Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time With Family

Yesterday was Wesak Day and my family came to Penang together with two of my mum's friends from Canada. They stayed here for one night at Gurney Hotel, so I tagged along as usual :D. This time we didn't have as much food as we used to have. But for my mum's Canadian friends, what we have yesterday was already considered a lot although it was considered average to us. Haha. I thought Western people eat more than Asians, maybe the younger ones. Haha.

I miss my family. Every time they pay me a visit and when they leave I feel lovely. =( I am always far apart from them, and I will be for the next 4 more years. Sigh*

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Must Watch For All

This is a great video of a father's love for his son. Everyone please spend some time buffering this video and watch it. It's really worth watching. It touched me the first time I watch this video yesterday when I was in PCC listening to Tony Anthony. Then I thought I have to share this to everyone. Please allocate some of your time to watch this video everyone.

One day the son asked his father " Dad, will you run a marathon with me?" Despite his age and his heart disease, his father said "Yes". Then they ran the marathon together. The son then asked his father " Dad will you run another marathon with me?" Again his father said, "Yes". Again, they did it together. One day the son asked, "Dad, will you do the Ironman with me?" His father said "Yes"

Just to let you know, Ironman is the toughest Triathlon in the world now.
4km of swimming, 140km by bike and lastly 42km of running, in a stroke.

Watch the video, then you'll know what's so special bout doing the marathons and the Ironman.

Greatest Dad of the Century.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

McD Best Hangout Place For Free Internet Usage

Ok, I haven't been seriously updating my blog for QUITE some time. Sorry bloggy, I deserted you. I can't do nothing in hostel. The line is so crappy. I can't search for information for my assignment at all. Every page takes few minutes to load. By the time it finished loading, I don't have the mood to read it anymore >.<>.< I do not want that to happen.

I currently know nothing much about my assignment. Am asking around my brother's friends, all the Undergraduates in E&E at UTP. Haha. At least they know things that I don't. I have to ask degree students about my assignment. Although I am doing Diploma, but my assignments are similar to Degree level, I feel. Yes it's tough and stressful but I feel great at the same time =D It gives me more opportunity to learn and explore.

Ok stop on the study stuffs. Seems like every post of mine has something to do with studies =.=" Getting a lil bored here. Urgh!! I feel like eating McD for dinner but it's too costly. I am waiting to taste the McDonald's Doubles. I never had the chance to taste the Prosperity Burgers too before this. I missed the chance. Gotta wait for another year later for it to come out again. I think it comes out every year right?? O.o

I am inspired by the technologies they have in Ironman 2 :D :D :D Is there Ironman 3 anytime soon? LoL

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am back in Penang this morning at around 10.45. Came back to enrol myself for coming semester, starting this monday. Tsk tsk.. The timetable is so pack, as usual. From now on every semester will the end of my diploma will be 24 hours a week. So long. =.= My classes everyday starts at 8am and the last class ends at 6pm =.=" Is it necessary to have such a long break in between? LoL

Another thing is that, I drove back to Penang. Yea, finally I have 4 wheels to bring me out for makan and most importantly to CHURCH. Not a new car, just a car that can move and still moving for 26 years =D I love that car. Haha.

I will have to start trying to be hardworking already. Scholarship is on the border now. Very risky to lose it. Anytime. I don't like to waste time, or use too much time to do the same thing, but I just can't stop procrastinating =P Nevermind, I will try my best to scare myself bout the scholarship status then I can study more :D

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Fault Disappointing

I got my Semester 3 results already. It's very disappointing but I can't blame no one. I can only blame myself for not being capable enough to maintain the results. Hence, my scholarship has been held up for this semester for not being able to maintain a GPA of 3.0. I have to get back 3.0 in this coming semester to be able to gain back my scholarship for the next semester. Good thing the coming semester that will be starting on Monday will be a short semester. Fees are cheaper and less subjects to take. I need my 3.0 back. I really do~

I just called up the Scholarship Unit from my college and the clerk told me something that really boast me up to work even harder for the coming semesters until I graduate my Diploma. It really gave me the will suddenly. I am gonna aim for it. I need it. I really do. I ain't gonna burden my mum. No matter what, I am gonna graduate as an Engineer.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


I obviously have no title to title out AGAIN. Hehe. But it has been one week through my holidays. I have one more week left for me to enjoy. Results are coming out soon too. =(

What have I been doing for the past one week? Since my last post was last friday. Okey, I didn't do anything much this week. I didn't meet her much. I spent most of my time Dota-ing with my friends and cousins. Every single night tilll midnight till early morning. Hehe. Well well, that's my gaming life. Although I don't play much games (only DotA) but still I enjoy it cause I play it with the right people. Haha. Hummmm....

What else? I have been driving a lot AGAIN, to fetch my sister back from school, to tuitions, back from tuitions. Sometimes my cousin too. I have to fetch her to school and back from tuition. But her mum treated me movies =D That's for a return for waking up early in the morning purposely to fetch her to school. Haha. Wanted to go for Ironman2 last night with that "Free Ticket" but unfortunately the tickets were out of sale. So, will be going for movies with my family tomorrow night when my bro comes back for study break.

So good eh, my bro's study break can come back to watch movies and enjoy, but i spent one whole one week of study break at hostel boiling midnight oil U_U . He is much smarter that's for sure =D

A new burger king is Opening in Ipoh AGAIN. USed to have one in Greentown long long time ago but now it's Re-Opening opposite Jusco. The Courts Mammoth there moved to my housing area already. Haha. I don't have pictures with me because I just got to know that day when I was fetching my sister for tuition. Huhu.. Gonna wait for it to open. It has been a long time since I last tasted Burger King's food and I don'd remember at all how it tasted like. When will Ipoh have Subway, Dominos, Nando's, Chillies, Svensens, Sakae and all those? LoL . All we usually see is McD =.="