Sunday, August 31, 2008


Music Videos by VideoCure

Music Videos by VideoCure

Music Videos by VideoCure

Music Videos by VideoCure


SPM Trials are round the corners now. One week from now (8/9/08) till the 25th of september. Will be working very extremely hard this whole week for the first time in this two years. Need to push myself especially for Add-maths, Mod-maths and Physics. These are the 3 subjects I really want to score for this trials.

Tomorrow will be our country's 51th Merdeka Year celebration. Still thinking whether to go or not to go. Haha. Quite lazy to go cause I will need to wake up at 5 something to fetch my sister along but feel like going cause can walk around and see parades. How la? To go or not to go?

I am gonna buy a new phone soon after my TRIALS but I am still wondering which phone to buy. I will have to wait till the first week of october for the latest price list of phones. Current phone models under considerations are Nokia 5610 Express Music, Nokia 6220 Classic, and N81 and Sony Ericson w902.

Oh Yeah, will be playing for church service tonight. Playing drums tonight for the first time in service. Used to play for the KIDS service but now the Adults service. It's my first time, SO, hope I don't do much mistakes and God will Guide me through.

No happenings and memories this week, so nothing much to blog. This week is not a good week to blog since Trials are approaching and the revising stress is there to push me away from blogging.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Night Fever

Tonight will be the last time I am sleeping late. After this, I will have to start my effort towards SPM TRIALS (8/9/08). I must push myself to the very end. Haha. If I can do it la. Haha.

Why is today's internet so slow? I want to watch Old Time Buddy. Haha. I found my long lost favourite TVB comedy series "WAR OF TE GENDERS". There are 100 episodes for me to download. I am gonna download them one by one slowly and when I finish and I will enjoy my TV mania after my exams. Might take time till SPM ends to fnish all the download if I download one episode per day. Haha.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Music Memory

I've been indulging myself into westlife songs these days. Someone reminded me about Westlife's songs and get to think bout it, I used to be a big fan of Westlife when I was in primary school. Haha. I am listening to it now. Just borrowed a few Cds from my friend, Wan Yee. Thanks man. Getting back to listening it, Westlife is actually quite a good and talented group. The songs they sing are mostly songs that have been sang by past artists. They are just singing it back but it sound nice. They did not spoil the song, in fact the they brought out more from the songs. Listening to westlife, the type of music that I like. Haha.

Actually, not only Westlife, these days, a friend of mine have been sharing many songs with me. They are mostly hitz back from the 80s and 90s. YES! This might sound boring to some of you, but it sounds nice to me. Haha, I like those old hitz. I don't know why everytime when I listen to one, I know how the song goes, I know the melody, but I don't know where I've listened to it before. I also can't remember the song titles. I guess it is a big chance that it is because last time my father loves to listen to them. So, when I was small I am exposed to this genre of music and I think this was how I have impressions on them everytime I listen to them. Haha

Monday, August 18, 2008

Badminton Fever~!!!

Haha, did anyone watch the match between Lindan(CHINA) and Chong Wei(MSIA) justnow? NO? Let me tell you. The game was like a guy holding a gun and a guy with knife. Lin Dan was like a dragon today sweeping Chong Wei off like nothing. I wonder what he ate before that match. He attacks and attacks and gives no chances for Chong Wei to attack. Sad for Chong Wei that he have to defend throughout the whole game. Lin Dan stand the whole game and drops when he does slight mistakes. What did Lin Dan do that he could be like 99% perfect today? He was like burning in fire once he hit the first shuttle. It took all Chong Wei's effort to defend here and there. It was really a hard and tiring match for him. Not to have the chance to control the game for even once. It was all Lin Dan's control that game. Many people sighs on Chong Wei but they shouldn't. At least Chong Wei brought back a medal for Malaysia. Why sigh on him? Even other Malaysia participants can't bring any dust back to Malaysia. AT least Chong Wei got a silver medal. Why still sigh on him? Chong Wei forever I will support you as a badminton player. Go and shine to the world next time. Today is just not your day. Haha.

It is so hard to find "kaki"s for badminton these days. Only 4 people also takes a lot of effort to invite. Haha. These holidays I thought of going for badminton games but there are justno players. Haha. Anyone intersted in playing badminton in Stadium Inda Mulia 10am - 12pm tlel me k? Haha. Need more players to play le. I love to play badminton.

PLKN list was updated and I did not get in. Some got in the second time. Why are there more girls that got in than boys this year? 140/400 and yet so many girls got in. Those who wanted to go did not get in and those who did not want to go got in. Haha. All the best to those who got in. Take care. Chaozz

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Sesi 6/2009

Haha, the list same out yesterday and my friends asked me to check if I got in or not in th4e afternoon. I tried to go online but it took me a very very long time no get into their website. I guess it was flooded with too many users checking for themselves. My heart was pumping when I was waiting for the results through sms. I really won't want to go because I don't want to spend 3 months there. If's it's a month it's ok but 3 months? No way~! TOO LONG. HAHA. I like the camp actually but not the period of time I am needed to stay there. AND, no computers, no online, no handphone, no movies, NO LIFE. HAHA. Many people that I know who checked for it did not get in. Those who wants to get in did not get it and the ones who doesn't want to get in got in. HAHA. Out of 490,000 form 5's in Malaysia, only 140,000 is chosen. That's an average of 10 people from each class in a school. Some say there will be a list coming out tomorrow again, but some also said that the list coming out tomorrow is the list that is to be distributed to the schools. Well, I am happy for not getting in. SO, the government, you don't owe me an apology. Instead, I owe u a gratitude. THANK YOU~!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Very nice date today. HAHA. It's the opening of OLYMPICS 2008. I was reading the papers in school today and there was this section on the paper which covers everything both major and minor about the number '8'. HAHA. It's so funny to see the press relating anything almost everything to this number 8. Gonna watch the opening tonight. One should not miss it. Haha. Head to TV1 if you do not have astro at 8.30pm tonight. Keep yourself awake~!!

I was walking pass the bus station opposite of Poi Lam school today and it reminded me bout what happened last week. I am suppose to blog bout it but that day was a busy day for me and I remembered it today. There was this bus which stopped at the bus station there and a blind man was trying to get up the bus. Knocking the door of the bus. Well, It was a pity to see him knocking on the door but the door wouldn't open because it was a SCHOOL BUS. So there was this girl dressed up in her school uniform waiting for the bus and she went to him and told him that it wasn't a public bus. It was so kind of her. How great it is if we have more of this type of people like that girl in our society.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Seconds Of Life

Did anyone notice that this week has gone by very fast? I feel that this week had pass by very fast. Haha. This week was empty. I have no happenings this week. Let's have something bout today. Some people from the Republic Polytechnic Singapore came to my school for a talk. An introduction actually, about their poly there. I got very interested with the informations given. All about the poly. Studying there is paper-free. Papers are not in use in this poly. Everything is done by a laptop. Students carry laptop wherever they go like their bags. Besides that, their education are not exam based instead they use the method of Problem Based Learning(PBL). The facilities there are AWESOME. TOO much to say. Check out their web for more info

Went for Dark Knight last weekend with my sister, mother and some of my mum's friends. I do enjoy movies but it's just the matter of whether I am allowed to go out for movies or not. I normally go with my family. I am not encouraged to hang out with friends especially during schooling seasons. Maybe during the holidays or should I say the end term holidays. Haha. Everytime my friends ask me to go for movies I would have to decline because I know my mum would not allow. Even if she allows, I won't feel like going because I would not want the rest of my day getting pushed to my room to study. Haha. My brother never goes for movies when he was in secondary. SO, I am expected to go through the same phase of life. Sorry friends. It's not that I don't wanna join you guys, it's just hard. =.=

SPM trials will be coming. ARGH~!, the clock is ticking. Time is limited. Time is running out. I've gotta start. A minimum of 5A's for trials will be my AIM. All the engineering subjects I shall score. I shall push myself until the very end. I shall break the LIMITS. HAHA. Why do I talk like that?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Non-Boring Week (UPDATED)

Today during english class, I was called out by the teacher once she enter. Why? She passed me an article about freedom among teenagers and read it out loud to the class. Ok so I read and the students kinda agreed to the article. So did I. Then some of them shared to the class bout their opinions on this topic. One said that if you want freedom, you must earn it. Do so by gaining trust and confidence from your parents that you can be independent and do not sway away to the wrong path. That's all you have to do. It's not the parents' fault that they do not want to give their child freedom. It's just that they are worry bout them.

Will be going for the Michaelian Badminton Open tomorrow at 7.30am. Playing doubles with Yan Hoe. We're expecting to pass the first round and lose the second because the organizers arranged all the school players and perak trainees all on the second line. So, it's quite unfair though cause there won't be a fair game if the people who we have compete are all the PROS. It means we pay for only 1 round? lolx. But not to give up yet. Nothing is impossible. Who knows one of them break their leg tonight and we can walk over tomorrow. Haha.

My mum got me a new badminton racket. She said since everyone has one. It's time for me to have one. Haha and my tournoment is tomorrow. Good timing. Thanks mum~!! It was a great gift~!! MUACKS~!!

Anyone saw the wonderful solar eclipse today? It was a very beautiful full solar eclipse. I've never seen any before.

Here it is