Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sleepless Night

Dear blogger, I stayed awake the whole night last night doing my assignment report. Didn't have much to do at first. Was spending my time walking around the college at night while waiting for my groupmates compile the data and derivations together. After finishing their part, they went back, and that's when something came out and we needed to add more into our report. That was what made my night yesterday. Spent the whole night at college, including taking a nap in college =.= We finished everything at 3am and had some relaxing gaming with some friends till around 4 plus then we had a nap in college till 6 while waiting for everyone else to finish. Everyone was done at 6am and there was no way we could sleep at that time cause we'll be having class at 8am. If we sleep at 6, we would wake up at 8 (PM). Haha. So we decided to go for Dim Sum instead. We went back , took a shower, freshen ourselves, and went for Dim Sum. 8 of us, went for breakfast. 

After breaskfast we went straight to college and reached there at 7.30am, being the earliest and the only time we ever reach class that early. LoL. Class started around 8.15 and ended at 9 because there was a talk by Motorola Solutions Penang in INTI. 2 hours talk and I spent most of my time sleeping in the lecture theatre. After everything, we went straight home and slept!!! Slept from 12 till 8, 8 hours of perfect sleep. Haha. I am feeling awake now and there will be an assessment tomorrow at 8am. Wish me luck :D

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