Sunday, April 27, 2008

Everyone is No.1

This is a very touching video. No one is left out in anything. Almost made me cry. If you are an emotional person, watch this and I bet you will cry.

The Art Of Studying

I just finished almost 3 hours of add-maths exercises. Now I know why people take so long to study. I should have been doing this for the past few months but nevermind time cannot be turned back. Better to regret now than to regret after SPM. I keep myself positive by thinking not having the time before this because of many band matters. Studying and revising are different. Studying is much easier than revising and practicing it. I took few hours to practice on some add maths questions. Now I understand the art of studying and the correct way to study. My brother was right, practicing is more important than anything in studies. No use knowing everything and not knowing how to apply it. I am glad I am aware of my past mistakes and good thing my trials are 3 months away I have enough time to prepare myself. After mid-term I will continue studying like how I am studying now. For this mid-term exam I did lots of basics and went only a little into Enrichment and Reinforcement exercises. Those are the true exercises that will bring me up to a scoring standard. I did lots of basics and less of those. I hope the basics can bring me to at least a B for add-maths. I want to pass all my subjects and score 70 above for my english, mod/add maths, physics, EST and even moral. If I can achieve this, My trials won'e be much of a problem to me. I would not want to compare myself with other people anymore. What's important is me myself not others.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fussy Thoughts

I love to live a simple live but my thoughts are very complicated. I like to passively get myself into fussy thoughts and thinking of complicated happenings that will happen around. I can think very in depth about something. Like CSI thinking of all the possibilities that can happen to something. Some are merely impossible to happen but some comes true when I guess of it. Past monday and tuesday I thought a lot about many many things although I can still sleep well but I had some bad dreams. Thinking too much can make our brains restless and hence causing extreme tiredness and in serious cases dizzyness. Why think so much when we can't predict the future in any ways. Good, I shall remind myself everytime I go into a fuss.

I will be driving to school soon. Most probably after the midterm holidays. It would be my turn to fetch my friend to school after him fetching me for the past half the year and last year. Give and take should be done now since I can drive.

Mid-term exams are starting next monday 28/4 till 15/5. I am not sure whether I have enough revision to score the subjects I am for. If I succeed this time, I think I would be able to win a car back for trials.

The earth is round. You might be top of the world now but 24 hours later you will find yourself upside down

Sunday, April 20, 2008

War of In Laws 2

This show is indeed a very nice show with great story line and very exciting kicks by the cast. The way the Mother-In-Law do her things and plan her strategies in her career is superb. Especially the ending. This show is the best show I've watched this year so far.

Magazine editor-in-chief Gwo Bik (Liza Wang) will never save face for her superiors, nor will she come to the defense of her subordinates. She shows no mercy to her enemies and does everything she can to keep her son Gwo Duk (Bosco Wong) under her thumb. She is an iron lady who can't afford to lose anything. As she is still full of confidence that she can determine her son's future life, a plain, geeky-looking girl named Chow Lai-Man (Myolie Wu) has already managed to become the wife of Duk. Later Man resigns from the police force and chooses to work as a magazine journalist, thus leading to even more conflicts between her and Bik.

Not long after, Bik is dragged into a scandal and gets framed by her assistant Ko Ga Bo (Joyce Tang), which causes her to lose her place all of a sudden. Facing a dramatic career slump and her deteriorating relationship with her son and daughter-in-law, Bik moves to the outlying islands on her own. There she meets a new man in her life, the knowledgeable and talented But Ping-Fan (Benz Hui) who was once a convict. From Fan, Bik has learnt how to reflect on herself and let go of the past. As everything seems to be going fine, Man discovers that there is a conspiracy going on and that the magazine she is working for is in danger of falling apart.

Main cast

Cast member Character
Liza Wang Ophelia Gwo Bik (Fiona)
Myolie Wu Chow Lai-Man
Bosco Wong Kyle Gwo Duk
Joyce Tang Coco Ko Ga Bo
Benz Hui But Ping-Fan
Derek Kwok CC Zhung Cheung
Vivien Yeo Athena Sung Ji Kiu
Nancy Wu Iris

**I think I've been watching may shows since I've gt a dvd player. At least I catch up on chinese series since I have to time to catch them on television. Many nice chinese series shows. Need recommendation??? Come find me ^^

Thursday, April 17, 2008

P < L

What does it feel like after you pass your driving test and not allowed to drive? Let me say, it feels bad. i am lucky to be born on 10 of January and getting my license real early. Getting a driving license at my stage is not as fun as everyone thinks. "wow, you can drive la now" "wow, very fast ah you get your license" "can drive out already la". Let me say, it is just the SAME as not getting a driving license. What do I profit from getting a license? Yes, I get to keep extra cards in my DRAWER. I prefer being an L license driver than a P driver. At least I get to drive more when I was a student driver. Now? Everytime I want to drive I either get nagging or scoldings. What's the point? A reply always says "Not the time to drive yet " If now is not the time? when is the time? few months later? after graduating? "You are not used to the roads" What should I do? Hire and instructor and bring me round town and try every inch of the road? How can I start experiencing the road without even getting ON the road?

People can drive themselves one day after their license was printed out. Me? After 1 month now and still I can listen people saying "Drive now and you will get involve in accidents" Great, all P drivers must not drive until their license start to change colour and that's the suitable time to drive.

Why did I get my license so early? Now I have to spend even more money buying a frame and frame my license up. My brother did not drive after he passed because he did not want to. And because of that I can't drive. Another great culture, whatever my brother does not do I must not do.

I better stop blogging now. As soon as my mum reads this I shall be getting some nagging and some "sarcastic" comments.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby Artist

this 3 year old baby is a pure genius. Ninja Baby. Enjoy ^^

Somtime Soon

I didn't know that I have not been updating my blog for the past 9 days. I didn't know time passed so fast. Maybe it's caused by the busyness of school life these days.

Mid-term exams are coming soon(28/4). Revision has started in slow moving rate. I hope I can score a couple of As this time more than my monthly test. I want to aim As for all engineering subjects. Wonder if I could make it. Pray hard.

Next up is sponsorship. Sponsorship for the band concert this year was just launched few days ago and the progress I would say to be quite slow for now but I believe things will be better in time to com. Sponsorship is tiring but fun when it comes to asking for donations. It's nice to experience communication skills with the public. Anyone interested in tickets? rm10 for students and rm20 for adults. Interested? Drop me a message in the chatbox ^.^ Thanks

Last Sunday night I had a very great dream and yet disappointing. I dreamt from 11.45pm since the second I slept till the second i woke up. What did I dream of? I dreamt of band competition again. It was a 7 hours dream and caused me tiredness on monday morning. this dream not only gives me back a reflection of band competition but it gives me a very weird feeling of band competiton. This year's Perak Marching Band competition will be very interesting. It's disappointing when you can't compete in big fired up competitions. It's my dream to compete in this type of competition where all bands are out on the field to compete. The last time that happened was in 2004. 2005 AMc did not go out, 2006 Nan Hwa was dropping, 2007 Samtet won and nah hwa did not participate. THIS YEAR All these bands are going out in a shot and MMB is left on the audience seats. I am trying to distract myself away from thinking bout this because everytime I think bout this year's competition I feel real bad and real disappointed not going out in such a big event.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Sickening Weekend

I went to school yesterday for band practice bout 12. Yesterday's practice was all sectional and very relaxing ^^ then I called my brother to pick me up to dinner after practice. We went to somewhere in town and I always forget the name of the shop even after so many times I've been there. HAHA. So we ordered dishes and ate them all up CLEAN. Nowadays before anyone could start their meal my mum would take a photo of the dishes and post it up on her blog

After eating we went home and everyone took their bath and slept. Me too I took my bath and sat under the fan thinking that it's ok as I often do the same thing but that was when I starting chilling myself and got myself into a little fever. Wanting to sleep but my mum and sis in one room and my bro took over the whole bed so I have to sleep downstairs on the couch. On the TV to relax before napping and to my surprise spongebob was on. LOL. And since I've not been watching this little yellow for some time I watched and ended up not napping. So again my fever got worse and worse to the extend that I can't sleep well at all at night with mosquitoes "accompanying" me.

Woke up this morning feeling much better Although I felt quite weak at this time but I still went to my father's cemetery with my family. It was very hot at 12++ noon and now I am back here online rather than lying on the bed this is the only thing I would do.

Friday, April 04, 2008


Today is a very special day for me n my family. It is a very memorable date to remember and a must to remember 3rd of April. It's this date when my father went back to the Father in Heaven. It has been 11 years now and I still miss him ever since I started growing up as a teenager and feeling the importance of a father in life. Everytime I remember bout this I would spend a moment of silence. I really want to feel a father's love but unfortunately the last time I could do that was when I was 6 years old and I don't even know and feel anything that moment.
For those who still have your loved ones with you, cherish the time you have with them as you do not know when they will be away from you.

I don't know what to say. Sometimes before I blog I can think of all sorts of things to write but times like now I know I have things to write but I can't think of any. Why?