Sunday, August 08, 2010

Week 1 Semester 5

My week 1 was over and will be coming to week 2 soon. So far, nothing much as lab sessions have not started yet. However, lectures started. Sigh. This semester seems funny >.< The lecturers are all funny themselves, all have weird personalities but so far, all of them are still ok and acceptable. LoL. My timetable is wicked. =.= I have 10 hours of class straight for Tuesdays. 10 hours straight!!! 2 hours each class and 5 class together side by side without a single break, not even for lunch time. Si liao lo~ this time, gotta eat cup noodles for lunch on every Tuesdays already. Tsk tsk tsk...

I start to love sports. Haha. The pleasure of sweating. I went for 4 sessions of football with friends this week alone and I sweat a lot each time. Remember the football I bought together with my friend's last semester during my Day Out With Friends? Yeap, we are utilizing it very well, the Jabulani Replica. Haha. Although not many of us play, but still, running alone is enough to make me sweat like a cow =.=

Yea, I am starting to love sports because each time after I sweat, I feel nice when I have a heavy meal. LoL. The guilt is less. Haha. Just for the sense of less guilt when eating a heavy meal.

Anyone interested to sell their blogs? Come and find me. I might be interested in your blogs where I will pick them up and utilize them. Haha. Find me =D

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reanaclaire said...

wah...buying blogs? need money! eh.. better concentrate on studies.. the fella told me he is going to stop that soon cos got some problem.. will tell u later..