Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 Long Weeks

Hey guys and girls and blog. My two long hectic weeks just ended and it's time for me to blog again. For the past two weeks, my days were fully packed with assignments and tests. The good news is that, it is not the end. It's only the beginning T_T. However, I had the chance to relax myself yesterday. Went to 1st Avenue, Penang for a movie. Thanks to Wooi Kit, Navin, Gabriel and I had free premiere tickets to the movie DRIVE ANGRY by Nicholas Cage. I don't rate movies, but it's still nice though.

Besides the movie, we also had the opportunity to go close up to some real hot cars. There were about 14 hot smoking cars parked in front of 1st Avenue yesterday noon in support of the screening of DRIVE ANGRY. These cars inclusive of Ferrari, Porsche and a Lotus. According to the news in FB, there were suppose to be Lamborghini. We didn't see any Lambo in the end, instead we saw Proton and Perodua. LoL =.=

Pictures Stolen from Wooi Kit's Blog. Haha

That was all we did yesterday. A great day to relax but then it's time to start work again. Sigh. =.=

Here are some videos to keep you entertained. Hopefully it does. LoL. I shot these with Wooi Kit and My Cousin. 
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Thank you very much!!! :D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Read Me Update

Hey peeps!! It has been long since I last updated again. It's because I've been busy AGAIN and the internet line is unstable. Not TM's fault this time. It's because, the line we hacked in isn't on all the time. Haha. Shhh, don't tell anyone we did anything. So, it has been 10 days since I last updated. My tests and assignments are coming again, yeap, it's about time of the semester again *sigh* However, I did enjoy myself in between too like the past Valentines Day.

Of course I didn't get to celebrate my Valentines with my loved one but still I had a great one. I celebrated my Valentines Day with my friends and it was something unusual, 6 guys going out together for dinner and a stroll along Gurney Drive =.= But we did it. We has seafood for dinner before going to Gurney Drive. When we reached Gurney drive, we see all the couples and we are the only group of guys. Really not a place for people like us to be in. Hehe. But not for long, it started to rain and our adventure ended. We then have a after party in our apartment and went to bed late that night. Haha. That's all for my Valentines Day. 

It was a week of LOVE, Valentines Day and Chap Goh Mei lands on the same week. 3 days after Valentines Day was Chap Goh Mei on Thursday. I didn't make it for that event as well because of two reasons. One, I was down with fever and even if I am not down with fever, I was about to have a test on the Friday and an assignment to hand, too bad. Can't go out to throw bananas and fish some oranges. Hahaha. =.="

This coming week, I will be having 3 tests and 1 assignment for me to handle. I hope I won't fall sick anymore. Gotta live healthy for this week. No more spicy food, no more fried and heaty food =.= Take care everyone. Have a Great Week ahead, at least I know I would =.="

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Post - Chinese New Year

Hey guys, girls, blog, I am back to Penang. Chinese New Year is over for me. Sadz, I miss the food. Haha. I am back in Penang but no longer in my hostel room. I am now in an apartment!! YEAH~~ No more "insect zoo" toilets. I now have a living room!! Hahaha. But one bad news is that, we have no facilities here. No swimming pool and gym here. But the apartment opposite ours has. So we always get to look at people swim but we can't. So near yet so far.

My place here has no internet. We are currently using broadbands. Digi and Maxis. We applied for Maxis because they give us a 1 week trial. Enough to buy some time for ourselves while we find for other alternatives. Streamyx is too much work and the packages now ain't cheap. We actually planned to use Maxis Broadband, but the signal here is too poor. Probably we cause we are on the hill so the signal strength is very low. For Maxis we get like 20% HSDPA signal max, though the speed is high up to 3.6Mbps but the signal is low. On the other hand, DIGI Broadband's signal is strong, almost 100% HSDPA, but the current plan we have in hand is only Digi Prepaid, only up to 384Kbps. But before streamyx, we will try cracking through encryptions first. Haha. Shhh~~ Don't tell our neighbours, they have very interesting wifi connections. Hahaha.
If you have any methods, do share with me. LoL.

Though Chinese New Year is over, but I still get lots of "Ang Pau"s from our lecturers. They are so king to release all the assignments to us right after Chinese New Year. They help us to burn off our holiday mood. :(