Friday, March 25, 2011

Superman Is From India

Hey guys and girls, do anyone of you know the origin of Superman. Well, if you think you do, try watching the video below and think again. Just for Jokes everyone.. Haha, if you are a loyal fan of Superman, please don't get angry about this. Hehe.

You know, I used to have a rabbit long time ago when I was a kid. Yea I did. I didn't remember that my mum actually took pictures of the rabbit. Our rabbit last time is called Barney and here's how cute she looks like :P
and here is my current dog at home called Labby, my mum calls her Labbie. Same pronunciation. I wonder how is her name spelled in her Identity Tag.

See the similarity in both my pets? Yeapz, they are both lazy. Haha. They must be very happy to stay in our home cause they have lots to eat everyday and all they have to do is just sleep. Haha. Eat and Sleep, that's all they do :D

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reanaclaire said... cute, Andy.. I must borrow these pics and put in my blog.. hahaha..