Friday, March 25, 2011

Superman Is From India

Hey guys and girls, do anyone of you know the origin of Superman. Well, if you think you do, try watching the video below and think again. Just for Jokes everyone.. Haha, if you are a loyal fan of Superman, please don't get angry about this. Hehe.

You know, I used to have a rabbit long time ago when I was a kid. Yea I did. I didn't remember that my mum actually took pictures of the rabbit. Our rabbit last time is called Barney and here's how cute she looks like :P
and here is my current dog at home called Labby, my mum calls her Labbie. Same pronunciation. I wonder how is her name spelled in her Identity Tag.

See the similarity in both my pets? Yeapz, they are both lazy. Haha. They must be very happy to stay in our home cause they have lots to eat everyday and all they have to do is just sleep. Haha. Eat and Sleep, that's all they do :D

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring For Everyone

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Monday, March 21, 2011

SAT Spanish Tutor

I was having a chat with one of my friends about taking an extra language for our examination paper and we figured out that we should take up Spanish. However, taking Spanish is no easy, as we always see on Television Shows.

With the level of difficulty of Spenish, it's hard for us to learn it solely by ourselves.We can’t find any tutors who could help us out with Spanish. Especially starting off with a foreign language, it has always been hard. It is true that it's hard for one to learn a foreign language compared to learning it during childhood.

For those who are are in college, an extra language is very important as it practically determines the students’ have a better communication borders in the outside world.

Excelling in the Spanish language can be a good head start, but how does one actually score in Spanish if it’s a foreign language to him/her? Obviously, merely attending classes in college alone is not good enough as college does not exactly pin-point how to tackle the language itself.

Yes, schools and colleges do provide assignments and soft skill practices to be done at home, but whether doing it right or wrong, we won't know. Unless we have a Spanish Tutor where students are tutored on personal basis in the comfort of their own home.

The tutoring session is on one to one basis, and hence, it is easier for the student to know their mistakes on the spot. From an educational point of view, one-to-one tutoring has been proven effective by most professionals this is because students feel more comfortable with a guide by their side.

One to one tutoring session is highly recommended especially for those who looks forward in mastering this language as part of his life in the future.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Read Me

Hey people. I'm back to ma blog again. I'm happy to say that I'll be free for this coming week. Thanks to one of my lecturers who will be away for the whole week, there won't be any of his classes this week. I am going to relax myself and hang out again this coming week. I wanna watch a movie on wednesday. Any suggestions what movie to watch? I am outdated. I've missed a lot of new movies.

Another thing to be happy bout is that my friend Wooi Kit bought a DSLR (Canon EOS 60D), and because of that, we can now shoot videos in FULL HD and in much much better quality. Woo, this heat things up. Gives us a kick to brainstorm more :P

I haven't been going back to Ipoh for so long already. It has been more than 5 weeks now since Chinese New Year. I can't find a slot to go back. Huhu.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sleepless Night

Dear blogger, I stayed awake the whole night last night doing my assignment report. Didn't have much to do at first. Was spending my time walking around the college at night while waiting for my groupmates compile the data and derivations together. After finishing their part, they went back, and that's when something came out and we needed to add more into our report. That was what made my night yesterday. Spent the whole night at college, including taking a nap in college =.= We finished everything at 3am and had some relaxing gaming with some friends till around 4 plus then we had a nap in college till 6 while waiting for everyone else to finish. Everyone was done at 6am and there was no way we could sleep at that time cause we'll be having class at 8am. If we sleep at 6, we would wake up at 8 (PM). Haha. So we decided to go for Dim Sum instead. We went back , took a shower, freshen ourselves, and went for Dim Sum. 8 of us, went for breakfast. 

After breaskfast we went straight to college and reached there at 7.30am, being the earliest and the only time we ever reach class that early. LoL. Class started around 8.15 and ended at 9 because there was a talk by Motorola Solutions Penang in INTI. 2 hours talk and I spent most of my time sleeping in the lecture theatre. After everything, we went straight home and slept!!! Slept from 12 till 8, 8 hours of perfect sleep. Haha. I am feeling awake now and there will be an assessment tomorrow at 8am. Wish me luck :D

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Random Update

As things are slowing down now, I start to relax myself more but not for the rest of this semester. Being in college now, I know exactly when I have get prepared for late nights and deprived sleeps. Tsk.. 2 assignments and 1 test for this coming week. Week 9/15. Woo~ There are no major projects this semester but for a change, the lecturer gave us all mini projects which makes them give us more assignments.

Went to Queensbay last Tuesday for a motor show, again. Haha. But this time no hot sexy cars. Only normal economical cars. Nothing much actually, cause all imported cars. I wasn't interested in most of them except for Hyundai Sonata and Kia Forte. Argh!! After that motor show, I find Kia Forte so attractive. Every part of it just attracts me. LoL. Priced at RM85,800 o.0?? I can't afford that right now. Haha. Dream on and study. 3 years more before I get out into the working world. LoL. For now, I shall continue driving my Perodua Viva =.= Hey bro, my brother Aaron, if you see this, you might wanna consider my next year's birthday present!!! Haha :P

I had been watching Links To Temptation 诱情转驳 these few days and I really liked the storyline. The story was mainly about greed towards possessions but when I watched that drama, I was looking more into the minor line bout the relationship between the main actor and the main actress. Haha. I won't say why, but it really catches my attention throughout the whole drama. If you wanna watch it, go ahead, no hesitations. It's a really nice drama. Hong Kong dramas always the best for me compared to Taiwan, Korean and Japanese dramas. I don't like to see couples love each other and cry through the whole movie, never gets together, drama drags and I fall asleep. LoL, something like Bollywood movies. I love you, You love me but Producer says we ain't getting together. Haha. :D No offense to those who like it.