Sunday, April 20, 2008

War of In Laws 2

This show is indeed a very nice show with great story line and very exciting kicks by the cast. The way the Mother-In-Law do her things and plan her strategies in her career is superb. Especially the ending. This show is the best show I've watched this year so far.

Magazine editor-in-chief Gwo Bik (Liza Wang) will never save face for her superiors, nor will she come to the defense of her subordinates. She shows no mercy to her enemies and does everything she can to keep her son Gwo Duk (Bosco Wong) under her thumb. She is an iron lady who can't afford to lose anything. As she is still full of confidence that she can determine her son's future life, a plain, geeky-looking girl named Chow Lai-Man (Myolie Wu) has already managed to become the wife of Duk. Later Man resigns from the police force and chooses to work as a magazine journalist, thus leading to even more conflicts between her and Bik.

Not long after, Bik is dragged into a scandal and gets framed by her assistant Ko Ga Bo (Joyce Tang), which causes her to lose her place all of a sudden. Facing a dramatic career slump and her deteriorating relationship with her son and daughter-in-law, Bik moves to the outlying islands on her own. There she meets a new man in her life, the knowledgeable and talented But Ping-Fan (Benz Hui) who was once a convict. From Fan, Bik has learnt how to reflect on herself and let go of the past. As everything seems to be going fine, Man discovers that there is a conspiracy going on and that the magazine she is working for is in danger of falling apart.

Main cast

Cast member Character
Liza Wang Ophelia Gwo Bik (Fiona)
Myolie Wu Chow Lai-Man
Bosco Wong Kyle Gwo Duk
Joyce Tang Coco Ko Ga Bo
Benz Hui But Ping-Fan
Derek Kwok CC Zhung Cheung
Vivien Yeo Athena Sung Ji Kiu
Nancy Wu Iris

**I think I've been watching may shows since I've gt a dvd player. At least I catch up on chinese series since I have to time to catch them on television. Many nice chinese series shows. Need recommendation??? Come find me ^^

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