Thursday, April 17, 2008

P < L

What does it feel like after you pass your driving test and not allowed to drive? Let me say, it feels bad. i am lucky to be born on 10 of January and getting my license real early. Getting a driving license at my stage is not as fun as everyone thinks. "wow, you can drive la now" "wow, very fast ah you get your license" "can drive out already la". Let me say, it is just the SAME as not getting a driving license. What do I profit from getting a license? Yes, I get to keep extra cards in my DRAWER. I prefer being an L license driver than a P driver. At least I get to drive more when I was a student driver. Now? Everytime I want to drive I either get nagging or scoldings. What's the point? A reply always says "Not the time to drive yet " If now is not the time? when is the time? few months later? after graduating? "You are not used to the roads" What should I do? Hire and instructor and bring me round town and try every inch of the road? How can I start experiencing the road without even getting ON the road?

People can drive themselves one day after their license was printed out. Me? After 1 month now and still I can listen people saying "Drive now and you will get involve in accidents" Great, all P drivers must not drive until their license start to change colour and that's the suitable time to drive.

Why did I get my license so early? Now I have to spend even more money buying a frame and frame my license up. My brother did not drive after he passed because he did not want to. And because of that I can't drive. Another great culture, whatever my brother does not do I must not do.

I better stop blogging now. As soon as my mum reads this I shall be getting some nagging and some "sarcastic" comments.

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