Monday, July 28, 2008

A Week Has Gone By

I don't know why but this week has been a great week for me. Haha. I've been busy these days and not even having time to online except for signing in to e-buddy through my phone. No time to blog and hop around in friendster. What Have I been doing? I don't know but i just feel this week has been a great week.

Monday was normal. So was tuesday and there comes wednesday. Yea, rhu got his driving license, so he drove to school that day and I annoyed him till I got him to fetch me home. And yes he did. Haha. Then we went for lunch somewhere in Ipoh Garden eating Chicken Rice and he sent me home. Ok nice riding in his AUTO SAGA and mine was a MANUAL 20 Years Old Saga. Haha.

Friday night was fun. I went for a friend's birthday party in MP. It was the first birthday party that I went throughout this 5 years of my life in secondary school. Normally I would reject invitations cause of either band practices or parental controls. Yea and so I went and enjoyed myself. Of course I had curfew hours. My curfew was initially 10pm but I ended up going home at 11pm. Time passed really fast that night. Fun time passes fast. That's all I can say. Haha. One of the reasons that my curfew was early was because I drove. If I didn't, I would have an extended curfew. Haha. Anyway, it was a great night of socializing with people from different schools. I only knew 4 out of 11 people there. I finally experience teenage social life. Haha. Great~!

Prefects AGM is tomorrow. This means I will be retiring from the prefectorial board tomorrow AND I will get an extended time of 30 minutes sleep everynight.

SPM trials will be coming in one month + and SPM will be coming in 3 months +. Time is limited for studies and I've gotta buck up. That's all I can Say. HAHA

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