Saturday, September 22, 2007

9 days left

Right 9 days left till End Year Exams. Preparing very hard already. Revise my biology. Can't afford to fail that subject again. And add maths. Pray hard. No use studying so hard without blessings from God. Emm. I am stuck in chapter 9 (Differentiation) but nevermind. With my brother's help online teaching me. Sure OK one. Haha.

Why is school life nowadays so bored? Is it because of the teachers? Just dropped my IT subject yesterday. From now on I am officially out from IT subject. One subject less makes my spm certificate maximum 10 subjects.

Why after so long I still got nothing to blog one? Oh right. I started to go to Harvest Time Sanctuary last sunday. A new church for me. Very fun there. The people are there are SO friendly and go good. Really feel like going there more often. Hehe. Stayed there that day from 8 - 3. So fun. I like the youth session. Finally a time where I could actually praise and worship with full feel. Hehe

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