Monday, April 07, 2008

Sickening Weekend

I went to school yesterday for band practice bout 12. Yesterday's practice was all sectional and very relaxing ^^ then I called my brother to pick me up to dinner after practice. We went to somewhere in town and I always forget the name of the shop even after so many times I've been there. HAHA. So we ordered dishes and ate them all up CLEAN. Nowadays before anyone could start their meal my mum would take a photo of the dishes and post it up on her blog

After eating we went home and everyone took their bath and slept. Me too I took my bath and sat under the fan thinking that it's ok as I often do the same thing but that was when I starting chilling myself and got myself into a little fever. Wanting to sleep but my mum and sis in one room and my bro took over the whole bed so I have to sleep downstairs on the couch. On the TV to relax before napping and to my surprise spongebob was on. LOL. And since I've not been watching this little yellow for some time I watched and ended up not napping. So again my fever got worse and worse to the extend that I can't sleep well at all at night with mosquitoes "accompanying" me.

Woke up this morning feeling much better Although I felt quite weak at this time but I still went to my father's cemetery with my family. It was very hot at 12++ noon and now I am back here online rather than lying on the bed this is the only thing I would do.

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