Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Somtime Soon

I didn't know that I have not been updating my blog for the past 9 days. I didn't know time passed so fast. Maybe it's caused by the busyness of school life these days.

Mid-term exams are coming soon(28/4). Revision has started in slow moving rate. I hope I can score a couple of As this time more than my monthly test. I want to aim As for all engineering subjects. Wonder if I could make it. Pray hard.

Next up is sponsorship. Sponsorship for the band concert this year was just launched few days ago and the progress I would say to be quite slow for now but I believe things will be better in time to com. Sponsorship is tiring but fun when it comes to asking for donations. It's nice to experience communication skills with the public. Anyone interested in tickets? rm10 for students and rm20 for adults. Interested? Drop me a message in the chatbox ^.^ Thanks

Last Sunday night I had a very great dream and yet disappointing. I dreamt from 11.45pm since the second I slept till the second i woke up. What did I dream of? I dreamt of band competition again. It was a 7 hours dream and caused me tiredness on monday morning. this dream not only gives me back a reflection of band competition but it gives me a very weird feeling of band competiton. This year's Perak Marching Band competition will be very interesting. It's disappointing when you can't compete in big fired up competitions. It's my dream to compete in this type of competition where all bands are out on the field to compete. The last time that happened was in 2004. 2005 AMc did not go out, 2006 Nan Hwa was dropping, 2007 Samtet won and nah hwa did not participate. THIS YEAR All these bands are going out in a shot and MMB is left on the audience seats. I am trying to distract myself away from thinking bout this because everytime I think bout this year's competition I feel real bad and real disappointed not going out in such a big event.

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