Friday, December 29, 2006


Okie. So my results was unbelivable. Unpredictable also. I got 1A 3B 3C in trials and now I got 6A 1B for my PMR. Unbelivable isn't it? believe it.

B for my geografi. Most people get B for BM but I got B for my geografi. Good thing there wont be geografi next year.

Should I go for Science1 and study IT? What should I choose? Will it be tensioning in Science1? Aih Aih...

This 3 years of lower secondary I didn't study much still want to Science1?? Help Me PleasePMR RESULTS 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

Holidayssssss - Part 3

ok now. I don't think i will continue talking bout my holidays since it's past for a week. But briefly what I did was Bowling, Jamming, Shopping nad the most fun thing was cycling. Not normal cycling but this is a 2 and 3 person bicycle. Seen it before? I rode it. Damn nice. Rode it in Danga Bay. So SYOK.

Okie. Back to the normal blogging. Christmas is 4 days away, PMR results are exactly 1 week away and school is going to re-open soon. What's up next? School Starts I will be in Form 4. Time flies isn't it? So fast and I am now on my journey to my 2nd last year in secondary school. I can barely remember my first day in form 1. l0l.

Jeffery's computer KO liao. What would he be doing at home? studying? PS2? hmmm.... Not gonna dota??? Oh Man!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holidayssssss - Part 2

okie okie. Part two now. Where was I? Yeah shopping on the second day. Besides shopping I played bowling which is my 1st time playing in my whole life of this 15 years. Well, I played 3 rounds with my cousins and my sister. 5 players altogether. First round was like the practice and learning round. I won the second round and got 2nd on the third round.Well, that's not a bad performance for a newbie. Haha. Bowling isn't as hard as i thought it would be. l0l.

Next day went to Johor. Stayed in my uncle's place form Monday till Thursday. I am not gonna talk bout every single day bout what I did of course but fun things I did was on the second night I watched Rob-B-Hood.

To Be Continued...

Monday, December 18, 2006


Yo, I am back from my holidays yesterday.Was very tired. Let's start talking bout my holidays.:P The first destinatin I step in was in KL where i stayed in my uncle's place. What I did there? The moment I reached there, straight away i went down to their AV room and went on the drums. WAH, I was surprised because they have zildjian cymbals set. How I wish I had one. Very nice sound man. Jammed with them for a while. Haha, jamming was real fun. Moreover their AV room is quite sound proof so I can just hit as loud as I never hit before. Later after that we watched a movie(TIMELINE) in there. They had a LCD projector which makes the video being shot on the wal like so the cinemas only smaller. It was an ASTRO movie.

Next went for dinner at...Hhmmmm where was it already??0ops no no we went to church and had a late dinner at MAMAK. FOOD WAS EVEN GREAT. All sorts of Roti we ate. Special one was the Roti Tisu which is 3 feet long. Can you just imagine eating something 3 feet long? haha

Next day was Sunday, went out for breakfast then went shopping at 1 Utama. The shopping centre was big. So big I can't finish walking in it. So many shops I can't afford to spend my money. That day was shopping only so nothing much to do.

To Be Continue...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The 2 Types of People

Hi again. Before I go on a holiday with my family starting from tomorrow to next saturday. I have something to talk about today which is tthe hot and the cool type of people. This are the two personalities of people which are always mixed up.

OK. Let's start off with the hot type of people. The difference between the Hot from the Cool is that the Hot type of people basically the Teenagers now likes to follow the latest trend with you know those latest shirts, pant cuts and all sort of accesories handing on their body. And this is what cause the Girls nowadays to like those type of HoT boys. But one question. Will that ;love' they have last long? Can someone be HoT forever? Wake up to those kind of Girls/Boys. One can never be Hot forever.Nothing on Earth last forever except God's love on you.

Secondly. The cool type of people. Cool type of people are the once who does not follow trends but do what they like and wish to do. They never expect girls to like them but they themselves like girls. Isn't that different??? Girls never like these type of boys. Why??? Again, because of the 'trend'. Zzz.zzz.

The reason I post this up is for the girls out there not to go after Boys because of their hotness or coolness but because of their heart in love and to help you differentiate the meaning of cool and hot. I usually listen to girls calling boys CooL. I think you girls misunderstood the meaning of CooL. That's why i post this blog this time which i found interesting.

Anyways, No offence at all from my speech above. If I do then I'm sorry....

Good Luck and Bye :P

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The New Andy

Yeap, the title speaks it all. Haha, I got a new specs. Not because of the trend but because I played too much of computers and watch too much tv most of the time. I didn't not get those big frames one because I hate following trends which many teens like to do nowadays. Following trends is just like copying what the other are doing. So boring.

Brother came back for UTP. Holidays till end of next month means he will be here when I take my PMR results. Talking bout that l0l it's coming. Run!!!!!

DotA a lot nowadays bout 5 games a day l0l. I want a new Rig. Might get that end of next year or maybe after SPM. That would be good also.

God's Word
Another new thing. To start of let me ask you guys and girls a question. Would you want to trade all your burdens and suffering for JOy??? I guess most of you wants it right??? Even me myself wants that. That bible says that we can trade our burdens to no one except for GoD himself. Just leave all your burdens to him people and live up a joyfull live. So, get up and start following his ways.