Sunday, December 03, 2006

The New Andy

Yeap, the title speaks it all. Haha, I got a new specs. Not because of the trend but because I played too much of computers and watch too much tv most of the time. I didn't not get those big frames one because I hate following trends which many teens like to do nowadays. Following trends is just like copying what the other are doing. So boring.

Brother came back for UTP. Holidays till end of next month means he will be here when I take my PMR results. Talking bout that l0l it's coming. Run!!!!!

DotA a lot nowadays bout 5 games a day l0l. I want a new Rig. Might get that end of next year or maybe after SPM. That would be good also.

God's Word
Another new thing. To start of let me ask you guys and girls a question. Would you want to trade all your burdens and suffering for JOy??? I guess most of you wants it right??? Even me myself wants that. That bible says that we can trade our burdens to no one except for GoD himself. Just leave all your burdens to him people and live up a joyfull live. So, get up and start following his ways.

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