Saturday, August 02, 2008

Non-Boring Week (UPDATED)

Today during english class, I was called out by the teacher once she enter. Why? She passed me an article about freedom among teenagers and read it out loud to the class. Ok so I read and the students kinda agreed to the article. So did I. Then some of them shared to the class bout their opinions on this topic. One said that if you want freedom, you must earn it. Do so by gaining trust and confidence from your parents that you can be independent and do not sway away to the wrong path. That's all you have to do. It's not the parents' fault that they do not want to give their child freedom. It's just that they are worry bout them.

Will be going for the Michaelian Badminton Open tomorrow at 7.30am. Playing doubles with Yan Hoe. We're expecting to pass the first round and lose the second because the organizers arranged all the school players and perak trainees all on the second line. So, it's quite unfair though cause there won't be a fair game if the people who we have compete are all the PROS. It means we pay for only 1 round? lolx. But not to give up yet. Nothing is impossible. Who knows one of them break their leg tonight and we can walk over tomorrow. Haha.

My mum got me a new badminton racket. She said since everyone has one. It's time for me to have one. Haha and my tournoment is tomorrow. Good timing. Thanks mum~!! It was a great gift~!! MUACKS~!!

Anyone saw the wonderful solar eclipse today? It was a very beautiful full solar eclipse. I've never seen any before.

Here it is

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