Thursday, May 20, 2010

McD Best Hangout Place For Free Internet Usage

Ok, I haven't been seriously updating my blog for QUITE some time. Sorry bloggy, I deserted you. I can't do nothing in hostel. The line is so crappy. I can't search for information for my assignment at all. Every page takes few minutes to load. By the time it finished loading, I don't have the mood to read it anymore >.<>.< I do not want that to happen.

I currently know nothing much about my assignment. Am asking around my brother's friends, all the Undergraduates in E&E at UTP. Haha. At least they know things that I don't. I have to ask degree students about my assignment. Although I am doing Diploma, but my assignments are similar to Degree level, I feel. Yes it's tough and stressful but I feel great at the same time =D It gives me more opportunity to learn and explore.

Ok stop on the study stuffs. Seems like every post of mine has something to do with studies =.=" Getting a lil bored here. Urgh!! I feel like eating McD for dinner but it's too costly. I am waiting to taste the McDonald's Doubles. I never had the chance to taste the Prosperity Burgers too before this. I missed the chance. Gotta wait for another year later for it to come out again. I think it comes out every year right?? O.o

I am inspired by the technologies they have in Ironman 2 :D :D :D Is there Ironman 3 anytime soon? LoL

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