaysia. Can't wait for the candies and chocolates she would be bringing back for me. Yummy~!

Will be going to the library tomorrow to study with some friends. Will be driving there. Have been driving a lot these days. Driving to tuitions and school. Driving to tuition saves me 45 minutes than to wait for my mother to fetch my sister to tuition at 8 and pick me up on the way back. Money can't buy paying a 30 cents parking ticket a week its ok to earn 45 minutes. It's is not as dangerous as anyone thinks. As long as you keep to your own path you are on the safe side and not forgetting to maintain the speed. nice to drive. Getting used to my grandfather's 20 years old saga. Can consider is very new for a 2 decades old car. The only thing is that it has no power steering. But who cares. I am getting used to it. Will be washing his car this weekend after using it so many times.

LOVE HAS NO REASON. Don't Believe? Ask yourself.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Exam Half Time

Sorry for the late updates due to examinations. Hehe. Last Wednesday Was a great day of lunch taking with my brother in Tanjung Tualang which is around 13 km from his campus. We has crabs, prawns, fish, fried oyster with eggs(aw chien or old chien, and a dish of vege.View them at my mum's blog if you are feeling really hungry now

The first week of exams was over last week. The first week was ok except for my english paper. Slack a little on the points due to stomachache after recess. Ouch! Will be going through the second week of mid-term exams starting tomorrow where I will be sitting for the hardest papers for myself.

Currently no band practices for the next one more week. That makes 3 weeks without band practices. First time in MMB 3 weeks straight without practice. Normally it's only for 2 weeks.

Time flies and passes by very fast. It's already May now. 1 month from now it will be the end of my life in MMB but once a band member always a band member. 3 months from now I will be going for SPM trials and 2 more months after that i will be sitting for SPM.