Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Camp ENDED

Today was the alst day of JTC and Merdeka camp. But let's get back to the first day. Well, we checked in and arrange dorms, take instruments, bla bla bla. Then it was marching time. For the first time ever looking at the juniors march. IT WAS A DISASTER. So we started to teach and polish some. It got better then it came to lunch. Enjoy a little cause there was no fan. Then it came to sectional. Taught drumming basics for bout 2 hours and fell asleep in the pavillion. Haha. Rule Broke. EXCO's somemore. Sorry sorry. After sectional was bath time then dinner. We are suppose to do theory class at first but ended up doing something I forgot what is was. Haha. NVM then lights off

Second day was the same in the morning. Marching then lunch. Afternoon was the best part where my section was on their own and the section leaders were taking rest. 0ops. Bad example and attitude. But to our surprise they actually practiced for the whole 4 hours non-stop cause it can be heard from my dorm. So I jump off the table and went to check them out. SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! They can play drum solo 1 - 4 and even wawasan. WOW!!! Not bad for self practice. Even the bell player can catch up by his own. Evening was a little stamina training andnight was theory class and some games.

Third day was the same also in the morning. Afternoon was sectional and evening was madness!! We had 6 games. The disgusting one was digging for worms! LIVELY ones and tie them with rubber band onto someone's head. Where the person who is standing there to be HAIRSTYLE-D was standing on ICE BLOCKS. l0l. Then there was this alst game where we were suppose to pass an egg without the shell blindfolded hand to hand sitting on mud and ice full of worms. HAHAHA. That's fun. I am scared of worms but somehow I enjoyed it very much. Haha. Cleaning up was the toughest part.

Today the last game where we are suppose to wrap an egg so that it does not break when thrown down from the 2nd floor. Ended up so much mess we had to clean up the whole place before anyone finds out. Haha. The worse thing in this camp is the smell of eggs!!!! URGH!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Night Of HERCULES

Tonight will be the last night of school drama Hercules. Don't know whether will miss it or not. Haha. Normally when attending its practice always complain saying that it is boring but after drama might feel missing it. Drama is fun when there are songs to play especially now when keng joon is not in drama cause of chicken pox. I get to play throughout the whole drama. Haha. Tonight is the last night I am gonna blast everything out. Enjoy all the songs. Yeah!!!

Navin coming to stay over tonight in my house till wednesday. Cool eh!!! Get to watch and enjoy all the drum videos together. The person I love to hang out with most. Haha. Now you all get the answer to one of my questions in my friend test. I placed it in friendster. Go and try it out le. Haha. Gonna watch all drumming and comedy videos for the next few days. Haha. We share the same interest mostly and same attitude and style. The SMART style.

I see that this blog of mine has an average of 50 views per post. Haha. That's a great success for me. Thanks for all your support in keeping me posting. Haha. The previous post I posted achieved 50 views. Thnx GUYS and GALS!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tired Function

Just back from looking at horses galloping or racing. Haha. Went to Ipoh Turf Club to perform for the big race they had today. My first time entering a turf club and looking at horse racing. I got to learn how people bet on the race and how much they actually win. Explained by the security manager there. Stayed there from 11++ in the morning till bout 5. we had 50 boxes of rice and 50 packets of butter cakes for 30+ members. LOL. This is the best meal supply in functions. Haha. But the worse function to go to. Tired and the field we marched on is so thick. For the horses to gallop but not for us to MARCH~!!!!!!!!!!. Haha.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Physics Test!!

Actually i did not take my physics test last Thursday. Thought I would never sit for it. See see today that teacher asked the monitor to call me. Haha. Good also. Not that hard only those questions. Because of 3 careless questions i lost 6/35 marks which could bring me to A2. Aikz. Got 69 only in the end. Hope this paper counts. I want to score in Maths, Add Maths and Physics. End of this year. Those subjects msut get A1. MUST!!!!!.

This Sunday got band function at a Turf CLub. Some horse racing thingy is on. So have to go and do a parade march. Don't have enough members for that march le. Can only go out 8 instead of 12. Aikz! Sunday function then next wednesday is School Merdeka Celebration. Need to play Tanah Pusaka and Setia. Luckily no need to wear band uniform. OR else cham le. Hot and uncomfortable. Haha.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Hey all. Today was the first day of my morning section life in school skipping school because of sickness. My head was so dizzy today until I can see objects with images. Haha. First time. So dizzy. Was on the way to school till I reached fairpark then turned back and went home. Sorry to trouble Joshua for driving me back. I am suppose to sit for physics today. One of my favourite subjects. Aihz!!! Studied for it but can't sit for it. I like subjects that has things to do with calculation. Maths and Physics. Haha

Went to the library justnow to study chemistry for tomorrow. So long didn't go to that library d. Went in like a dunggu asking the receptionist bout the geography of that place. Haha. Then studied. Not enough tables also. Have to share with other people. Haha. Then after that went going back time I exit from the wrong door. LoL. How malu-fying. Haha. Very cold place. I like that place to study. Just a little too cold. Haha.

Just watched Kiwi Leong slapping case. Just surprised that the school was so big yet there are no help for the victim? At least a boy? Don't tell me all the boys there are cowards. Too chicken-ed out to help out a girl being bullied by a girl? Oh man. What kind of a world is this? Girls are getting more wild than boys.