Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Post No.80

Posted 80 posts in one year plus. Means bout 5 posts a month in average. Haha

Have been watching one chinese series DVD lately bout this family that runs an abalone business. The story was more into peace in a family and the climax is more into fighting for possessions. It has a great story line. The story is just great where you really can't predict what happens next. It is really a well planned TVB show. I really liked this show. It's the best show in my life and when I watch it I am so into it as if I am actually part of the family in that show. Haha. 4 dvd's bout 30 hours and 40 episodes I finished in a week I think. Can't stop watching it. It is just so nice the way they live.

Michaelian Cyber Games is starting this Thursday. I hope me and my team (Daniel, Chee Cheng, Hsien Rhu) can achieve something from it at least a great experiene throught this competition (DotA). It's my first time entering a gaming competition and the prices are very attractive. RM400, RM300 and RM200. WOW.

Plan to go Genting Highlands the week after Deepavali with friends. Chee Cheng aka Joel is organizing it. Gonna spend bout 200 for a 3 days 2 nights trip. Firs time going holiday with my friends. I hope my mother allows. It has been a very long time since the last time I stepped my feet on the highlands. I wanna conquer my height phobia. Haha. I don't dare to go on the rides when I was small. And now. I have to try it no matter what. Can't afford to miss a chance riding those trilling rides.

Band life is getting busy again. Lots of programmes and planning have to be done but most of it isn't my job. L0L. I only have to be in-charge of money,$$$$$$. Go around chasing the members for funds. It's not easy but it tests my tolerance!!!. Haha.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally @ A promise is a promise

I promised to update this blog today so here am I doing it. Haha. Last Saturday went to Shahrin’s house for open house in the afternoon. Took a taxi there together with Louis, Jeffery and Desmond. 12 bucks fare so each paid 3 bucks, considered very cheap compared to driving there from Ipoh garden to Manjoi. Went there ate malay food. Took a little too much so can’t take in anymore dessert(Pudding). L0L. Then went to jusco After that we went to Jusco. Damn funny. 9 people fitting into an UNSER all the way from Manjoi to Jusco. Imagine that? L0L.

Exams are finally over to day. FINALLY. Came back wanted to play some games but don’t know what’s wrong with my internet connection. It’s running so slow now till I have to type my blog into Microsoft Word while waiting for the page to load up so that I can just copy and paste in my text without wasting my time.

There is this link I added on my link column. GeeksWeekly. A blog created by my tech friend with his PODCAST in it. So I hope you all can give him some support by downloading or listening it straight from the web then give him some comments on what he should improve on. Thanks PEOPLE~!!!

I am putting up a new friends test in my friendster so I hope you can try it out anytime when you are free. It isn’t hard. Just click on the link at the side which leads you right away to my friendster profile to sit for the test. Thanks!!!

Actually what else should I put more in my blog? What you all wanna read or know bout me? (EXCEPT PERSONAL STUFFS) ^.^

Tell me so that I can update it the way you all want and that you can enjoy coming to my blog. Thanks Again~!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Teenage Life

Yesterday went out with friends to JUSCO. It's like I only go out once in a blue moon with friends. Haha. What a teenage life I am having. Since now holidays should spend some time more with friends. Hehe. Yesterday went to Jusco to watch Bourne Ultimatum then went bowling for 2 roundswhich lasted bout 2 hours cause 6 players. One bowling ball rolled down from the machine and dropped on my leg. L0L. IT was very pain at first. Then after that it was nothing. Quite nice to play bowling. 2nd time in my life playing bowling. Yesterday was at cheap rate cause Ramadhan Promotion. So after snooker we went snooker then go makan dinner. After dinner we walked a little then went back to the bowling alley to play another 3 rounds with 4 players so ended bout 10 night by the time I reached home. It was fun really yesterday although I spent bout 30++ in a single day. But it's worthwhile to spend such fun time with my friends. Hope to do it again some other time.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Exams End Today

RIGHT. Today was the last paper. Physics 1 & 3 together. Actually still got exams la after raya. PJ exam. LOL. Haha. Exams this time was the best throughout this year. For me, it's the one that I can actually do. Haha. I hope I can get better results from this exam. I want to score.

Few days ago I dreamt that I went to UTP for an interview and some stuffs and I actually started studying there. Haha. What a nice dream eh? But it's only a dream. According to my brother, it might be a calling from God asking me to study harder? Hehe. I want to aim for UTP. I want to go to UTP. I have to go to UTP and I must go to UTP. Hehe.

Just repaired my pc justnow in the evening, now's midnight. Suddenly hard disk kinda like crashed. Scared my heart out thinking that I will lose all my files. But luckily I did not. Then i quickly deleted all my movies and software installers and wanted back up as much as I can into a 20GB hard disk. See see there wasn't a need for me to do so because all I have to do is to format my C drive. Haha. Nvm. Maybe it's a calling from God again. To delete my movies and save bout 12GB of space in my computer. Haha.

Will be going for a movie on this coming Friday. gonna watch The Bourne Ultimatum. Hehe. It has been a long time since the last time I went for a movie. Suddenly feel like going to the theaters.Haha.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Today is 30th September and tomorrow will be 1st of October which is the first day of my final term examitaion. Exam will be on till the next thursday which is on 11th of October. I hope everyone of you can help me by praying for me. Thanks.

After exams I will be enjoying very much like last year when I finished PMR. HAHA. I will start playing badminton again. YEAH!!! I miss badminton. The only sport I can master but not professionally. Hehe. Still at least there is a sport which I can actually play.

Yesterday was OMA. It was the first time since my batch took over where we performed and we received applauses. It was quite a nice function though tiring. I had drum solo parts and that was the god news but the bad news was I broke the snare skin. Haha.

After OMA we went back to school to keep out stuffs and instruments. Then we actually wanted to go to kopitiam opposite our school but before that we went to Padang Ipoh and sat middle of the field and listen to a "ghost story" by shahrin. LOL. It was nice at first but the last part was LAME. HAHA. It's a joke from the starting. Then we went to kopitiam got a drink and enjoyed few pieces of toast bread and french toast. Then came home and rested.