Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Results Day

Today was the results day for Semester 1 results but I didn't attend. Haha. I haven't enrol for 2nd Semester as well. What I did today was, I went out. Where? Somewhere la. Aiseh. Don't be so kae po. Keke. Ok let's get to the topic. Results day, I asked around bout my friends' results for what they get and it was kind of a good feedback but some surprising ones. Some people whom I thought they could get 4 flat did not get. So, there are no 4 flats for my course. Only a few people managed to get 3.0 and above for GPA. Guess it was a tough exam yea. Many could score high for the coursework but not the final exams. Okie, my friends, my gang of friends, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them are staying for second semester. YES!!! I have my gang here with me. But because of their results, some of them gotta repeat some subjects, so end up, we won't be in the same class, but who cares, as long as we are still together in the same college, same hostel, we can still hang out together and study together. =)

What happened bout my results? I called up INTI and it seems that they won't reveal results through phone calls. So, what I dd was I got my mum to call them up (Parents call more "power" ma). Haha, so what my mum did was she called up and they still did not wanna reveal, they can only reveal whether I passed or fail, but my mum told them that she just wanna know whether I got 3.0 above or not as I m a scholarship holder. So they said "YES" and that's a great YES!!! I made it!!! I maintained my scholarship!!! Thank God for his wonderful blessings upon me. God is Great.

Although I did not get 3.5 above but still, I am thankful for what I get.
Be thankful and grateful for what you have as there are many others who are in worse conditions. Remember this PEOPLE!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Semester - Best Studying Experience

Since I have nothing to do for the time now, I would start some stories on the fun things I said on the earlier post. Hehe. Staying in hostel could be really fun when you have your friends around with you. Especially the nights were you struggle through the whole night to sit for the paper the next day. This was the first time I studied till so late, of course now with company, it's easier to stay up feeling awake. Although staying up late is bad for health but still, we enjoyed it, moreover it was only 4 days of examination.
So what we did was during the whole week of finals, throughout the 4 nights, we burned midnight oil till the real midnight.
The first night(Sunday Night) was normal, just study till around 3 - 4 then we went to bed as the exam next day was at 2pm. Then the next night the same thing as the exam was also at 2pm. On the third night(Tuesday Night), we studied till around 10 slumber style(relax studying) till we found out that the exam next day was at 8 and not at 2pm!!! Then we rushed, got serious and started studying real time. That night we struggled till 4am for the Electrical exam on the next day. Sleeping time was not enough so concentration was bad.=(, on the last night, I slept at 2am and my friends to my surprise all struggled till 7am and exam was at 8am, pity my friends. After the exam on that day, everyone went back and SLEEP to gain some energy so that we could go for a great dinner at night and have a whole night gaming session. Haha. But throughout every single night we had that week was great. Studying was the main activity but we too had a great fellowship, snacking around and buying back supper to enjoy during the night. It was great really. Thanks Guys for making my studying environment so enjoyable =)

Let's have some pics to do the talking yea...

This was one week before our exams on a Thursday night. We stayed up studying till the next morning. The table was twice messier on the examination week =.=

On the same night after staying up for so many hours, we decided to go for breakfast, so we packed up and we went for breakfast at 6.30am, walking to Kayu mamak stall. 1 hour walking journey =.=. This was what we ate =).

After makan, we went back(by car, didn't wanna walk so far anymore), got ready and went for our last day of class for the semester =)

All these following pics are the stuffs we ate for that night after all the exams were done. Steamboat restaurant. Got so many types of food..!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Potong Saga - Updated

At first I thought this video was about proton saga THE CAR but turned out it was about something else which you will find out when you watch this. Quite nice. Haha. Quite hilarious...

There is a related joke I found to this video... Have Fun~~ =)
apek : itu potong zaka ada bagut ka ?

ali : manyak bagut..bila lu potong haa lu punya barang manyak bersih loo..

apek :?!! err..saya kawan ada cakap,potong zaka aaahh.. manyak ploblem..

ali : apa probrem ?

apek :manyak buang lui..lagi aahh..dia punya performance tatak bagut..
manyak cinang semputloh..

ali : cehh.. apek, lu apa celita.. saya suda lama potong..
tada apa problem.. bini saya manyak puas woo..

apek :lu mini puas sama itu potong zaka ka?

ali : ya la.. bila lu potong aahh.. lagi sedap maen woo..
lu lagi lambat pancut..

apek :???!!! punya 1.3 atau 1.5 ??

ali : ??!! woi apek cakap baik2 sikit ha.. saya punya 6 incila..

apek :??! *** nia ma.. lu jgn maen2 haa.. mana ada potong zaka 6 inci..

ali : cilaka apek ni..nah tengok ( bukak sluar tunjuk pale b***h..)

apek : chee sin punya olang..gua tanya baik2 lu tunjuk lu punya lan**u..

ali : abis.. lu tarak percaya..saya tunjuk la..

apek : saya tatak tanya sama lu punya lan**u..
saya tanya lu pasal itu nasional car.. potong zaka..
molo punya olang..

ali : aiya.. apek.. lain kali lu sebut betul2 la..kasi susa saja..
bukan potong zaka la.. proton saga.. aiyooo..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Doggy and Transporting

My family got a puppy home few months back in March and it has been about 5 months being together with this new family member. Hehe. After looking at her for 2 months I went of to study and I seldom meet her since then. Now that I am back, I had a good look at her and she is really growing big. BIG~! Actually not that big. =) Let's let the picture to the talking. By the way, I am a bad photographer but I dare say that she is more adorable than she looks. =D
She looks thin from this view..

She is a little camera shy. Well, only a little until I call her NAME.. Labby is her name

There she is... She is a Labrador Retriever. Very friendly dog, very cute and adorable espcially when she hungers for food. She can never stop eating and I mean NEVER

I am getting bored for this few days so I offered to become my relatives' driver. =.=
I drive my auntie around as her eyes is causing her inconvenience to drive, fetching my grandmother around, fetching my sister and my cousin to and from school and tuitions. So, I do a lot of driving these days. Good thing is. I get to drive for free. l0l. I love driving especially driving cars that I've never driven before. I have been driving my auntie's myvi for two days and I am enjoying it. I am only doing it this week, so I get to drive her car this week for FREE. No cost of petrol needed. I mean, I don't have to pay, not that the car doesn't require petrol. Haha. Driver aka Transporter. KAKAKA...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mid Night Blogging

I slept at around 10pm justnow and woke up around 12 then I can't get myself back to sleep only more. Therefore, I decided to online and surf around. While surfing, I thought bout changing my blog template. I've been thinking bout this since some time ago and since now I have nothing better to do, I browsed around the net and found this template. I quite like this template for it's colour. not too dark not too bright just the way I like it and so coincidence, the movie I was watching justnow(Evan Almighty) was talking bout Genesis 6:14 and the name of this template is Genesis. Haha.

Before this, I went dota-ing with my cousin for 2 rounds. Haha. I asked him to go out for supper and after chatting a while, he DCed and went missing. So, after this I would be either adding some extra stuffs to decorate my blog or I would jsut jump for movies. I just watched Evan Almighty before I went browsing for template. I watched it once before, but I've already forgotten most of it. Now watching it back again. I feel it's a very nice story. I don't know what went wrong with my emotions tonight but there was a part I felt very touching when the "god" in that show told Evan's wife what it's all about and how his family went back to him. I felt it was real great. I've never been touched by movies before and this is the first time. Very strong family relationship they have.

There's one thing that I've learnt from that movie which I feel it's very true...
Whatever you ask from God, He doesn't give you what you asked, instead He gives you an opportunity to do so.. Deep?
Example; When you ask for courage, does God give you the courage or does He give you the opportunity to be courageous? Wonderful...
When you ask for a warm and loving family, does God give you a warm and loving family the next day you woke up? Or does He give you the opportunity to form a warm and loving environment in your family?

My cousin is back online. Let's see if he would wanna go for supper??? Kekeke...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Semester - Accomplished

I just finished my Engineering Mathematics paper today. My final paper. After 4 days of examination and several late night sleeps, finally everything is over. Hehe. Now, all I have to do is enjoy time and hope for the best in my results. I have a 2 weeks semester break now till the 1st of September. Just came back from steamboat buffet with my friends. That steamboat buffet was marvelous. The price was reasonable and the food there were great. They not only have the normal wet food and dry food, they also have dim sum. Oh, this is the first time I went for steamboat buffet with dim sum. I FEEL SO FULL NOW!!! Haha. I want to upload some pics but I can't transfer them up now. There are too many to upload. Will upload and update more fun stuffs later on when I' m back in ipoh. I will be going back to Ipoh tomorrow, following my uncle. Will be reaching Ipoh in the evening and I shall enjoy my 2 weeks of holiday~~

Will update more soon... Very fun things. Things that I feel very fun doing....

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2 Weeks More To Ipoh

I do not want my bloggie to die and there is not internet line in hostel AS USUAL and I didn't have the time to come to college at night so this is the best time to update my bloggie. Hehe. I am having my english class now but I've got my work done(Letter Writing), so I borrowed my friend's lappy to update my bloggie. Did not bring my lappy cause lazy. Keke. My Finals Exams will be on next week for 4 days consecutively 1 Subject a day. Relaxly Preparing at this point of time. =). Just got my total coursework marks(Consists Of 60%) for every subject today. Haha, I got the results I expected but now it depends on my final exams(Consists Of 40%). If I score 40/40 for Engineering Maths and Computer Systems & Programming in my Final Exams, I might stand a big chance for 4.0 BUT it's almost impossible cause I am not perfect. Lol. So, preparing these days(Not Working Hard But Still Working For It) =)

After exams, I will go straight back to Ipoh on that weekend which is next Saturday. I don't know what to say but I MISS IPOH~! !wanna go back to Ipoh and meet my Loved Ones. My Family, My Girl =D Miss her soo soo soo much~!!

Gotta enjoy myself next Thursday and Friday once exams are over =D It's a MUST~!