Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 Long Weeks

Hey guys and girls and blog. My two long hectic weeks just ended and it's time for me to blog again. For the past two weeks, my days were fully packed with assignments and tests. The good news is that, it is not the end. It's only the beginning T_T. However, I had the chance to relax myself yesterday. Went to 1st Avenue, Penang for a movie. Thanks to Wooi Kit, Navin, Gabriel and I had free premiere tickets to the movie DRIVE ANGRY by Nicholas Cage. I don't rate movies, but it's still nice though.

Besides the movie, we also had the opportunity to go close up to some real hot cars. There were about 14 hot smoking cars parked in front of 1st Avenue yesterday noon in support of the screening of DRIVE ANGRY. These cars inclusive of Ferrari, Porsche and a Lotus. According to the news in FB, there were suppose to be Lamborghini. We didn't see any Lambo in the end, instead we saw Proton and Perodua. LoL =.=

Pictures Stolen from Wooi Kit's Blog. Haha

That was all we did yesterday. A great day to relax but then it's time to start work again. Sigh. =.=

Here are some videos to keep you entertained. Hopefully it does. LoL. I shot these with Wooi Kit and My Cousin. 
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