Friday, August 03, 2007


Hey all. Today was the first day of my morning section life in school skipping school because of sickness. My head was so dizzy today until I can see objects with images. Haha. First time. So dizzy. Was on the way to school till I reached fairpark then turned back and went home. Sorry to trouble Joshua for driving me back. I am suppose to sit for physics today. One of my favourite subjects. Aihz!!! Studied for it but can't sit for it. I like subjects that has things to do with calculation. Maths and Physics. Haha

Went to the library justnow to study chemistry for tomorrow. So long didn't go to that library d. Went in like a dunggu asking the receptionist bout the geography of that place. Haha. Then studied. Not enough tables also. Have to share with other people. Haha. Then after that went going back time I exit from the wrong door. LoL. How malu-fying. Haha. Very cold place. I like that place to study. Just a little too cold. Haha.

Just watched Kiwi Leong slapping case. Just surprised that the school was so big yet there are no help for the victim? At least a boy? Don't tell me all the boys there are cowards. Too chicken-ed out to help out a girl being bullied by a girl? Oh man. What kind of a world is this? Girls are getting more wild than boys.

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