Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Alternative To Natural Diamonds

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ipoh I'm Coming Back To YOU!!

Yes, after 4 weeks here in this new semester, I'm finally going back to my hometown again this coming Thursday evening. I can't wait for Thursday to come. I will be in Ipoh until the following Wednesday morning. Haha. This is gonna be so fun. YES!!! I wanna drink home boiled soup and homecook dishes. MMMmmmm.....

So what did I achieve so far in my semester 5? So far, nothing much yet. Haha. Since this is a long semester, everything is not as tensed as before. And after this semester I will be having my long break again. 6 weeks break from studies. Time actually passes really fast, it's going to be September really soon, in a week to come. 2011 is coming soon. Haha. don't think bout 2012 lah! It won't happen, it's just a movie. =.=

This evening I was taking my Oreos as a light snack and I started eating the Double Stuf'ed one and it was so SWEEeeeeTtttt~ 2 Layers of the vanilla in the middle, it feels much nicer to lick :P
Haha, I wanna go to Tesco and hope there are still promotions and I want to get somemore!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oreo Madness

It has been a long time since the last time I ate Oreo. Hehe. Not because I don't like them, it's just that they seldom come to my mind when I think about food. I've been back here in Penang for the 3rd week now and it has been ok. Two weeks back I went to Tesco Extra to get myself some food supplies and snacks to survive in hostel, and what really caught my attention were OREO!! There were so many of 'em in the promotion section and they really caught my attention. So I went and got myself 1 Packet of oreo and another pack of Tiger biscuit. A week later, which was last week, I went to Tesco Extra again and the promotion was still on :D I went and grabbed myself Oreo again and this time I did not get 1 pack, I got myself, 5 PACKS!! Haha.
Haha. My Oreos. 5 packs. 3 Original, 2 Double Stuf :P
No!! They are not for SALE!! They are all mine!! :@

Yea, I love oreos now. It's just so nice especially when you "Twist, Lick,Dunk" it but so far I haven't try Dunking it yet. simple because I forgot to bring my cup from Ipoh. =.= I haven't been drinking milo for weeks already. I miss milo. So many things that I forgot to bring back to Penang. Not only my cup. Haha.

Anyone likes Pasar Ramadhan? The best thing during Raya Seasons. Haha. Will be going there later to get dinner then to college to do my lab report. *Sigh*

---Signing Off--- stay tuned :P


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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Week 1 Semester 5

My week 1 was over and will be coming to week 2 soon. So far, nothing much as lab sessions have not started yet. However, lectures started. Sigh. This semester seems funny >.< The lecturers are all funny themselves, all have weird personalities but so far, all of them are still ok and acceptable. LoL. My timetable is wicked. =.= I have 10 hours of class straight for Tuesdays. 10 hours straight!!! 2 hours each class and 5 class together side by side without a single break, not even for lunch time. Si liao lo~ this time, gotta eat cup noodles for lunch on every Tuesdays already. Tsk tsk tsk...

I start to love sports. Haha. The pleasure of sweating. I went for 4 sessions of football with friends this week alone and I sweat a lot each time. Remember the football I bought together with my friend's last semester during my Day Out With Friends? Yeap, we are utilizing it very well, the Jabulani Replica. Haha. Although not many of us play, but still, running alone is enough to make me sweat like a cow =.=

Yea, I am starting to love sports because each time after I sweat, I feel nice when I have a heavy meal. LoL. The guilt is less. Haha. Just for the sense of less guilt when eating a heavy meal.

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Venetian Masks

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hello August

August is here. My class will be starting tomorrow again. Sigh. I feel so lazy to wake up in the mornings again :D I'll be taking 5 Subjects including history -.- this semester and my timetable is going to be so so so pack. But good thing is that, I think there is no more 8am classes this semester. Haha. I don't like waking up at 8am and taking a shower because it makes me feel "Brrrr... So Cold"

I miss my holidays as I always do. Let's see what I did this holidays. I went to Genting, went out with HER, went out yamcha with friends, went out with the DotA group from KL getting to know 2 new friends, got a Fifa 2010 T-Shirt. Woo~
South Africa 2010. Is it original?
Hope this badge makes it original. LoL

I had the Best Indian Rice in Ipoh
and the burger!!!
MCD's GCB!!!
Okey, I gotta go take a shower and get ready. Gonna go for PC Fair later. Today is the last day for PC Fair in Penang. So, let's see if I can get some cheap stuffs. Haha.