Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ipoh I'm Coming Back To YOU!!

Yes, after 4 weeks here in this new semester, I'm finally going back to my hometown again this coming Thursday evening. I can't wait for Thursday to come. I will be in Ipoh until the following Wednesday morning. Haha. This is gonna be so fun. YES!!! I wanna drink home boiled soup and homecook dishes. MMMmmmm.....

So what did I achieve so far in my semester 5? So far, nothing much yet. Haha. Since this is a long semester, everything is not as tensed as before. And after this semester I will be having my long break again. 6 weeks break from studies. Time actually passes really fast, it's going to be September really soon, in a week to come. 2011 is coming soon. Haha. don't think bout 2012 lah! It won't happen, it's just a movie. =.=

This evening I was taking my Oreos as a light snack and I started eating the Double Stuf'ed one and it was so SWEEeeeeTtttt~ 2 Layers of the vanilla in the middle, it feels much nicer to lick :P
Haha, I wanna go to Tesco and hope there are still promotions and I want to get somemore!!

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reanaclaire said...

OK OK, i get the hint.. hope to store up my kitchen with your favorite foodstuff before u come back!!! :)