Saturday, August 09, 2008


Very nice date today. HAHA. It's the opening of OLYMPICS 2008. I was reading the papers in school today and there was this section on the paper which covers everything both major and minor about the number '8'. HAHA. It's so funny to see the press relating anything almost everything to this number 8. Gonna watch the opening tonight. One should not miss it. Haha. Head to TV1 if you do not have astro at 8.30pm tonight. Keep yourself awake~!!

I was walking pass the bus station opposite of Poi Lam school today and it reminded me bout what happened last week. I am suppose to blog bout it but that day was a busy day for me and I remembered it today. There was this bus which stopped at the bus station there and a blind man was trying to get up the bus. Knocking the door of the bus. Well, It was a pity to see him knocking on the door but the door wouldn't open because it was a SCHOOL BUS. So there was this girl dressed up in her school uniform waiting for the bus and she went to him and told him that it wasn't a public bus. It was so kind of her. How great it is if we have more of this type of people like that girl in our society.

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