Monday, October 01, 2007


Today is 30th September and tomorrow will be 1st of October which is the first day of my final term examitaion. Exam will be on till the next thursday which is on 11th of October. I hope everyone of you can help me by praying for me. Thanks.

After exams I will be enjoying very much like last year when I finished PMR. HAHA. I will start playing badminton again. YEAH!!! I miss badminton. The only sport I can master but not professionally. Hehe. Still at least there is a sport which I can actually play.

Yesterday was OMA. It was the first time since my batch took over where we performed and we received applauses. It was quite a nice function though tiring. I had drum solo parts and that was the god news but the bad news was I broke the snare skin. Haha.

After OMA we went back to school to keep out stuffs and instruments. Then we actually wanted to go to kopitiam opposite our school but before that we went to Padang Ipoh and sat middle of the field and listen to a "ghost story" by shahrin. LOL. It was nice at first but the last part was LAME. HAHA. It's a joke from the starting. Then we went to kopitiam got a drink and enjoyed few pieces of toast bread and french toast. Then came home and rested.

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