Sunday, March 20, 2011

Read Me

Hey people. I'm back to ma blog again. I'm happy to say that I'll be free for this coming week. Thanks to one of my lecturers who will be away for the whole week, there won't be any of his classes this week. I am going to relax myself and hang out again this coming week. I wanna watch a movie on wednesday. Any suggestions what movie to watch? I am outdated. I've missed a lot of new movies.

Another thing to be happy bout is that my friend Wooi Kit bought a DSLR (Canon EOS 60D), and because of that, we can now shoot videos in FULL HD and in much much better quality. Woo, this heat things up. Gives us a kick to brainstorm more :P

I haven't been going back to Ipoh for so long already. It has been more than 5 weeks now since Chinese New Year. I can't find a slot to go back. Huhu.

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reanaclaire said...

Ok, come home if you like.. i will cook your favourite dish.. hehee..