Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time With Family

Yesterday was Wesak Day and my family came to Penang together with two of my mum's friends from Canada. They stayed here for one night at Gurney Hotel, so I tagged along as usual :D. This time we didn't have as much food as we used to have. But for my mum's Canadian friends, what we have yesterday was already considered a lot although it was considered average to us. Haha. I thought Western people eat more than Asians, maybe the younger ones. Haha.

I miss my family. Every time they pay me a visit and when they leave I feel lovely. =( I am always far apart from them, and I will be for the next 4 more years. Sigh*

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reanaclaire said...

we miss u too.. not to worry.. we will be seeing u very soon!