Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Art Of Studying

I just finished almost 3 hours of add-maths exercises. Now I know why people take so long to study. I should have been doing this for the past few months but nevermind time cannot be turned back. Better to regret now than to regret after SPM. I keep myself positive by thinking not having the time before this because of many band matters. Studying and revising are different. Studying is much easier than revising and practicing it. I took few hours to practice on some add maths questions. Now I understand the art of studying and the correct way to study. My brother was right, practicing is more important than anything in studies. No use knowing everything and not knowing how to apply it. I am glad I am aware of my past mistakes and good thing my trials are 3 months away I have enough time to prepare myself. After mid-term I will continue studying like how I am studying now. For this mid-term exam I did lots of basics and went only a little into Enrichment and Reinforcement exercises. Those are the true exercises that will bring me up to a scoring standard. I did lots of basics and less of those. I hope the basics can bring me to at least a B for add-maths. I want to pass all my subjects and score 70 above for my english, mod/add maths, physics, EST and even moral. If I can achieve this, My trials won'e be much of a problem to me. I would not want to compare myself with other people anymore. What's important is me myself not others.

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