Friday, December 29, 2006


Okie. So my results was unbelivable. Unpredictable also. I got 1A 3B 3C in trials and now I got 6A 1B for my PMR. Unbelivable isn't it? believe it.

B for my geografi. Most people get B for BM but I got B for my geografi. Good thing there wont be geografi next year.

Should I go for Science1 and study IT? What should I choose? Will it be tensioning in Science1? Aih Aih...

This 3 years of lower secondary I didn't study much still want to Science1?? Help Me PleasePMR RESULTS 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

Holidayssssss - Part 3

ok now. I don't think i will continue talking bout my holidays since it's past for a week. But briefly what I did was Bowling, Jamming, Shopping nad the most fun thing was cycling. Not normal cycling but this is a 2 and 3 person bicycle. Seen it before? I rode it. Damn nice. Rode it in Danga Bay. So SYOK.

Okie. Back to the normal blogging. Christmas is 4 days away, PMR results are exactly 1 week away and school is going to re-open soon. What's up next? School Starts I will be in Form 4. Time flies isn't it? So fast and I am now on my journey to my 2nd last year in secondary school. I can barely remember my first day in form 1. l0l.

Jeffery's computer KO liao. What would he be doing at home? studying? PS2? hmmm.... Not gonna dota??? Oh Man!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holidayssssss - Part 2

okie okie. Part two now. Where was I? Yeah shopping on the second day. Besides shopping I played bowling which is my 1st time playing in my whole life of this 15 years. Well, I played 3 rounds with my cousins and my sister. 5 players altogether. First round was like the practice and learning round. I won the second round and got 2nd on the third round.Well, that's not a bad performance for a newbie. Haha. Bowling isn't as hard as i thought it would be. l0l.

Next day went to Johor. Stayed in my uncle's place form Monday till Thursday. I am not gonna talk bout every single day bout what I did of course but fun things I did was on the second night I watched Rob-B-Hood.

To Be Continued...

Monday, December 18, 2006


Yo, I am back from my holidays yesterday.Was very tired. Let's start talking bout my holidays.:P The first destinatin I step in was in KL where i stayed in my uncle's place. What I did there? The moment I reached there, straight away i went down to their AV room and went on the drums. WAH, I was surprised because they have zildjian cymbals set. How I wish I had one. Very nice sound man. Jammed with them for a while. Haha, jamming was real fun. Moreover their AV room is quite sound proof so I can just hit as loud as I never hit before. Later after that we watched a movie(TIMELINE) in there. They had a LCD projector which makes the video being shot on the wal like so the cinemas only smaller. It was an ASTRO movie.

Next went for dinner at...Hhmmmm where was it already??0ops no no we went to church and had a late dinner at MAMAK. FOOD WAS EVEN GREAT. All sorts of Roti we ate. Special one was the Roti Tisu which is 3 feet long. Can you just imagine eating something 3 feet long? haha

Next day was Sunday, went out for breakfast then went shopping at 1 Utama. The shopping centre was big. So big I can't finish walking in it. So many shops I can't afford to spend my money. That day was shopping only so nothing much to do.

To Be Continue...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The 2 Types of People

Hi again. Before I go on a holiday with my family starting from tomorrow to next saturday. I have something to talk about today which is tthe hot and the cool type of people. This are the two personalities of people which are always mixed up.

OK. Let's start off with the hot type of people. The difference between the Hot from the Cool is that the Hot type of people basically the Teenagers now likes to follow the latest trend with you know those latest shirts, pant cuts and all sort of accesories handing on their body. And this is what cause the Girls nowadays to like those type of HoT boys. But one question. Will that ;love' they have last long? Can someone be HoT forever? Wake up to those kind of Girls/Boys. One can never be Hot forever.Nothing on Earth last forever except God's love on you.

Secondly. The cool type of people. Cool type of people are the once who does not follow trends but do what they like and wish to do. They never expect girls to like them but they themselves like girls. Isn't that different??? Girls never like these type of boys. Why??? Again, because of the 'trend'. Zzz.zzz.

The reason I post this up is for the girls out there not to go after Boys because of their hotness or coolness but because of their heart in love and to help you differentiate the meaning of cool and hot. I usually listen to girls calling boys CooL. I think you girls misunderstood the meaning of CooL. That's why i post this blog this time which i found interesting.

Anyways, No offence at all from my speech above. If I do then I'm sorry....

Good Luck and Bye :P

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The New Andy

Yeap, the title speaks it all. Haha, I got a new specs. Not because of the trend but because I played too much of computers and watch too much tv most of the time. I didn't not get those big frames one because I hate following trends which many teens like to do nowadays. Following trends is just like copying what the other are doing. So boring.

Brother came back for UTP. Holidays till end of next month means he will be here when I take my PMR results. Talking bout that l0l it's coming. Run!!!!!

DotA a lot nowadays bout 5 games a day l0l. I want a new Rig. Might get that end of next year or maybe after SPM. That would be good also.

God's Word
Another new thing. To start of let me ask you guys and girls a question. Would you want to trade all your burdens and suffering for JOy??? I guess most of you wants it right??? Even me myself wants that. That bible says that we can trade our burdens to no one except for GoD himself. Just leave all your burdens to him people and live up a joyfull live. So, get up and start following his ways.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Casino Royale 2006 [007]

There. The title speaks it all. Just watched Casino Royale last saturday midnight after a round of DotA. Watched it till 3am. I actually managed to download it after 3 times of failure. But i think it's worth downloading. l0l . The show is nice as in the actions but the stodyline I wouldn't say it's bad but not that good. Maybe it's because I don't understand what they were trying to do or what their mission was supposed to be. Man!!! They used the Aston Martin DBS which will only come out next year just for the show and all they did with that car is to turn it and crush the car and there goes millions. Daniel Craig you are one lucky guy. That car is just so nice man!!!!!

Next up with my Pentium 3. Yeap. Motherboard busted. Have to get new one or perhaps a second hand one. Luckily found one second hand for RM72. l0l. These boards are too old to be out. I didn't expect to find one but thanks to I found one and MIGHT be getting it on wednesday after my mother's approval which is the hardest thing to do. "Getting The Appoval".

I think it had been long since I last spread the word of God. Anyways, here's what I found yesterday when I was half awake only.
God gave men two choices of life. We eitheir choose life with God which leads us to eternal life OR to go away from God which leads us to death.
Well, This verse is kind of the same as John 3:16. What can I say, every book in the Bible is related.

John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Friday, November 24, 2006

What A Life 2

Okie..back to blogging again...These past few days had been normal...Band practice has been normal...I can see that they are improving... I downloaded Casino Royale for 3 times now and none of these videos work...First video was encrypted, second video was spoiled and the third video was a unknown video... l0l...This makes me sick..I am not going to download anymore...Just get those " you know" and watch it le...Cheap and easy...l0l...

Spent 12 bucks yesterday to get HWM...haven't read it yet I don't know why... Had been browsing in forums nowadays mostly bout computer stuffs...You can really learn a lot from forums because those people out there they answer your questions. Well, some of them do scold for asking stupid question ...Maybe they are too professional to answer noobies questions...l0l...

About friends...Erm I think I owe someone A BIG APOLOGY...I think you will visit my blog so this is specially for you...So Sorry...

That's all for now...Thnx for reading...Do post some messages in Cbox...Bye~~

Monday, November 20, 2006

What A Life life is just getting more serious nowadays. I guess it's because of me as a section leader. Well I have to plan for practices and the most of all I've got to set up a member list for m section. Happy to have dedicated members but at the same time I need to train up those new members as in the new comers from Form 2 and Standard 6. Standard 6 is not the problem. I think the problem occurs from the form 2 guy. His attitude don't seem good at all.

Back to my PERSONAL life. Sleeping late at nights can be fun but at the same time I get more pimples. Boys don't like pimples. What can I say, I can etheir have fun or be bored to kill my pimples. I prefer enjoying now before school restarts or even before the PMR results come out aka Judgement Day. So I gotta do what I wanna do now before it's too late.

Btw, do you see what's different between this post and other post? Haha. I am trying to spell the words . Tkaes more time but I think it's worth while

That's all for now. Keep coming for more. Any comments about my bloggie just post it into the message box. Thanks. Bye

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Induction Day

2day MMB did an induction for st.michael's primary 6 students. They were having a farewell party today and so we performed as well as to get recruite some new members..we never recruite STD 6 boys..normally form 1s

REasons for the recruiting
-not enuf members (fees) lol
-nit to train up from early

Overall 2day's performance..i don't know about other section but i m very satisfied wif my section after a week of practice......Hope i get some "big sized" boys to join my section...that's all

Btw...the video post was deleted because the videos posted encountered some problems...hehe...tats all..bye

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Firing Up

Things were great till 2day’s band practice where My section and I got fired up badly…Things happened unexpectedly…My section practiced for 2 days n I skipped my class in school to go out n teach…not like other sections where they did not even practiced or maybe onliy 1 hr a practice…I would rather stay in class playing Board games or to even stay at home..but I went there 2 days last week to teach for 2hrs++ and got fired like mad…

What can we expect from juniors(form 1) who only had 5 hours of practice??? At least they can finish up one marching song compared to other sections although it was only grade 2…

I guess expectations were to high to achieve…Things really turned the other way round…

Apart from that, 2day went makan in mamak and after that was some fun... I saw videos n pics about coke + mentos = reactions(some kind of explosions) me n my friends tried it...opened the bottle...threw one mentos in and only a bit a rection...maybe next time we should try diet coke+ a bar of mentos instaed of one little one....hehe

God’s Word

I missed today’s baptism class but I read through wat was taught…It says :

Everyone should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully admisstering God’s grace in its various forms

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I am back

Yo..People... I am sorry for keeping this site abbandoned...I don't mean to...Things have been happening nowadays .... Like 2day..I've just turn my frenz down for a trip to Genting ..So sorry to you guys... I really don't mean to...

2nd thing...My maid won't be coming back to Malaysia perhaps My House.... is rough... This means 2 things
1)More house chores, Less playing time
2)More allowences (Cool)..I just like collecting $$$

3rd thing... A new counter is added to this site to track number of visitors...haha...don't worry..nothing affects u

Thats all for now..Stay Tuned for form today..mroe frequant updates

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mozilla Menang~~~

Finally..the mozilla v2 is now out for D/l...CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD <<< here is the link... Internet Explorer 7 wasnt able to release due to some problems wif there browser ..... mozilla 2 was released earlier...without any problems.....

Microsoft which creates IE7 sent a cake to mozilla as an congralution funny ar.....

Suppport Mozilla...u might not know y..but I me...mozilla 2...go for it

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Yo..i m back...yesterday re-formated the pc...for 4 hours.... tough job to do..till evening ...nearly got scolded cause din get to get back the internet thing is tat...USB modems ar harder to handle compared to router modems.... so nex time if any of u get a modem.... NEVER get a USB modem....

Found a partner to walk through the journey of "Knowing Computers".... hope we can do it...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Life Goes On

Nowadays deal lots wif computers....very fun...just sent a pentium3 to fix n my pentium 4 is about to re-format soon...2day my so called "tutor" came my house to fix the pentium 3 but ended up carrying it back home..swt..... he taught me lots of stuffs...thnx man!!!!... my fren....very gud fren...extremely gud fren.... i wanna learn more bout computers...i wanna bcum a computer so called "geek"... i've got a long journey to go..n a hard one too... i have notin to experiment on after killing a Pentium MMX processor n got scolded .... haih....

went to cousin's house yesterday n today...very fun..blast his house speakers till loud loud... keyboard also strong....

time now is 1240am...justnow bout 10 something electric break hot n kept sweating... swt swt swt..then 11 something the electric was back on till now i m the bible again justnow n the lesson this time is
Anything can be done if u believe in God - trust me..this is surely true

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Nowadays alwiz sleep late...pimples might come out very soon... nice to stay up late playing wif frenz through and play..... playing DotA and Gunbound now...gunbound might be outdated but as a matter in fact i like that game again ..... i cant belief i still have that id active..i tot they banned me for not playing so games r just fun... so relief...
Getting to learn technologies and so on

The bible is still hard for me to understand..i dono y...maybe ive not been goin ginto it deeper rhich i have to...

well... i guess ithats all for now...ciaoz

Saturday, October 07, 2006



Haha..PMR over liao lo frenz…watcha think??? Nice or not? Feel like everything’s past in a blink of eye rite? ::Blink::Blink:: and it’s over liao..haha…Time Flies… Kinda miss studying and tuition..really…This year’s tuition is the last year for me liao..3 years same teacher next year different teacher liao…haih…maybe can see them during christmas lar…haha… Gonna pack my books soon…haha…. After so long of studying…It’s really very fast… January…Band Competition…PMR…::Blink::Blink:: only…hehe


Now time for DOTA…Just finished installing it…hehe…laater gonna clean my drumset n then go to my cousin’s house..Ivan I m coming…..ahaha…..FYI I din dota can say this whole year liao… the last time was in star surf 3 months ago only one uncompleted match…2 times ony go to star surf…dun wan go actually but join my teammates one time ler…Now all bnet day n nite…haha…the last time I press the hero key is 3 month’s ago man…n I m gonna press it again later…haha….


This year I’ve learn lots of things…especially studying…it’s not about how long u study bt how much u study…and one thing…I can’t study for long…1hr30mins max and my mind cant absorb…gotta break…. One thing I also learn from church is that

::Thing less of yourself

::Do not thing yourself less

It’s quite hard at first for me to understand this verse of God…but as time to come I get to understand it… besides that.. I’ve been reading God’s word evernite since few weks ago when I nvr even touch the bible…everynite now I read it..and I learn lots from there…

Actually there r lots that I’ve learn but I dun think I can list them down now..maybe nex time…

That’s all….Bye

Sunday, September 03, 2006



Saturday, September 02, 2006

Merdeka's Over (49)

Merdeka over liao yesterday... hehe... got ppl say the percussion line geng wor... wow...very very
trying to get a chat box into this blogger...
date today is 1/9...haih...pmr is 1 month's time... n one month break from MMB...nit to catch up a lil some some now...

Monday, August 28, 2006


hi again...i m blogging...but i m wondering if there is anyone reading my blog...plz comment abit so that i noe whether there r ppl here... btw..i m out for anyone wanna catch up how ugly i look like...come for merdeka..look at the snare drummer...haih....everything is crashing around nowdays
leadership...thats wat i learn in church yesterday...HIGH TOLERANCE...look at this verse"The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing"...understand??? i dun reli understand lor...i forgot some...but one thing i think if i m not mistaken isDo the right not do things right...this one i und..hehe...
as a leader of a section..i nit GOD'S help...thnx..bye

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hi ...HI

Back to blogging...yesterday just finished merdeka rehearsal...luckily no one fainted man... ~phew~....Very happy that 2 of my frens hu r ex-members of e band back in the band...2gether striving again.... 6 mroe days to merdeka n my section is going out 9 juniors out of 12 members.... hrm... everyone has no trust on the line that we can march...but I will show them...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blogging again

Today is my 1st practice leading my section...hrmm... actually i find it hard to teach also...especially when time is limited till merdeka... and we haf to play hard drum solos n learning songs without a score...haih.... after merdeka function percussion will b having a meeting meetin cannot...too unorganised...
But for now..i shall try my besit to build up this line at watever cost for merdeka... cant show crap to audience on 31/8... this Thursday rehearsal somemore...
Memers stamina is real bad man...who can help me to teach ler??? Must spend lots of time after my PMR teaching or else next year die also a bit scared they cannot play...hrm hrm hrm...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Michaelian Military Band

Exco Board For 2006/2007

Top 4
Chairman : Sambruce
V.Chairman : Alvin Tan
Secretary : Pothanantharaja
Treasurer : Jeffery Chan

1st Qm : Wong Chee Kit
2nd Qm : Kong Kuan Jing
3rd Qm / Librarian : Ong Chee Ken

Section Leaders
Woodwind : Pothanantharaja
: Bryan Lee
Trumpet : Adrainn Gee
Basses : Tan Tihn Chern
: Khairie
Percussion : Lai Ser Wei
: Navindran

Drum Major
Joshua Ng

PMR COMING IN - 42 days from today(20/8/06)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

First Post

hello...this is my 3rd blog already... everytime i make a blog i will abandone it...but this one i wont...cause i know wat i can do with my blog n wat i wan to do wif this...Firstly , today is BAND I m now the leader of the Percussion Section...wif my Fren Navin...hrm hrm...tough job now...especially wif a new batch of form 1 members... but i must try my best to build up a drumline...Everytime i finish a post...i will share a word of GOD wif u all...please readi found this verse the other day when i felt very depressed n this is the 1st time i really read the bible n this is wat GOD told me from his word"God made everyone for purpose and he made everyone as an image of his glory"there r 2 things i would higlight here is tat...we r all born out wif a talent which we might not noe it now yet...secondly is tat He made veryone "as an image of his glory" means everyone is precious... do not harm urself by doing unhealthy acts...tats all for now..hope u will continue visiting my blog...thnx