Saturday, December 09, 2006

The 2 Types of People

Hi again. Before I go on a holiday with my family starting from tomorrow to next saturday. I have something to talk about today which is tthe hot and the cool type of people. This are the two personalities of people which are always mixed up.

OK. Let's start off with the hot type of people. The difference between the Hot from the Cool is that the Hot type of people basically the Teenagers now likes to follow the latest trend with you know those latest shirts, pant cuts and all sort of accesories handing on their body. And this is what cause the Girls nowadays to like those type of HoT boys. But one question. Will that ;love' they have last long? Can someone be HoT forever? Wake up to those kind of Girls/Boys. One can never be Hot forever.Nothing on Earth last forever except God's love on you.

Secondly. The cool type of people. Cool type of people are the once who does not follow trends but do what they like and wish to do. They never expect girls to like them but they themselves like girls. Isn't that different??? Girls never like these type of boys. Why??? Again, because of the 'trend'. Zzz.zzz.

The reason I post this up is for the girls out there not to go after Boys because of their hotness or coolness but because of their heart in love and to help you differentiate the meaning of cool and hot. I usually listen to girls calling boys CooL. I think you girls misunderstood the meaning of CooL. That's why i post this blog this time which i found interesting.

Anyways, No offence at all from my speech above. If I do then I'm sorry....

Good Luck and Bye :P

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