Saturday, May 17, 2008

Exams Are Over

Exams are over but how will the results be? Hard work before exam, stress during exam and fear after exam. Wahlao it's a chain during exam seasons. There are results I can't wait to receive but it becomes a nightmare when they turn out the opposite you expected it to be.

I will be trying out on some google adsense. They are those boxes of advertisements you can find at the sides and corners of my blog. Tell me what you are interested in searching and reading then I will put advertisements regarding to that so that it is convenient enough for you call to click into it. How bout marching band? lolx

SMI band concert will be on 3 weeks from now(6th June 2008). My friends, join us for that concert. Come and support me people. Haha. Tickets will be RM10 each for students and RM20 for adults. Time will be 7:30pm in Yuk Choy Primary School Hall Ipoh. Thank you.
1 more month from now I will be retiring from Michaelian Military Band. 5 years had just gone by the wind so quickly. Will I be back next year to help? Will I? I hope I do because there are much more for me to do before I could leave for further studies.

I will be starting another blog with my classmate SOON. Basically on jokes and comedies. For those who are interested. Stay tuned to my blog for further updates as it will be up in a few days time I HOPE.

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